Friday, 24 May 2013

Xbox 1 Commodore 64

My word that's a lot of thrift, I found all this in one day out and about round the city of Hull, This started at Wednesday Market on Walton street and then took me on an epic round trip that ended on Hessle road.

The only thing I saw at market that was worth getting was an atari 2600 wood finish, I asked the guy if it worked he said it was untested? So a bit of a gamble not knowing if it works, offered him £10, The guy wanted £30 for an untested console! £10 is the going rate for any lose retro console in the wild.

Anyways left market empty handed, Marching to Cottingham, Sarah Rings me up I start going on about the £30 atari and my £10 limit, We start talking about commodore 64, I joking said I would definitely buy one of them for £10.

Cottingham dry I head to Newland avenue and an hour after talking about C64 I found one and here it is here.

This came with the original Tape deck, 20 datasette's, A really Good Joystick, Plugs hock ups all of £10, From joking about finding one to Getting this C64 with everything I needed for the right price.

It can be a tricky thing getting a fairly new HD tv to work with a computer this old, Tuning in the commodore Directly into the tv doesn't really work because the TV is expecting a much stronger RF single, The best way to tune it in is Though a VCR and then connect that to the TV with a Scart cable. Plus its always good to have a level of patience on stand by, With most of the games on tape you might ended up loading a game for 20min to find out it dosn't work.

Fortunately Only a few games failed to load, I had a ZX Spectrum growing up and only really got to play the C64 at friends, So its all a bit fresh like some one had just released a new 8 bit computer.

Its crazy how used you can get to a D-pad or an analog stick, Joystick are great for some games on C64 but something like Flimbos quest may need a more contemporary Control method, Like this master system pad.

Other pads may work, A quick google first mind so it doesn't blow up, One more thing I had a C64 cart with flimbo's quest on and when I first put this 4 in 1 cart in, Flimbo quest seemed to be stuck on the loading screen, Naturally I know where to find this kind of stuff and I had seen the same cart so I bought a replacement for £5, the same thing happened with the second cart too, Turns out you have to plug the joystick in the 2nd port, It all good though I had seen the c64 cart go for £18 on ebay so get in.

Some really awesome games in with this, I haven't tested them all yet mostly all the ones by code-masters are the bomb, Rally cross is pretty damn fun like a precursor to 
mirco machines.

Back to the day of thrifting, Finished with Newland ave, C64 in bag, walking round with a skip in my step now ain't I am winning on this thrift, So I shoot though town and head for holderness road.

As for the games I picked up, a lot of sort after titles that I mostly find on console, But this time I found the P.C versions.
Pacman world 2,Psyconauts,Fable TLC, and tomb raider 1,2 for P.C sealed up brand new, and munch's oddysee and fable for Xbox both backward compatible.

The dizzy collection for 50p, This contains the amiga and IBM PC versions of the game, It came complete and had all the posters for each game inside, Awesome all 5 dizzy posters sweet!

Zelda ocarina of time 3D, for nintendo 3DS, This game is about £25 in the box retail so unboxed for £3.99 from cash generator what a bargain  This is the same shop I got pokemon pearl from about a month back.

MYTH for C64! For £3 finding another C64 game just after you found a C64, sweet!
This game needs a code to get it to run, the screen goes black when you turn the c64 on just type:
sys 3 myth 
(with spaces) 

Had £12 Trade to use up in CEX that day too so I paid the rest of the money for this game, Its pretty clear if a game is called:
Stella deus: The Gate of Eternity Its going to be Rare and sort after and worth some cash.

And finally would any thrift be complete without a copy of Crash bandicoot wrath of cortex for 99p.

In summary Finding this Commadore 64 and playing it 30 some years after the fact, It shows for one thing how well built these things where and the way games where back then, Preserving gaming heritage in the sense that you can still go back and play these games as they were 30 years ago without missing DLC and DRM getting in the way, Unlike The New Xbox one, Demanding online just to play a game and DRM up the ass, The more you hear about the next gen the worst it seems, At this point PS4 xbox one, all seem to be trying to faze out the second hand games market and piss gamers off, Will any of these consoles still be as accessible and playable as the Commadore 64 in 30 years time I don't think so.