Monday, 15 October 2012

Sunday bytes

So Hull fairs rolled out of hull yesterday, The yearly fair takes up the space on Walton street that usually hosted the local car boot on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Its great that their is a car boot on Sunday  Like a lot of places in the UK When Sunday comes around the whole city shuts down,  really pisses me off like people all have weekend off and don't need to get somewhere on a Sunday.

So where else can I get some thrifting done after work on a Sunday?
With a lot of cash gen/con shops shutting on a Sunday and charity shops closed or closed by about 3 your options are limited But there is one shop still open tell 9pm on Sunday.

Your local block buster is open late and mostly full of retro gems to pick up, Every time a visit this shop I ended with something in the bag, Good deals on ps2 and retro the prefect why to get in some thrift late on Sunday when all the other shops are shut and You didn't wake up early enough to hit the carboots.

I think I might of knocked it out the park with this one Duck tales is so-so around £4.99  on a good day (ebay) I got both these buy one get one free, I checked battletoads double dragon, I know this game is uncommon on NES, When I checked ebay the only listing is a buy it now for £20.00 and that's just for the cartridge, So hopefully gets some big bucks for this just need to pick up a GBA/gameboy to tested them out.