Thursday, 7 May 2015

Master of Thrifting I’m buying some games

So after playing resident evil 3 last time I thought it was time I fired up resident evil 2 on the N64, I don't have the memory expansion, This does make the visuals a bit better more like the dreamcast verions but come out the AV it looks great anyways.

One different to the dreamcast version is the cheat codes that can be entered on the load game menu,
Down(4), Left(4), L, R(2), L, C-Up, C-Down  
Unlimited Ammo up(4),right(4),L,R,L,R,right-c,left-c

I set about getting the Costume key, All you do is not pick anything up tell you get to the police station then in the underpass brad vickers zombie will be waiting for you kill him and he will drop the Special key.

Leon has two costumes, The first is some sort of renagade bike affair the other is a swat, Striker mk looking thing, these stay present in the cuts sences so if anything its pretty funny wearing the biker one for the times the reference Leon's get up.

Clare only gets one costume to choice from its a purple pink jump suit it sort of looks a bit like the costume worn by
Elza Walker in the unreleased resident evil 1.5.

So while I am rehashing old hints and tips for resident evil 2 I as well go the hold hog, In the stars office on Chris's desk pressing the action button 30 times will give you a roll of films with a picture of Rebbecca chambers on it Easter egg awesomeness.

So all in all my experience with resident evil 2 on the N64 has convince me it is the best version, I have yet to scrutinize the Game cube version, Haven't found that one yet, The fact that they managed to fit this game on to a N64 cart with FMV's is a technical marvel, With better options, Cheats, item randomize, Different colour blood, and extra files, Its pretty fricking sweet and a must for resident evil fans and N64 fans a like.
On to the pick ups then and my word do we have a lot to get though kicking off in Cash converters a good place to start, Resident evil 3 £4.99, Odd world £7.99 and Theme park 50p, I did try and cut a deal on odd world and get the price down, No luck this time it was in tidy nick so I tuck it at that price now I am collection PS1 and Resale value is not as paramount.
I picked up Sonic spinball in the passed and kept it, Then the other day I noticed that it had ecco the dolphin in the box, So I only had the box, This copy for £3.99 had the box book cart so worth buying to complete my copy and yeah spare box now.
This was insane in cash express just glancing at the ps2 games, I wasn't even paying that much attention to what I was looking at I was talking on the phone then the final fantasy X2 and Xii snapped in to focus and that's when I saw it Wild arms 4! I picked up Sonic gems collection and Valkyrie profile 2 as well, Had a quite look at them £1 each, Wild arms 4 for a £1, GOOOOOOO ONNNNNN!

£1.99 each for these game boy games, and yeah every one does think that donkey Kong land is Pokemon yellow at first glance lol, The rest Turok 2 Odd world adventures 2 and Army men sarges bag of shit.

Dead space two in another Cash something shop, £2 on this I played number 2 tell the end and it was awesome this one i give up on last time round so I think its due a revisit.

In Dove house £1 for bourne on PS3, £4 each for dynasty warriors 6 and 7, £5 for sacred 3 in cash gen/con/whatever they all the look the same them shops always very yellow looking And £3 for god of war ascension.
This was awesome, another Cash express shop, And I was having a look at the games, I heard the staff complaining about someone who had covered a shift there, Say that she had price up Mario bros wii at £4, All while I was buying Zelda Ocarina of time 3D for 3ds for £7, I think they should get her pricing stuff up more often, CEX still sell this for £40, Cash £18, Trade £25, SWEEEEEET! Mite of played this if I still had a 3DS but I traded that sucker boooo.

99p For Space invaders Evolution, This is a good price I see this knocking around the £5 mark on eBay some asked more so for 99p its a bargain and space invaders game for psp its bound to be alright.
I have mentioned before how many great films are just sat in charity shops for just £1, And the Warriors hells yeah I will pick that up.

Some unboxed ps1 games 10p each and Ready to rumble boxing on dreamcast for 10p, I gave the guy in recycling unlimited a £1.
The N64 replaced and working great I picked some stuff off ebay on best offers, I pick up Xena for £3.

£8 on Yoshi story This can go for more its a fair price for it so I don't mind, I get crazy bargains all the time so paying a bit more for something I actually want then its a fair cop.

And £4 for Wipeout 64, Never had much time on this one I have played it but not for very long I love wipeout so this is awesome something to have a good go on on the n64.

That's entertainments order turned up all £1.99 each, Tekken 5, Crash action pack, SOS The final Escape, Baldur's gate dark alliance, Tatio legends.
Some more great films for £1 each Shaolin vs evil dead and True romance, Mother fuckers must of thought it was white boy day it ain't while boy day is it?

Red dead redemption, Fable 3, Blue Dragon, Fable 2, Dead Island GOTY, oblivion, Red dead undead nightmare,skyrim, Bioshock 2, Overlord, lego batman/pure, Elder scrolls Shivering Isles, Viva pinata, Fairy tale fighters, Mini ninjas, Downhill domination.All of these games where from cash generator and Every one of them where 39p each, I paid £6.63 for 16 360 games and 1 ps2 game...
So I had a bit of tat to trade in at Cex I ended up with about £18, I paid the the extra to get this copy of The zelda Collector's disc.

My Girl friend Bought me this Retro crate form
Its Pretty good £10 free delivery and a promise of 3 games, One random one boxed and one unboxed, and something retro, As you can seen not quite as advertised 3 boxed games and no paraphernalia, But Cheese Cat-astrophc is worth about £10, Alien Trilogy is cool for it been on saturn about £5 worth of game, and half life 2 on original xbox is tat and worth -25p so still coming out ahead with these things and miles better then a loot crate by it having proper games in it.

And Wrapping it up with a copy of Crash bandicoot Wrath of cortex for £1.99 out of dove house what a thrift that was So much awesome stuff I always feel like I have done quite well but the amount of finds but in just two trips out this is amazing until next time Thrift on!