Saturday, 18 May 2013

Pick ups and Portable ops.

Thrifting has never been so easy this month, Mostly down to Scope and cash generator having some killer deals in and some useful items along side the stable resale fodder.

Like this Netgear router for £2.50, Its an older model but still retail on this item would be about the £25 mark, Crazy price on this with all the wires and plug.

Some sing star microphones for PS3 and PS2 good resale on this item, retail your talking £15-£20 for them.

3 Games at £1 each, Tony hawk's underground 2, star wars jedi outcast, on game cube, and Atari anthology on Xbox/360 great resale on the star wars, On most games for £1 each.

Monkey puncher? on gameboy, Its a safe bet that if I have never heard of it before then its rare and has some value to it, £1.99 this cost looks like it goes for £15 boxed and £8 unboxed.

This thing is a 5 figure halo reach model with stand for £4.99 don't know if there is any resale in it, Looks like something that came with a special edition of the game, picked it up just on the merit that it looks cool.

This on the other hand does have some defined value attached to it, this is the halo 3 legendary edition helmet, For £2.50, CEX still sell that collection for £62 and give trade of £41 and cash £29, So keeping hold of this tell I can turn up the DVD that comes with it, theres a dust cover and a copy of halo 3 that comes with it also, Stuff you see about so for £2.50 nice little side mission for me.

This wasn't bad for £2.50 its a little electronic Texas hold'em poker games, stuff like this is aways a good seller, like the similar sudoku games, and sealed up its a no brainier, Guess you got to know when to hold'em, that being when its sealed and under a fiver.
Boxed up GBA game! wow don't see much stuff still rocking the cardboard box round these parts and £1.29 bargain most GBA games unboxed are priced up £1.99 each. and Crash 2 N trance is a pretty good portable crash.
Blockbusters having a sale again some ok stuff in got these two for £6 I think he scanned in the code for 50% off and not 30% so even more of a bargain, if your getting into PSP now really is the time to pick them up cheap.
And finally on the pick ups Super mario all stars for Wii, At £4.99 This is a awesome price for this game, It is missing the red outer sleeve, that said it doesn't effect the value to much.

Only knocks £1 of the cash value in CEX, ebay your looking at about retail on what it sells for  people will want the nice red case so may fall short of the £22.

Right then pick ups out the way, This week I had a right hankering to get my portable gaming on, Fueled by one of my mates picking up a PSP on the cheap I decided to weight up my options.

Of course the Supreme champion when it comes to some portable gaming, Is the sony xperia play, The one seen here is my girl friends, She has it on a contract, Not bogged down with the limits of The Memory Stick Pro duo found in PSP, This thing can Play and emulate mostly every thing. At £150 retail for a pay as you go although it's a Great android device, Thrifty like me your going to look for a cheaper option.

 So the cheapest capable Android phone on the market is the phone I own Its the 
samsung Galaxy Y,
290mb of ram and a 800mhz processor, The only thing lacking in this phone is the screen resolution, For me this is not a problem.
When All I really want to do is emulate PS1 games and GBA games, witch this phone does perfectly, The only real short coming is the lack of physical buttons limiting your choice of games to more RPG type games, I did try DS emulation on this, Lag! Heck my laptop doesn't do DS that well with 3gb of ram.

That makes The only valid option for  DS emulation, is a DS with an R4 card, All the benefit of the SD card to save multiple games on to one cart, And the added advantage of Real buttons so playing more action packed game is no sweat, With the DS library having over 1297 titles, and a GBA  slot for that odd cart you mite pick up, I say its is the best device for portable gaming on a budget. A cheap android comes close, But Nintendo and real buttons seals the deal.


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