Sunday, 17 May 2015

Sitting here in Avalon

I dusted of the Wii to use it as a game cube, To play the zelda collector's disc, Its then I realised that I had link to the past on the wii so I put down the Gamecube pad and Grabbed the classic controller, The collectors disc is good but it still doesn't have link to the past.

The that's entertainment in hull is shutting down, But this place had been picked dry a long time ago, Some 19p stuff from cash gen, Jimmy newton, pirates of the Caribbean, Medieval, war hammer, and Some trade in cex got me Shinobido on PS2

Tuck in a few beers with my bud after seeing stuart lee, Ended up playing streets of rage, on steam, With a 360 pad and a ps4 pad? emulation, something that just gets better and easier to accomplish.
£10 pound for these ps3 games in recycling unlimited, Fair price for these, And saving me some space on my ps3 hard drive having the disc for motostorm and kingdom's of almar.


I got these PS1 games bundled in with a game gear and a bunch of games for £30 in sparks, When there is a set price on something best bet is to pile up some other stuff and try and get a bundle deal.

The games pretty much cover the cost of the console, Some good stuff in there all around £5 give or take on ebay, The great thing with this deal is it came with the master system converter, I have been trying to find a base converter for mega drive for ages.
So this is like the runner up prize, So I just plug this thing in the back of the game gear and that's it you can play master system games on the game gear, pretty awesome stuff, This had the TV tuner as well, You cant pick up any channels anymore but you can use the AV IN, to display video on the Game gear screen.
Few Game boy games, army men advance, Obi wans adventure, Harry potter, Lady Sia, Blade, Army men air combat, In cash converters for 79p each.

That's about it then, I am of to try and complete bob on Snes. 

keep it thrifty people...