Thursday, 4 October 2012

The rare transfer VII:Thriftiversary

One year of thrift bytes... crazy, I was really compelled to go out to day.

Its time to clear out the trade pile again, the sort of games that don't get big cash prices but still have a good amount of trade in them.

Checking CEX website before departing for a trade in is always a good idea to check whats in store and what your going to get for your games

I got £15 trade for this lot found ratchet and clank and crash nitro cart on the way there, £1 each, I got £3 on both not bad.

So what to get with my trading.

 Plenty to choose from in cex today I was going to put more money into getting shadow of the colossus it did have all the art cards and the book but the outter box had see better days I with the HD collection out I had to pass on this.

Same thing with this one, ICO not in the card box, hard copy slowing going down in value on ebay so I passed it up this time I think I will have a punt on something I haven't had before that I might want to play first before putting it on ebay.

So silent Hill origins Its is the port from the psp game I have never played this one and with Halloween round the corner seemed like a good pick, and after completing the run the other day I got the need for speed before that one to see what it was like.

and now something piss your pants funny that wasn't in grainger games for a change this one go's to British heart foundation in town centre, The same shop I have found things like breath of fire III for 99p in.

Yes that is a collection of outdated Football games from 2010/09/08  and there all £5, pretty much every other game in the shop is worth more then these games, I don't know people see 360 on the top and go mad with the price.

And finally a few shout outs to people who have helped me with thrift bytes over the year.

big thanks to Donny for the design html and stuff that looks like your writing the martix.

thanks to Sarah for trying to correct all my misspellings and typo's

and cheers Carl for shooting me some games now and again. 

and to all the people that have stumbled upon this blog over the year and taken the time to read any of the content here's to another year of Thrifting.