Sunday, 25 January 2015

Buy games everyday

Did a lot of thrifting online last time was ill a lot in early januray so I havn't gone thrift in the wild that much, When I did finally get out it seemed like the thrift had been sat on the shelf waiting for me £1 each for these PS1 games to add to the collection.
After finding all them in dove house I hit up a red cross charity shop that had four of the professor laton games for £2 each, You do see a lot of puzzle and brain teasers for DS lots of them not really worth having,  These ones are more sort after.
Romancing the stone and Jewl of the nile, worth about £5 on ebay but got it to watch on abit of an 80's kick think its because I caught king solomans mines the other day, and lego battles on DS for £2 in the same red cross.

In random second hand shop I found R-Type in the box for £5, Good price about £12 worth of game depending on condistion, That shop always has boxed gameboy games in, Some collector is always selling them, and they are always marked up at reasonable prices.

In cash convertors, Avatar the legend f Aang for 59p and Soul Calibur 2 on the gamecube for 99p, Its supricing to see Soul Calibur 2 on cube so cheap most of the time its £7.99 or £12.99 because of link on the front cover not dount.

Couple of thrift bytes classic pick ups here £1 each for Cash bandicoot and Tekken 5, The CEX price for Crash is still £2 cash £3 trade, and tekken is down to £1.50 cash £2 trade, Both still sell for £5+ on ebay so still worth picking up.

Dove house this time and Super Mario sunshine, Now most of the time anything mario in charity shops pawn shops tat shops anywhere they are going to make it in at a premium, So my shock and suprice to find a £1 stick on the back, Wow, Best price I have every bought this game for what a buy.

£1 each gets me Silent hill 2 and silent hill the room, Silent hill 2 is fully complete including the sticker, I found out about it a while back and have had a few copys with it in, Theres even one stuck to the back of my old laptop.

So after I get back from thrifting I had a bit of a sort out and decided these would get traded in, So £11 worth of games, CEX gave me store credit of £21.70, more then double my money, Sweet, So I had a look if there was anything good I wanted in CEX.
Ended up getting Elder scolls III morrowind and Yakuza 2, Really liking the Yakuza series of late, kicked back off with me picking up and playing number 4 the other week so I am trying to get them all back, number 2 seems to be going up in price.

This weeks Thats entertainment order, FFX, Dragon quest 7, Yakuza, Crash 1, Dark Alliance 2, Mega drive collection (PSP), Really good lot of games £1.99 each, I opened FFX and there was a receipt from block buster dated 12/06/08 only paid £3.99 for 2008 that's thrifty.

And 50p each on these original xbox games, Don't mind picking up xbox games as long as there decent titles and cheap, These 3 tick both them boxes, Mite Give Sega GT 2002 ago and see how it sacks up I loved that game.
Another copy of rome total war this time for 50p in pretty much the same con as the last copy near mint with the map and everything with it, It doesn't sell for much on ebay about £3 plus postage but that's profit and easy feedback still not to be sniffed at.
Naturally I have being playing Resident evil HD remaster on the PS4, I love what they have done to it, I loved this game on the GameCube and even played it on the Wii, All I can say is Its is a sad state of affairs when the only game worth playing on the current gen of consoles is a HD Update of a 2002 remake of a 1996 Classic, Resident evil is a great game but a 14 year old game shouldn't Overshadow every other major release on the main consoles of 2015, Maybe its testament to how good the resident evil remake is, Just think its time to stop making games for the average Joe smuck and start making them for the gamers again, It seems that lots of video game developers are sitting on franchise that people are crying out to bring back, But does not use them because there to busy pleasing the everyman, They should start making games for gamers again, Like resident evil a game that started as survival horror, And by the time resident evil 6 came out it was an full blown action game, If anything Resent evil HD remind us all that there was a reason people liked the game in the first place don't go changing it to please COD heads, and FIFA cunts, Here hoping it sells well and they mite have a stab at updating resident evil 2 in the same fashion, Gaming is slowly going in the Right directions tho, Yakuza 5 is getting a digital release, Sony giving sega a hand with that, (Shenmue 3 next then) and in a time of kick starter's and digital downloads shouldn't most games be localised? More franchises bought back from the dead? 
More stuff of thats entertainmet FFX, Resident evil outbreak file 2, Crash bandicoot wrath of cortex and Grandia 2, All £1.99 each 

Round carboot and the only thing I found was CD folder, I can always do with them to put unboxed games in this one was full of random so-so ps1 games £3 it cost me I should of haggled for a bit less but first thing in a morning I just paid her to see what was in it.
Last up is the Street fighter anniversary collection, This features the fully updated Hyper street fighter Anniversary edition, The street fighter animated movie and Street fighter 3rd strike, This came out on PS2 as well but is missing 3rd strike, So the Xbox version is th one to have, And only £3 in CEX what the hell, I would of expected them to price this up at £12 or there abouts what a steal.

I will leave you with one of the best results I have had on the resi remake in a while, And another reason why updating resident evil for modern consoles was such a good idea its giving everyone the speedrun bug to jump up them online leader boards, Right am of to try and doing it knife only, Tell next time Thrift it up.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Damn It Feels Good To Be A thrifter

£2 for Rome total war, They are best versions of this game there is a gold edition with the expansion packs, Two pound for this standard copy is a total bargain and unlike the Shogun total war series this one doesn't link to a steam account.

Red Dwarf series 1 for £1 in dove house, Its the two disc version with all the extras, Sometimes I see the just the shows DVDs of red dwarf kicking about but these two disc sets are miles more worth having.
Best find of the day goes to the DAB radio, Pure one mini, The current model of this radio sold in retail shops goes for around £50, So £2 for last years model what a deal, Great features two it has fm, dab, and a line in and out so you can add speakers or use it as a speaker and there is a really solid beefy sound that comes out of these late 00's radios so sound is pretty good.

£3 for 30 rock season 1 in another dove house, This is actually cheaper in CEX only £2, I picked it up remembering I read some list of tv comedy's worth watching on some Internet list, I feel like I laugh enough to justify the price.
Off that's entertainment I find a few things, The prices have gone up a lot of the PS2 stuff, Its getting harder to find a deal on there sometimes you can click to buy something and it won't go in the basket because someone beat you to it, Its ok some stuff still slips though so its still worth a look.
Silent hill 4,Okami,Armed and Dangerous,Ridge racer,Wipeout pure, and Bratz on ps1? True classic, all £1.99 each

Sir Meier's Pirates for £1.99 This is the same version release on all the major consoles, It works on 360 and worth the price complete with box and book.
Need for speed hot pursuit 2 for xbox, The most sort after Version of this game on console, and one of the more desirable need for speed games before underground the follow up to need for speed 3 hot pursuit.
 Otogi Myth of demons, Great game this one doesn't work on 360 witch is a really shame lots of decent titles where left off that list of compatible games, I still have an old xbox but it would of being awesome if they all worked on 360, £1.99.
Best software I found this thrift round is Shin Megami tensi Lucifer's call for £1.99, Great find, Obviously there is some resale in this, One of the Shin megami tensi games I haven't had a real go on so mite fire this up in the 60gb ps3 to see what its like. 

Had a few friends down the other day and our lass talking me into setting the projector back up to watch a film, But because I had so many retro classics saved on the 360 it kicked off a right game sesh

ended up boozing it up all night without running out of more games to try, The projector its self is quite low res but on games like sonic 2 and Fighting vipers it really shines and they pop on the wrapping paper I put up for it lol.

Above you can see my mate mark walking back in showing the sale of the projection, This was defiantly one of my better finds from 2014 and well worth revisiting, I've had a look at the xbox live market place this morning while trying to shake my hangover off and there is lots of other retro 2D games on offer, Darkstakers resurrectionlooks like a good shout to play on this and the guardians heroes remake, So the xbox seems retro ready and a good choice for a low end projector getting some use out of an old 360 elite with a standard AV cable.

Gun Grave for £1.99, Haven't seen this one kicking about for awhile not as sort after as the second game Gun grave overdose, But still worth picking up.
It seems like tekken 4 mite be a bit of a fan favourite, Even tho tekken 5 includes 1,2 and 3 on the disc, This one still sells for round the £5 mark, So £1.99 is a good price to pick it up for sometimes even cheaper.
Marvel ultimate alliance for £1.99, Again something with an easy £5 resale in it, make a bit of cash get some easy feed back, Of course more for the 360 version at £10 resale and the second game even more.

 And another rare one SOS the Final Escape, I remember selling this and Raw danger for my mate a while back, I remember this did quite well about £12 at the time, So £1.99 is a great price.

 In Scope, for £2.50 each we have command and conquer red alert and phantom menace, I love the phantom menace game for PS1, This was an upgrade, The copy I have had seen better days and this one was in good shape.
 £1.99 in Britsh heart foundations for GTA with the map and book so way not for old times sake, Cex still sell this for £6, But cash only £1.20 and Trade only £2, More then likely because on 360 this was only £3 on a sale the other day.
Speaking of old times sake, Final Fantasy X for, You guessed it £1.99, I never know with this game now sometimes it doesn't sell on ebay and then it will get about £5 worth of bids the next time, so is it still worth picking up, £2 and under yes.

Bit of sly raccoon for £1.99, This is another franchise that can sell one week and then go flat the next, This and FFX have both had HD updates on PS3 so maybe its a case of waiting for ps2 only owners or collectors to want it, Still Under £2 is where am at with it.

And Darkstalkers Chronicles The chaos tower, bases on the Dreamcast japan only Darkstalkers, This is awesome All the guys and move sets from over 5 darkstalkers games and on the TV from the psp av out.
And to wrap in I had a clear out and got rid of some tat at CEX £15.70 Credit note, and I spent £15.50 sweet, Neighbours from hell at £3, On ebay that's a £10+ game, Project zero and Grabbed by the goulies for a bit of shelf filler and Yakuza 4 to play on, Still have a save on this game and £6 is a steal Ive seen this going in cash converters and the like for £12-£18, Bet it will end up being one I pick up in the Charity shops in a few years.