Friday, 26 October 2012

back once again with the thrift master.

Was working a split shift today I hate working for a small company Always pissing you about, Come in and work then piss off and come back again fuck that noise. 
So I got my thrift on today to make up for the totally waste of time my job makes me endure at least I can make some money out and about.

I don't know what gamestation are up to with this thing but I think they have robbed my M.O. I tuck one look at that poster and was like damn straight. 

Seen MK trilogy and point blank I pass them up point blank didn't have a front or back cover same for MKT no back cover, I am trying to keep my pick ups complete after having a few to many Items kicking about uncompleted and unsold.

Some really good finds all over the place.

MGS2s for P.C in a dove house that usually never has anything in there and on P.C? £1

King of fighters 2003 99p
Ninja gaiden black £1.99
Baldurs gate Dark alliance 2 99p

And now the creme Dela creme the top gun the number one stunner one of the Rarest finds Ever on thrift bytes so far.

Disgaea 2 cursed memories!

I checked eBay and where talking around £30 mark really knocked it out of the park with this one and yeah this cost me a grand total of 99p maha mahaha mahahahahaha.