Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Hulloween Haul

 Halloween in Hull is a strange time Its a mish mash of Americanisms and old Britannic traditions, Kids will trick or treat around Hull and Half of people think its the fun of the season and then the other half see at as needless begging, And of course They is always a big and sometimes misplaced alternative seen in Hull so all the goth's and emo are happy.. well happy been sad I guess and most of what this conglomerates into the whole city Getting drunk and revelling in some ghostly fun. Check out the sweet Death by bass car in the photo.

On the subject of all things horror The horror that struck me the other day after playing Resident evil on sega saturn when the battery back up died I lost my save nooooooo, so I ended up getting this.

That is a Japanese Memory cartridge for sega saturn, It still works with pal consoles Because it displays what ever language the BIOs of the Saturn is so I can save my games once more.

I was gutted about resident evil so I started it again on PS1 on my P.C emulated I played it in arrange mode I have to say Its a fantastic play and a really easy ride after playing the Saturn version with Auto aim and the ammo cheat on (hold left on the tile screen where it says arrange)

Directors cut having its fair share of extras and with arrange mode you get an alternate costume at the start as well The new camera angles and different music.

 Plus you don't need to get the closet key in arrange mode its open soon as you get the mansion key.

This camera view in resi mite as well be known as the cat walk cam lol.

5 hours gotta stop putting the pad down without pausing.

So The thrift run rolls on Was on the bus coming home and saw this in the window of a dove house jump off the bus to get it.

£2.50 For a a boxed game boy printer with all the leads the two spare rolls and a full roll in the printer crazy how complete this thing is.

A few more game boy games buy one get one free at blockbusters £1.99 pacman nes classic and gameboy  gallery 5 in 1.

And finally Some good PS1 finds Crash bandicoot pretty sort after and Pacman world About a £10 game give or take but still really quite rare I think this is the 1st time I have seen it since the ps1's hay day.


Great stuff going to give pacman a play before I eBay This Its kinda of Halloween themed he does get chased by ghosts.

Friday, 26 October 2012

back once again with the thrift master.

Was working a split shift today I hate working for a small company Always pissing you about, Come in and work then piss off and come back again fuck that noise. 
So I got my thrift on today to make up for the totally waste of time my job makes me endure at least I can make some money out and about.

I don't know what gamestation are up to with this thing but I think they have robbed my M.O. I tuck one look at that poster and was like damn straight. 

Seen MK trilogy and point blank I pass them up point blank didn't have a front or back cover same for MKT no back cover, I am trying to keep my pick ups complete after having a few to many Items kicking about uncompleted and unsold.

Some really good finds all over the place.

MGS2s for P.C in a dove house that usually never has anything in there and on P.C? £1

King of fighters 2003 99p
Ninja gaiden black £1.99
Baldurs gate Dark alliance 2 99p

And now the creme Dela creme the top gun the number one stunner one of the Rarest finds Ever on thrift bytes so far.

Disgaea 2 cursed memories!

I checked eBay and where talking around £30 mark really knocked it out of the park with this one and yeah this cost me a grand total of 99p maha mahaha mahahahahaha.

Emulation station

I am always trying to get the best set up for some retro gaming, Granted the best why to play something retro is on the original console, 
But finding the old games system you want to play is not easy and at a good price even harder so over the years I have looks for ways to get my emulation fix,
Things like soft modded xbox 1's to xperia play, psp, gizmondo, dreamcast, wii, Always looking for the best option in emulation so I can play the maximum amount of retro games across all formats with no fuss and no cost.
Of course the answer to all our retro emulation needs is always looking us in the face,
The P.C will always do more then any other device and perform better as well.
Its a question of set up P.Cs always sat on a desk and laptops getting tangled with wires is never a good thing.

So I set my P.C free and hooked it up to the TV.

A VGA cable Two USB joy pads a load of USB extension cables and this belkin USB that now act as a multi tap to my emulation machine and I have pack loads of stuff across all of my favourite systems. The P.C its self is an old 
P4 3.00ghz 3.00ghz 
2gb of ram 
128 graphic card
windows XP

It will emulate up to PS2 some games cause it to lag when you get to 128bit era, but for what I use it for a the moment its really good.

I have PS1, Kusion covers Megadrive 32X master system and game gear, visualboy does all the gameboy games, then SNES,NES and C64

I am looking to add a MANE and spectrum one too at some point you really cant beat having loads of classic game there at the click of a mouse.

 Stuff like this Tell me you don't want to play GBA pokemon on a full size TV, Save yourself the time it takes to track down a GameCube with the GBA player and then finding the boot disc, Just go to discount UK get yourself a VGA cable done.

Bubba n stick a game I remember playing as a kid, I could go on ebay and spend £10 then set the mega drive up and ended up getting board of playing after five mintures or I could just click it and use save state.

Don't get me wrong I would love to own a SNES with killer instinct But when you do find a SNES in hull on the rare times you see one there so beat up and yellow It looks like the Nintendo needs a nicotine patch. 

Great when you wanna to check a game out because of some nostalgic interest too would I have know that the Hurricanes video game based of the TV show kicked ass before I put loads of emulators on my P.C

Well It kicked ass for a whole ten minutes Its far from been a classic.

Then the biggest reason to get your emulation on, the game to the left is team buddies on ps1, Last time I check it was about £45 on ebay, I have never seen this game in the wild.

To summarise its great to finally get to play some of the rarer games you will just never find, and to play some of the hand held games on a big screen, It really is a no brainer even with a really old PC just slam in behind the TV and hook it up with some games. 

Resident thrifting

Man it looks spooky around the City of hull lately its has been really foggy for nearly a week now the hole place looks  like Superman 64 out their.
Quite fitting for this time of year, I was looking to find myself a cool horror themed game to play over this Halloween season I had a few in mind, I had Dante's inferno sat on the games pile for awhile now but never being infused to play the damn thing.
I think I know the reason why I think Next gen graphic and game play lack the sense of foreboding and atmosphere stuff from say the 16bit/32bit era gives you.
I think the controls are to smooth and the graphics are to clean to give you a real scare.
Thankfully my thrifting this week help me get into the spirit of things and find a game to make me change my pants.

 It the British heart foundation in Town centre they had crap ton of Sega Saturn games I mean for hull anyways.
Duke nukem 3D was first to catch my eye then the rest of them on the shelf behind snapped into focus.

I spotted road rash and loaded the the rest of them

Madden 97
athletic kings
euro 96
tomb raider
vitura fighter 2
victory boxing
theme park

I was readying myself to go buy a few of them when I realised they where all over priced 
£3.99 - £6.99 Then I saw C&C and UMK3 I was thinking over I would pay £7 for UMK3 if it was in good shape, It wasn't it was all beat up and the rest,

where to much for what they where if they had been £1.99 each I would have had all but the Madden Euro and tomb raider.

But there was one game I did buy for £6.99 on Sega Saturn from that shop. Paying a lot more then I would normally but to see this in the wild and a game I had been looking for to play since having a Saturn.

Resident evil on Sega Saturn! £6.99 like the other top games I saw that day checking eBay there is money left in this game about 12-15 The book and disc where in great shape for a game of its age it was like new.

Since buying the game I have been playing it and finding out some really interesting comparisons with other versions of the game.

 First up is the use of the Saturn controller with the game I played resident evil once before on Saturn about 5 or 6 years ago when I found it unboxed in gamestation apart from that brief    
encounter My experience's of the game has been firmly placed in the hands of Sony PlayStation's control pad. 
The Saturn pad I used was the second model, the other pad I have for Saturn is the less fat mega drive looking one, The larger pad in the photo at first glance looked like it could be a pain to use for this game I was so wrong.

Sega have out done them self's this pad is a dream to use with resident evil the shoulder buttons pack in tight to the pad this makes it very easy to get your weapon ready. 
and A to run B to fire the old school buttons make a welcome retro flare to a great pad design and my new weapon of choice when it comes to resident evil.

And a lot better then this monster.

Resident evil pad.

 Next up is the cool alternate costumes in the game. When the FMV starts and you can see July 1998 hold the L+R buttons down on the second pad, then press start on the first pad. when the game start both Jill and Chris have funky new treads on, that do not appear in the PlayStation original or Directors cut and to my knowledge the DS version.

The Sega version came out in 1997 so it is in between the original 96 and directors cut 98 so this is a little plus for Saturn owners.

Upon completion you will unlock battle game,
a new mode where you have to take down a number of enemy's in stages. 
There is also a trick you can do with Jill at the start of the game when you go into the dinning room with Barry go back to see Wesker then back to Barry then Wesker then Barry again, Doing this will trigger a new line of dialogue from Barry and make the game a bit easier.
A boss fight with two tyrants and a new monster call a tick and that's all the extra stuff you get with the Saturn version.

Then there is the graphics Its almost like the difference between Snes and megadrive. 
PlayStation is smoother and due to Saturn rendering in quads it looks more square but then the detail the Saturn version is more prominent, Overall the PlayStation looks better but not by much.

The best version of the game is resident evil Deadly silence on nintendo DS It has nothing cut out and more modes then the others and you can skip the doors loading always helps just a shame its confided to a small screen, But non the less A true testament to how awesome this game is that I should find so much more out of it by just by playing it on a different format and showing how capable the Sega Saturn was, 

Right then I am off to make myself a Jill sandwich.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Forza Forestry.

I haven't been out game hunting as intensively as the pass couple of weeks but the shops I have checked out have paid off.

Silent hill 3 again for 99p and Star ocean till the end of time both discs.  
Never seen a copy of this with the bonus DVD but still great for £1 in great con.

I've being playing a lot of forza 3 lately 
a fantastic time of year to play this game without trying that game has captured the feel of this time of year with its autumnal trees in the background of the race tracks on forza give it a very seasonal feel, Just looking round hull makes me think that parts of my local area would make a great circuit on a racing game I think the city of hull would make a great setting for most games tho, GTA hull lol.  

Monday, 15 October 2012

Sunday bytes

So Hull fairs rolled out of hull yesterday, The yearly fair takes up the space on Walton street that usually hosted the local car boot on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Its great that their is a car boot on Sunday  Like a lot of places in the UK When Sunday comes around the whole city shuts down,  really pisses me off like people all have weekend off and don't need to get somewhere on a Sunday.

So where else can I get some thrifting done after work on a Sunday?
With a lot of cash gen/con shops shutting on a Sunday and charity shops closed or closed by about 3 your options are limited But there is one shop still open tell 9pm on Sunday.

Your local block buster is open late and mostly full of retro gems to pick up, Every time a visit this shop I ended with something in the bag, Good deals on ps2 and retro the prefect why to get in some thrift late on Sunday when all the other shops are shut and You didn't wake up early enough to hit the carboots.

I think I might of knocked it out the park with this one Duck tales is so-so around £4.99  on a good day (ebay) I got both these buy one get one free, I checked battletoads double dragon, I know this game is uncommon on NES, When I checked ebay the only listing is a buy it now for £20.00 and that's just for the cartridge, So hopefully gets some big bucks for this just need to pick up a GBA/gameboy to tested them out. 

Saturday, 13 October 2012

TLC on the DLC

The one thing I think will have a detrimental effect on Collecting and reselling or even just preserving the prosperity of gaming history is the trend of new games have exclusive down loadable content (DLC). 
Part of the reason for this is now when you buy a new game it comes with codes for extra levels and online passes and to the extreme a code just for the privilege of buying other DLC.
Mass effect 2 did this where in you have to spend 1200 Microsoft points just for the right to buy more stuff.
I myself rarely buy games new so I have gotten used to biting the bullet with DLC and most of the time I just play what in on the disc, So having renewed my xbox live to gold again I was looking for something to play online that is cheap with no pass to go online

A trip to cex and a credit note later, 
I picked up CODMW2 and Forza 3 ultimate.

Now a lot of the time you will see the codes in the box in places like cex have been scratched off or sometimes  you see the people who work their just throwing the what seems like a used code away.

Upon opening the boxes to these two games I found The top gear DLC for Forza and a 48 trial for xbox live in the CODMW2 box.
One of the codes on Forza had been scratched off but when I tried all 3 codes worked and ended up with loads of cars and a top gear theme/vids. I will used the 48 trial when my xbox gold runs out so all a bouns.

Buying stuff new to get all the stuff free can be appealing but sometimes when getting pre-owned your luck can be in and the codes will still be in there, I wish they would stop doing that with games and have all the content on the disc, but for now taking a change on second hand games and it paying off is winning to me.