Friday, 26 October 2012

Emulation station

I am always trying to get the best set up for some retro gaming, Granted the best why to play something retro is on the original console, 
But finding the old games system you want to play is not easy and at a good price even harder so over the years I have looks for ways to get my emulation fix,
Things like soft modded xbox 1's to xperia play, psp, gizmondo, dreamcast, wii, Always looking for the best option in emulation so I can play the maximum amount of retro games across all formats with no fuss and no cost.
Of course the answer to all our retro emulation needs is always looking us in the face,
The P.C will always do more then any other device and perform better as well.
Its a question of set up P.Cs always sat on a desk and laptops getting tangled with wires is never a good thing.

So I set my P.C free and hooked it up to the TV.

A VGA cable Two USB joy pads a load of USB extension cables and this belkin USB that now act as a multi tap to my emulation machine and I have pack loads of stuff across all of my favourite systems. The P.C its self is an old 
P4 3.00ghz 3.00ghz 
2gb of ram 
128 graphic card
windows XP

It will emulate up to PS2 some games cause it to lag when you get to 128bit era, but for what I use it for a the moment its really good.

I have PS1, Kusion covers Megadrive 32X master system and game gear, visualboy does all the gameboy games, then SNES,NES and C64

I am looking to add a MANE and spectrum one too at some point you really cant beat having loads of classic game there at the click of a mouse.

 Stuff like this Tell me you don't want to play GBA pokemon on a full size TV, Save yourself the time it takes to track down a GameCube with the GBA player and then finding the boot disc, Just go to discount UK get yourself a VGA cable done.

Bubba n stick a game I remember playing as a kid, I could go on ebay and spend £10 then set the mega drive up and ended up getting board of playing after five mintures or I could just click it and use save state.

Don't get me wrong I would love to own a SNES with killer instinct But when you do find a SNES in hull on the rare times you see one there so beat up and yellow It looks like the Nintendo needs a nicotine patch. 

Great when you wanna to check a game out because of some nostalgic interest too would I have know that the Hurricanes video game based of the TV show kicked ass before I put loads of emulators on my P.C

Well It kicked ass for a whole ten minutes Its far from been a classic.

Then the biggest reason to get your emulation on, the game to the left is team buddies on ps1, Last time I check it was about £45 on ebay, I have never seen this game in the wild.

To summarise its great to finally get to play some of the rarer games you will just never find, and to play some of the hand held games on a big screen, It really is a no brainer even with a really old PC just slam in behind the TV and hook it up with some games.