Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Grove Street- Home. At least it was before I thrift everything up

It must be original xbox month this week, most of the heavy hits coming in all at once, I am bracing myself just in case I find steel Balaton with that epic tank controls.

Grand theft auto san andreas £1.99 great price very good con, no map but I have a spare map so I can make this complete, Last time I had this on ebay it ended up selling for £16+ £2 postage, It works on 360 and is a highly sort after title on xbox. Common on ps2 But still on ps2 in retail shops they still try and hock it for £10.

 hit donnys up on the way home after finding GTA and slap it in his 360 to have bit of a revisiting. 
Thinking about the array of awesome cheats we was trying to remember in the end we looked them up, With a quick mental key mapping in our heads, The black and white buttons on Xbox 1 equate to white=Lb black=Rb, taping in the jet pack cheat and then hunting down the best plane on the game. I still think GTAsa has not been surpassed by any sandbox game for content.

Rollcage on ps1 is common and every where the second game in the series how every is pretty rare, It not the sort of game you see turning up in a thrift store so a no brainer at £1!

I  passed these two game up would be worth a collector who wants to keep them to play and will put the money into resurface them, But to beat up to interest me nightmare before Christmas is uncommon tho shame.

load of GBA games boxed in a charity shop down holderness road £2.99 not much room for profit nice if anyone trying to get a full GBA collection.

£9 for eternal darkness! 

Grainger Games where do they get there prices from. 

Usually when trying to find a "book" price for video games in the UK is somewhere in between the average price on ebay and what CEX are selling give cash or trade for.

above is the cex listing as you can see graingers price is completely unrealistic they need to know the different between sort after and rare.