Tuesday, 2 October 2012

what? what is this..? what is it? thrift hope it's not chris' thrift

Between playing need for speed the run and resident evil 6 been dropped on the door step yesterday I had a hard time dragging my arse to do some thrifts, I ended up taking in a lot of thrift routes around hull. 

Anlaby road start>Cottingham>Newland ave> Beverly road>Town centre>Hessle road>anlaby road.

Started off a bit dry, Ended up getting a lift of my sister shes was on the way to work so I jumped in the car, If a free lift isn't thrifty then what is, but getting about in time to hit all the shops can sometimes be a bit of a task I recommend scouting out some short cuts around your local area checking Google maps helps in finding the best route.

First up today was a few uncommon games for a £1 each would of pick them up but the disc's where way to beat up for me to put out into them not a big lose tho Sniper elite used to get big buck on ebay/cex about a year and half ago but its not as good now same for taito legends 

Some gos for this item fear effect2 retro helix, it had no book and was a bit too beat up shame the condition wasn't better   but going to cottingham always is a bit hit and miss for this sort of thing.

Down bev road come across dark alliance, Again always a good seller £1 its a no brainier 
The rest of the pick ups from newland ave/blockbuster

Bards tale £1.99
Max payne 1 & 2 £1

Call of duty world at war FF & predator concrete jungle £1.99 buy one get one free.

Grainger games have ether been on my blog or check CEX for the price of cube games because resident evil 4 is back up to £7 never lasts long then doing a deal on retro does it.

 Still in Grainger, holy shit wheres the tylenol, £10 for final fantasy x nahahaha I could by 10 copy's for that price I wonder if anyone buys its for that price It would be cheaper to get it of me on ebay and in better shape for that matter.

Last up pretty sweet find, as a rule a lot of star wars games are good for resale if there was a top 5 this would be in that list, 99p on hessle road in cash converters.