Thursday, 31 January 2013

I think you got to many games... shut up

Buy one get one free At block buster couldn't be left on the shelf

Dead to rights 2
Crash 5
Subbs the zombie
kingdom hearts
mr mosqueto
conkers live and reloaded

Few rare ones and the rest all with money in them totally stocked up for ebay for the next few weeks.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013


 Dark knight rises in a dove house sealed up and £2 with the downloadable copy of the film still inside.
 £6 cash and trade in CEX so I will cash this in and keep the download copy for myself nice.

 I look back on the days of gamstation when all the PS2 was on the 5 for £10 deal and £2.99 each, Now Game have taken over They want £7.99 for anything with a strong franchise.
Final fantasy XII how ever is not the rarest of the bunch and was only £4 a 100 yards away in CEX the cheek, Play the Game, GAME.

The two mario partys I used some credit notes from cex, the rest of them £1 each.

Mertroid prime 2, Yu-Gi-oh!,goblin commander,baldurs gate DAx2,diehard,champs of norrath,devil kings,

Was looking for champions of norath for a while awesome to find that in the wild.

 And the best of the 2 day thriftathon, Spryo and abes exoddus in perfect con for £1 each, Both round the £10 mark on ebay that will do nicey.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

It's vibrating my whole brain

So the thrifting rolls on, Quiet as January is with work, I find myself with a bit more time on my hands so I crossed off all the places I didn't go to last time I was out earlyer in the week.


Blarrrr! You're at the movies is a camera and game set for 360 not unlike Sony's eyetoy the game its self is somewhat broken because of the camera that it comes with hardly works without a flood light set up in your living room, This being the case even more pointless is finding the game without the camera. Every generation of gaming has at least two rock bottom games the cheapest games you can find sports titles aside, Here is a few good examples of this, 
Truth or lies and at the movies on 360, Raw and dark angel on original xbox, and back in the ps1 days Tunnel B1 and ridgeracer, PS2 will have more then two but at a guess I would say daemon summoner and bust a block, say well clear!

So £6 for a slimline ps2, what a deal! wait a sec? No hook ups and a few PS1 controllers... If it was a fat PS2 then not having the cables is easy to sort out, easy to come by hook ups for PS2, But the slim model has a different power cable then the other models so makes it harder to find one and cost more. Plus the mad black lid on the sliver PS2 like some crazy repair job has go on here passed this up.

Crazy seening this out in the wild Moonwalker for atari st and other systems, There maybe some money in this about £8 on a good day I passed on it because it was missing the poster and being on a floppy disc it will need testing and I haven't got the console to try it so leave this to the collectors, cool box art tho.


 Finally all the PSP games came down in Price I looked at them all the bottom price was now £4.99 not the 99p job I was looking for but I could only find 3 I wanted so I didnt want to miss out so I bagged them, about break even on two I picked up final fantasy tactics war of the lions and dissidia final fantasy, but winning big on Ys ark of napishtim, Lets check out what else I found.

 Rayman Triple pack £1.99, The plan 49p, Psychic force 2 99p and 
Wu tang taste the pain £1 and in very good con looked new.

 And the Strategy guide for metal gear solid 2 for £1.29, not a bad lot of stuff I will leave you with a picture of some one rocking one of my pet hates, Don't kid yourself, if you go out with a CEX bag on your back everyone thinks you have just sold all your games for crack.




Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Frost Byte

It didn't stop ssnowing the other day, Battling the elements I manages a pretty good thift, let check some highlights and finds.


Loads of PS2s out in the charity Shops, Cheap to buy If you want one £20 each, Nothing in them for resale at that price.

Black Fat PS2 
 cash £17 trade £22

Sliver Fat PS2  
cash £20 trade 26 

Picking one up if you haven't got one tho for £20, 
everywhere else is more the £40 mark, bargain! and at the very least getting a pad and a few memory cards with it, or a G-con 45. 

I don't Think that signs in the right place some how, But it appears people have being heeding its directions and going down the hole anyways, even left there can of special brew behind. 
I think this mite be the actual entrance to Tunnel B1.

Ok then to the games this is what I found...

Street fighter Ex3 99p
Sword of destiny 99p
Kings field IV 99P

(Cash converters is having a sale at the moment all games and DVDs are 99p each)

just cause 2 PC £1.99
Dino crisis 2 £1.99
Ys strategy £2.99   

(charity shops)

And finally for the games War Gods on Ps1 it was £5 on ebay, I picked it up after finding out about the Mortal kombat engine used in the game from last weeks MK posted I have played it today and its pretty good like Mk4 with different guys to play as.

And the books Are the full collection of a tale of fire and Ice AKA the game of thrones books, I found the 2nd book for £1 a while back, But having no luck finding the other books in the series on there own seeing all 5 books for £9.99 it was a no brainier, With them holding anything fro £5 - £8 each in a normal book retailer. 

   Block Buster

    And in other news blockbuster going into administration, cheaky they just hoodwinked me out of my £2 for pre-ordeing GTA 5 a day before this came to light.
Talking to the guy in there said my local store is remaning open for now and that's great for me anyways, Its not like anyone else cares, the most remarkable thing anyone thinks of when you say blockbusters round here's is, recalling the time some one sprayed Cockbusters on the front of the shutters, witch I mite add was piss your pants funny.
I can use my £2 pre-order in store as credit but still you new this was going to happen and you give a push on pre orders and vouchers.

No sales on ether, everything is still the same price, Above you can see the pile of PSP games they have had in there since the beginning of time, No one buys them because the bottom price on the is £8.99 for the best part of a year I have being waiting for some sort of deal or sale on them, and still when the company is down the pan the price stay the same
don't worry dissidia final fantasy 1 and 2 that I keep picking up and checking everytime I am in blockbuster one day when your priced up at 99p I will find you a new home.

So If this continues will there be any mainstream Video game retailers left? Will there be anymore shops on the high street at all? 

I would have to take an optimistic outlook on this, most of the shops that are shutting where a bit pointless, amazon and play are cheaper, less shops will bring more people to ebay to buy games from me, and if more shops do ended up by the wayside at the very least lets all hope its Grainger Games next to go under nahaha.