Saturday, 13 October 2012

TLC on the DLC

The one thing I think will have a detrimental effect on Collecting and reselling or even just preserving the prosperity of gaming history is the trend of new games have exclusive down loadable content (DLC). 
Part of the reason for this is now when you buy a new game it comes with codes for extra levels and online passes and to the extreme a code just for the privilege of buying other DLC.
Mass effect 2 did this where in you have to spend 1200 Microsoft points just for the right to buy more stuff.
I myself rarely buy games new so I have gotten used to biting the bullet with DLC and most of the time I just play what in on the disc, So having renewed my xbox live to gold again I was looking for something to play online that is cheap with no pass to go online

A trip to cex and a credit note later, 
I picked up CODMW2 and Forza 3 ultimate.

Now a lot of the time you will see the codes in the box in places like cex have been scratched off or sometimes  you see the people who work their just throwing the what seems like a used code away.

Upon opening the boxes to these two games I found The top gear DLC for Forza and a 48 trial for xbox live in the CODMW2 box.
One of the codes on Forza had been scratched off but when I tried all 3 codes worked and ended up with loads of cars and a top gear theme/vids. I will used the 48 trial when my xbox gold runs out so all a bouns.

Buying stuff new to get all the stuff free can be appealing but sometimes when getting pre-owned your luck can be in and the codes will still be in there, I wish they would stop doing that with games and have all the content on the disc, but for now taking a change on second hand games and it paying off is winning to me.