Friday, 31 May 2013

One Hull of a thrift

Back out midweek again, If I had waited another hour I could of Driven those speed boats home, It was pissing it down, Lots of heavy rain on the thrift... That being the weather not the games I found, If you wish to learn more about One hull of a boat click here

Before I do a rundown of this weeks Pick ups, Just a few words about Resident evil Revelations, I never bought a 3DS but if I did it would have been for this game, Now that it is out for PS3 I finally have a chance to play it, And what do I think? I think this is the best game In the series since Resident evil 4 moved away from the original formula, With the return of pacing, Puzzles that are more then one switch solutions, Some nice nods to the old games and some Creepy boss fights, Its not perfect but its a damn sight better then 5,6 and operation raccoon city.

I started out at Walton street market again
Our first Pick up of the day was this Pro action Replay boxed for Sega mega drive, The box Was a little beat up on the outside but the contents were like new, It also had two of the books with all the action replay codes inside Looks like there is a lot of games covered but the codes are easily found on the internet just nice to have them to hand.

Next up we have Kingdom hearts 358/2 Days unboxed for £2.99 When I was looking into what to put on my R4 card this game was on a lot of top 10 ds game lists, and the other game is a mystery GBA cart for £1.

The guy wanted £2 at first, So I said I will give you a quid just to find out what it is. Expectations not very high, All the other games he had where sports and kids budget games.

Turns out it was DOOM! well alright define classic fps and for £1.

A few charity shops down the line and I am in cottingham again, yelding Assassins creed for £1.50 and star wars battle front 2 for £1.50, score!

Jump a bus to newland avenue, Check out all the sweet Halo Mega block stuff they have in Emmaus charity shop £6 to £20 on these, I was tempted to pick up one of the cheap sets, But as a rule its best to stay well clear from lego and jigsaw puzzle stuff like that, Pieces will be missing and from a resale stand point that just lends to ebay ball ache.

Pokemon diamond merchandise Would of pick this up, Over priced at £6 had to leave this on the shelf, Its not every day you see Pokemon stuff in hull, incidentally Actual Pokemon are everywhere in hull Check out the ongoing campaign to catalog them all click here

The sims 2 with open for business & Univerity, Plus Sims 3 pets all these were £3.99 & Atari anthology £1

Goblin commander and fable At £1.99 each, Fable is giving crash 5 and FFX a run for most found item this past few weeks.

I remember these Quest magazines back in the day, Around the same time as Bugs, Dinosaurs that came with that glow in the dark T Rex skeleton, and treasures of the earth with that piece of pyrite free with the first issue, I see those bits of 
pyrite all the time on the thrift.

So wrapping up this Days thrifting Last port of call is Hessle road. So on the bus and this falls off the seat, So Just to let you know Darren I have your Asda badge mate, If you want it back Just look for me, I am the guy coming out of British heart foundation with a back pack and a smile on his face.

Last find of the day, Thief 1 and 2 for £1/50p each mite end up playing these again since the 3rd game I haven't revistied the Thief franchise, Plus I am already nicking asda badges.

I bought a game off ebay the other day, Think this is the 3rd time I have every paid ebay money for a game. I paid a whopping £2.60 to get my Dizzy on and it failed to load... what a jip and it turns out my commodore 64 is haunted.


That's Just straight up creepy, Found u? Unless I was about to go on a zaney spy adventure staring whoop Goldberg, I would say that's messed up.