Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Hulloween Haul

 Halloween in Hull is a strange time Its a mish mash of Americanisms and old Britannic traditions, Kids will trick or treat around Hull and Half of people think its the fun of the season and then the other half see at as needless begging, And of course They is always a big and sometimes misplaced alternative seen in Hull so all the goth's and emo are happy.. well happy been sad I guess and most of what this conglomerates into the whole city Getting drunk and revelling in some ghostly fun. Check out the sweet Death by bass car in the photo.

On the subject of all things horror The horror that struck me the other day after playing Resident evil on sega saturn when the battery back up died I lost my save nooooooo, so I ended up getting this.

That is a Japanese Memory cartridge for sega saturn, It still works with pal consoles Because it displays what ever language the BIOs of the Saturn is so I can save my games once more.

I was gutted about resident evil so I started it again on PS1 on my P.C emulated I played it in arrange mode I have to say Its a fantastic play and a really easy ride after playing the Saturn version with Auto aim and the ammo cheat on (hold left on the tile screen where it says arrange)

Directors cut having its fair share of extras and with arrange mode you get an alternate costume at the start as well The new camera angles and different music.

 Plus you don't need to get the closet key in arrange mode its open soon as you get the mansion key.

This camera view in resi mite as well be known as the cat walk cam lol.

5 hours gotta stop putting the pad down without pausing.

So The thrift run rolls on Was on the bus coming home and saw this in the window of a dove house jump off the bus to get it.

£2.50 For a a boxed game boy printer with all the leads the two spare rolls and a full roll in the printer crazy how complete this thing is.

A few more game boy games buy one get one free at blockbusters £1.99 pacman nes classic and gameboy  gallery 5 in 1.

And finally Some good PS1 finds Crash bandicoot pretty sort after and Pacman world About a £10 game give or take but still really quite rare I think this is the 1st time I have seen it since the ps1's hay day.


Great stuff going to give pacman a play before I eBay This Its kinda of Halloween themed he does get chased by ghosts.