Thursday, 26 November 2015

tat of the highest order

Not a bad haul this week, Shadow of Memories popped up in a cash convertors the other day I thought that was weird with me only just making a video about it. 

Another Copy of shadow of the colossus! Again complete with art cards and book for £1.99, Not in as good a condition as the last few with some fading on the spine, The last one I sold went for £22, The price is only going up on this, It will be interesting to see how much of a knock back in price it takes for it being a few grades down from like new.

Final Fantasy X and X2 where in scope for £2.50, I am currently working on a Video project for FFX so handy to have the platinum version of FFX for the Video, I have Plenty of black label copy's, At this point does there need to be a reason to buy Final fantasy X.

It's getting about that time of year again, Christmas you say? No the time of year that last years football games plummet in price.

I Even saw FIFA 15 in a Charity shop the other day for £4.99 on PS4, But fifas not my bag so check CEX, PES 2015 Currently down to £10, This is the cheapest it will probably get while we are still in 2015.

I was playing 2016 at my mates house the other day and they are pretty much the same game on PS4, So a bunch of old Credit notes later I have a month of relevance left in this bad boy before the onslaught of time renders it tat of the highest order.

Still beats the hell out of playing £35 every year for the new one, Right I am of to play some champagne football with Yorkshire Orange.