Saturday, 19 December 2015

Awesomeware - You were almost a Jill Sandwich

The thrift is strong with you

Probably the last thrift before christmas, Excited to see some gamecube stuff in a dove house in between the standard fair of burnout and spongebob, Spiderman was mario kart double dash, They were all a £1 each so I swiped them all, Almost thought I had won really big when I saw mario kart had the 2 disc case.

But on Closer inspection the second disc wasn't the Zelda OOT Master quest disc, It was Urbz Sims in the city, So close, Still double dash for £1 totally awesome.

A Few years back I was speculating about what I called the Thrift shift, where current and last gen turn up more often than Retro and sixth generation 128 bit era stuff.

This was in full swing in a local Barnardo's I visit from time to time, The only thing is the pricing isn't there yet, all of these games were priced at £4.99 each, with some of these titles that is a bargain, Coming in about 1, 2-3 quid under the Cex price.

I have most of these anyways and the Trade and cash on all of these is £5 trade or under, less for cash, So nothing in it for anyone, If only they had priced them at £1.99 everyone would of taken at least one or two of their hand.

Looks like we're going to be seeing a lot more copies of killzone on PS4 as well, Pretty much the system's flagship tat title.

So Star Wars and christmas are pretty much intertwined this year, I am of to see the new movie on monday, Can't wait, It's at this point I always look for a video game counterpart to the movie I am about to nerd out on, Luckily I picked up Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition on the thrift this week.
Cex Still Sell Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition for £12, It's one of them games where all the DLC is on the disc, A fantastic bunch of extras you can change the skin of your character to other popular star wars characters, Luke, Qui Gon, Darth maul.

The Game tries its best to set a new story in the gap between Sith and New hope, It's alright as far as video game narratives go, The area this game shines the most tho is in the way it handles the force powers and lightsaber.

You can pretty much force push, Anything into your enemy, force lighting, Lobbing you light saber it's all here and then some, If you seen this one cheap, Be sure to pick it up you will not regret it.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Maxi Big Da Force - A Star Wars Episode 1 Retrospective

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Virtual thrift

 Some Christmas presents, Fallout 4 and black ops 3, My Call of duty experience has been up and down for years, The most fun I have ever had with it would of being black ops 2.

So black ops 3 seems like one I should check out, plus this has Local Co-op on nearly all the modes present in the game, This is becoming evermore a rarity now days, So not just points for COD, But Multiplayer in general, Points to treyarch for realizing that local multiplayer is paramount in most seasoned gamers eyes.

All the other games above mark the last order I will make from, What was not the best service in the world, but always kept you coming back because of the strange pricing on most playstation 2 games it was near impossible not to find a bargain.

 The site as been rebranded as MusicMagieStore, It does seem a lot easier to use but with this rebranding the prices seem to be more on point, this seemed to be happening in the twilight of the site when it was still thats entertainment, Where I would find items for £1.99, Then after 5 I could not purchase them anymore, Or times wheen I would try to buy something for £1.99, Then the website would have some kind of error, Then upon returning to the main page to try again the Item would have jumped up in price.

Like the games I picked up this week off there, 2 Copies of resident evil dead aim £1.99 each, Great price, And now on MusicMagpiestore, Resident evil Dead aim £9.99, Still we had a good run and I will still check the new site from time to time, lets hope the Virtual thrift can stay plentiful a while longer.

So I was having a bit of a rant a while back about the Playstation Plus free games not really been up to scratch, This month however I really have to hand it to them for the choice available, The King's quest remake,That has definitely being on my radar, And the new Gauntlet Game. 

This is really what made me think get it!, It is quite bare bones compared to other entries in the series and It's hard as nails, All are things that appeal to me when it comes to hack and slash this is more akin to the original gauntlet games then dark legacy or Seven sorrow, Definitely worth my subscription fee this month 

Thursday, 26 November 2015

tat of the highest order

Not a bad haul this week, Shadow of Memories popped up in a cash convertors the other day I thought that was weird with me only just making a video about it. 

Another Copy of shadow of the colossus! Again complete with art cards and book for £1.99, Not in as good a condition as the last few with some fading on the spine, The last one I sold went for £22, The price is only going up on this, It will be interesting to see how much of a knock back in price it takes for it being a few grades down from like new.

Final Fantasy X and X2 where in scope for £2.50, I am currently working on a Video project for FFX so handy to have the platinum version of FFX for the Video, I have Plenty of black label copy's, At this point does there need to be a reason to buy Final fantasy X.

It's getting about that time of year again, Christmas you say? No the time of year that last years football games plummet in price.

I Even saw FIFA 15 in a Charity shop the other day for £4.99 on PS4, But fifas not my bag so check CEX, PES 2015 Currently down to £10, This is the cheapest it will probably get while we are still in 2015.

I was playing 2016 at my mates house the other day and they are pretty much the same game on PS4, So a bunch of old Credit notes later I have a month of relevance left in this bad boy before the onslaught of time renders it tat of the highest order.

Still beats the hell out of playing £35 every year for the new one, Right I am of to play some champagne football with Yorkshire Orange.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

inexplicable thrifting

First pick ups run out this week and a really good one, Two copy's of GTA San Andreas, This game still has £2 trade left in it at CEX, I found these for £1 each, Knowing that I will want some credit for something in CEX at some point I double up on them.

Shadow of the Colossus turned up again, £1.99, this time without the book or the art cards, Complete this can run about £20 on eBay, With out the book and the cards lower, its a top up between eBay and the CEX price of £8 trade, when it is not complete.

Their is plenty of retro to be had in the wild at the moment, The only thing is pricing especially for console bundles, The arbitrarily price that most places are pulling out of thin air at the moment is £59.99, On occasion I have coughed up on this price, On mega drives with some mainly rarer games to recoup some of the cost.

So always check what games your getting with it and then do the maths, If you seen mega drive bundle with 2 copies of Sonic 2 and a few madden 93's in the mix, Mite not be worth £60 just to get that copy of zool and Global gladiators.

So I take a second run out, I have found that many different places to go thrifting, If I ever find myself with some time to go Game hunting, There is always one or two places on the list I haven't hit up that week.

This one age concern in particular made the whole thing worth my while, Yielding all the best stuff, Both Yu gi oh 2008 and 2009 on DS, sell for about £15 on eBay, £1.49 each, Godzilla unleashed for Wii witch I was unsure about has buy it now's around the £20 mark, Then to cap it all off Jurassic Park Operation genesis on PC that is pushing the £30 mark on eBay currently, I paid £1.49.

Four games I found on the fly covering the cost of everything else I bought that day and then going to bring in some extra cash to, Brilliant.

Finally got around to Forza 6 on the Xbox one, So this time around the controls feel just slightly improved over 5, breaking feels way better and its a close run thing weather I prefer this or GT6.

That itself is a testament to how great the to flagship racing games on both Sony and Microsoft's system fair, We have had tons of racers for the current gen out this year and last. 

Drive club, The Crew, Project cars, need for speed (again)
And they all seem to fall short, Compared to Forza, And GT6, The fact that Sony's offering is still on last generation hardware, GT7 will be coming to PS4 but you will have a bit of a wait. 

So in the meantime Forza 6 is king for current gen, It is fantastic though, If you like racing games all the fun to be had with that is right in this game, there is some cheeky DLC coming. 

but what do I care I Traded tony hawks 5 in for it at GAME, Got them to match CEX price of £25 Trade, The I had £3 on my reward card and it ended up been on sale for £35 so I paid £7, So I am pretty content to just play whats there on the disc for free.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

fall in, fall out

Pick ups for this week, I went thrifting on a Monday this time out, I always wonder if there is a optimal day in the week for video game hunting, From past thrifts I would say Monday is up there for having particular good luck on. 

The stand out games from this haul go to Silent Hill and Resident evil 2 and Resident evil 3, These were all in the same charity shop mixed in with some standard ps1 fair, I have only ever found silent hill once before in the wild, £1.50 each that's a pretty sweet find.

Fallout 4 had its midnight launch the other day, both local GAME stores packed with eager gamers, I have to say I think I was the only person not that excited about it, One because I very rarely buy any game full price and two the Renewed Fallout franchise Always seemed to fail to grab me.

I have never quite shook of the feeling I am playing a elderscrolls game with guns, I guess this might be a knock on effect of liking the original fallout games, I guess I will pick this up preowned in due course, I mite end up thinking it's the best game ever and on the other hand I could end up thinking, bethesda, bethesda never changes.

So I Finally got round to playing tony hawk's pro skater 5, The idea been to take back off where THPS4 left off, This game has gotten a lot of stick online, Does it deserve it?

Answer, Yes sort off, The first and most inexcusable mistake they made is the lack of local multiplayer, Trying to rekindle the nostalgia with a more old school tony hawks game yet taking away such fundamental features that were included in all the classic version for THPS that you were trying to emulated.

There is no real create a skater mode here either, there batherlying emissions aside and what you have is a tony hawks game, somewhere between THPS 4 and Project 8, If you can look past it's shortcoming, There is a bit of fun to be had.

I don't know what is so hard to get this right, The perfect example of how to do a tony hawks game right is American wasteland it embraced the new and the old, It had the Story mode with at the time the standard GTA sandbox style, Then it had a full Classic mode, with pretty much a whole classic THPS to play alongside the main mode, This also had not just two player, But local co-op multiplayer where you and a friend could take on the high scores together at the same time, If you don't top this then your new tony hawk's game is going to seem like a step backwards and up to this point everything after american wasteland has moved farther away from this series peek.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

A Game In The Shadows - A Shadow Of Memories Retrospective

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Awesomeware - The power to move you

Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Games within

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

master arcade retro remix throwback

Video Game Pick ups

Some pretty good Stuff out in the wild this time round, One of the highlights been Zelda link to the past four swords and Mario Bros Nes Classic on GBA, That I cut a deal on at £5.

Something else noteworthy was these brand new Shonen jump's shaman king figures that where all over Hull the other day I saw them in 3 different charity shop, Seeing they where only 50p each I managed to buy 5 out of the 6 to collect on the back of the packaging, Looks like somewhere had closed down and donated all there leftover stock to dove house.

Finally I found a amiga game in the form of The Maxis Collection, 9 times out of 10 all the big boxed games I see will be IBM PC Games, So when I checked this out in scope and saw it to be the amiga version for £2.50 I was most pleased.

The best deal has to go to the Help Charity Compilation, 3 games in one double box on PS1, Includes Myst, Broken Sword and Road Rash, All great games and 50p is just awesome.

A Closer look At Rumble roses

Firing up the Fat PS3 for some PS2 action I decided to have a go on rumble roses for the PS2, Its like Dead or alive xtreme beech volleyball meets Smackdown, All the Japanese perviness Aside, There is a quite good wrestling game in here, I looked it up and it turns out it is made by Yukes! Who make smackdown and other wrestling games, 

So if you like the WWE games or older WWF, Its just like that, With more mud and up skirts, This had a sequel on the Xbox 360 Called rumble roses XX, Both games publish by konami, The first game has adverts for Metal gear solid 3 and Contra Shattered Soldier in the background, How the mighty have fallen, Rumble roses 3 will probably end up a Pacino machine, boo Konami Boo!

Bonus Super Meat boy on PS4

So Super meat boy is the one of the PlayStation Plus game for October, Yeah I like this game, It has that easy to learn had to master arcade retro remix throwback sort of vibe to it, But I liked this game in 2010, its five years old, Playing it on my PS4 now, Its cool to give it another go but is this really the best they can do?

I remember a time when PlayStation Plus really pulled out all the stops with games less then 6 months old, Stuff that was still £25 in CEX, and now all we seem to get is old PS3 era PSN titles or more 2D indie games that seem to be churned out at a alarming rate. 

I cancelled PSN a while ago and got it back for 3 months to play a few games online and re-download some old stuff for ps3, Its going to run out soon I hope there is something spectacular in November's games or I think I am not going to bother renewing it.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

retro bubble

Video Game Pick ups

Still managing to find some worth while stuff out in the wild, Although It has come to my attention that the retro bubble may have burst some what,
Anything I see in the charity shops/Pawn shops Megadrive/Snes Era and even PlayStation 1 are now closer to buy it now price on eBay, And in most cases are overpriced, Lots of mediocre tiles been sold in cash converters/Generator for around £14.99.

This can be anything from Sonic 2 to Super Mario world Its the price they always seem to ask for now, Something I thought was worth commenting on because most people take up the hunt for retro are doing so to find a deal, Not to pay over eBay price's,
Checking prices on your phone on the fly seems to be something I ended up doing more and more often as the prices become closer and closer to the mark.

That said this is the best possible time to Pick up anything 6th and 7th Generation, While the prices swell on retro, PS2,PS3 and 360 prices are rock bottom most places.
The going rate for most PS3 and 360 games is round £4 for any titles and most time some rare and sort after ones fall into that price range, These formats will most likely yield a bargain.

A Closer look at The Addams Family on Super Nintendo

I picked up The Addams Family for £5.
This game was released for Most formats around that time, There are versions for Snes,MD,Atari ST and Amiga.

The snes version comes out on top for the best visuals, One thing all versions of this game have in common is they are all hard as nails, This game is totally sadistic, From the slippery controls when moving.

To the near impossible pixel perfect jumps it commands, this one is not for the faint hearted, A real old school challenge, Still it has that early 90's movie tie in charm and is not the worst Movie game on SNES by a long shot.

Featured Game: Star Wars battlefront beta

The Star wars battlefront beta was free to play this week, So far so good from what I have played, The business side of things sounds like more typical E.A non-sense,
With a rumoured £50 worth of extras that are not on the disc, Guess will wait and see.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Oh, what a day... what a Thrifty day!

Video Game Pick Ups
A closer Look at Dragon age 2

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Halloween Games

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Awesomeware: Pocket full of wark

Friday, 25 September 2015

The Great and powerful thrift

Video Game Pick ups 

A Closer look at Zombie Army Trilogy for Xbox One

Monday, 21 September 2015

Pinball dreams come true - A True Pinball Retrospective

Sunday, 20 September 2015


Video Game Pick Ups

A Closer look at Super Mario Maker for Nintendo Wii U

Sketchinima Reel Vol 2

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Old thriftness

Video Game Pick ups

A closer look at Track and field 2 for PS1

Saturday, 5 September 2015

How Lucky for them back home: A mortal kombat Trilogy retrospective

Sunday, 30 August 2015

AwesomeWare - I like the way you playstation Move

Friday, 28 August 2015

We all need to thrift on, to see.

Video Game Pick ups

A Closer look at Soul Blade for PS1

Friday, 21 August 2015

Minecraft Kingston upon Hull: Queen's Gardens

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Spinning bird thrift

Video Game Pick ups

A Closer look at bust-a-move 2 on the Gameboy

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

What're ya buyin? What're ya sellin'?

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Thrift market madness

Video game Pick ups

A closer look at Ms pac-man Maze madness

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Living the dreamcast

Video game pick ups

A closer look at Street fighter alpha 3 On Sega Dreamcast

Sunday, 12 July 2015

hook, line, and Thrifter

Video Game Pick ups 

A closer look at Die Hard trilogy PS1

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

duelize, or assimilate

Video game pick ups
A closer look at Nights Journey of Dreams on Nintendo Wii

Friday, 26 June 2015

Thrifter scrolls

Video game pick ups
A closer look at Morrowind game of the year on original xbox
A closer look at Mortal kombat 2 on Sega Saturn

Friday, 19 June 2015

Thrift Quest: tat of eternity

Video game Pick ups

A Closer look at Dead or alive xtreame beach vollyball XBOX

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Shenmue 3 at E3!

Its finally Happening Shenmue 3 has just been announced by Yu Suzuki at E3 2015.

It is live on kickstarter now! So if you want to see this game made go to the kickstarter page now and give them money!

I have raved about the two games in this franchise for years here is a link below about shenmue i wrote last year.

Shenmue state of mind 

As I write this the kickstarter has  $575,359 and still going up with 31 days to meet the target it looks like where finally going to get shenmue 3 in dec 2017.


Monday, 15 June 2015


Video Game pick ups

 A closer look at Worms PS1 

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Thrifturs gate: Preowned Alliance

Video game pick ups

  A closer look at Baldurs gate Dark Alliance

Sunday, 31 May 2015

is there still a part of you that wants to thrift

Video game pick ups
 A closer look at Bomerman kart

Thursday, 28 May 2015

I've thrift that for a dollar

Video Game Pick ups 

A Closer look at Bomberman PS1