Wednesday, 3 October 2012

To all my thrifters that be pickin' it up, we say What, do I do?

 Just a quick pick ups update same cash converters I frequent all the  time, was in there the other day on my epic trek round hull and just a few days later theirs more stuff to be had, here is the run down

fallout brotherhood of steel 99p elders scrolls 3 99p 

destruction derby was £1 that was from the other day But must of ended up lost in my bag, Its in great shape to for a game of that age really good con.

The copy of dark alliance 2 was going to be 99p but someone had stolen the disc so the guy in cash converters let me keep the case and book for free, he was just going to throw it and I can always do with a spare xbox box so winning free box.

I have been really into the show game of thrones on HBO, seen the second book in a discount book store the other day for £1 the sort of book that had a £7 price tag on it in browns or WH smiths so I snapped it up not really games or for resale but still a bargain.