Saturday, 11 May 2013

Can i drive? No! Can i have a lollipop? yes!

Great Few weeks for Hull, Local football team where promoted to the premier league The other day, In the world of video games This means the welcome return of Yorkshire orange(Hull City) featuring in Pro evolution 2014, Hull city have been playable in Fifa for years now, With it having the npower championship in that game, So you know your teams doing well if you get given a fake PES name.

Finally technology has become cheap enough for people to have a spare LCD's laying around the place, Getting some two screen action on black ops 2 at my mates gaff, The last time I can remember doing something like this on console was system linking up Red Alert on the PS1, A kid trying to seek out two CRT tv's and a mate who had a link up cable was no easy task back then, Back to morden day and its so easy to sort out that kind of set up with whats inplace today and it been so easy to setup makes me think what does the next gen really have to offer? When all you need to do to get a premium grade A gaming experience is stuff your PS3 into your bag and take it round your boys house or have Two TV's. Something people seem to want more and more out of consoles presently is easy accessibility and less gimmicky.

Few Nice finds the other day Yi-Gi-Oh! the duelist of the ross, £1.50 Pick that up just because it wasn't capsule monster coliseum, See that one all the time. Crash Action Pack £1, Dragon ball Z budokai tenkaichi, £1.50 only pick up Dragon ball if its got tenkaichi at the end. And gungrave £1.

This Was Death by degrees, But in the shop I notice it had the book to valkyrie profile silmeria for 99p I took a gamble on getting the valkyrie profile disc, As you can see it didn't pay off, On the bright side Death by degrees always looked like tekken force so will give it ago.

This is a rare site a DVD I actually want in a charity shop, Dave gorman's googlewack adventure, Great show great DVD £1.

Random item of the week goes to this bowling ball and carry bag for a £1.50, I am sure a bowling ball will be worth some cash, already weighed down with beer and games I passed this up so I didn't have to log it home, thought about buying it for a good few seconds. 

Next up the mother load of PSP rpg awesomeness 

Monster hunter x2 £1.99, Monster hunter 2 £3.50
breath of fire 3 £1.99, 
Valkyrie Profile Lenneth £2.50, dragoneer's aria £2.50.

All have money in them Dragoneer's Aria being the rarest of the bunch great find all in the same Scope.