Monday, 19 December 2011

5 For 10 Part 3: Games Recon

Like a band of pirates looting the fruits of the booty at sea, We adorn are thrifting caps and set sail once more. Setting port in game station a Message came afar from a lusty Wench... 
yeah that's enough of the pirate shenanigans... 
But indeed my Girl friend sarah did Ring me in gamestation the other day all i really hear'd was Game cube games and ran over there only to find she was guarding a plentiful booty of treasures like a siren of the Games... 

sorry to much alestorm Got a bit piratey again. Anyways lets take a look at the loot... Arrrrrr

That's Smash bros x2 luigi's mansion pikmin and metroid that's £25 cash in Cex, This is pretty humours when this happens in hull because of the short distance between gamestation and cex 

Under 100ft away from each other Theirs even a bin in between them to dump your 5 for £10 stickers in on your way to CEX, I have done this with Gamecube games countless times, Its the best instant profit going, But what about PS2 there on 5 for £10 cant you make money of them too?
The answer is yes but not in Cex PS2 5 for £10 are total eBay fodder lets take a look.

Resident Evil S2,Dead aim, Yakuza,KOFneowave,BOFdragonquarter,
Now that's not a bad lot for some eBay coming out at 2 pound each some are worth more and KOF and Yakuza well they where to play, the xbox games in there I picked up for 99p each at blockbuster Fable Fahrenheit, night caster, for that price I will pretty much buy anything half decent. So yeah its been an epic week of picks ups until the next time we ride out for tat.. to the Thiftmoblie!

Sega Emucast

This best thing about the Dreamcast is the easy in witch you can utilise it for many other things, I started with burning old dreamcast games that self boot from a CD-R, This is great for the change to have a go on them games that have a big price tag and are so Rare the chances of them being in the wild are remote. 
Then there is the emulation benefit of the System The emulator in Question is obsidian This sega megadrive emulator came fully loaded with 450 roms there is no configuration required and the 2 player actions started right of the bat. 
With the console been small and easily bagged up and moved about its the perfect machine to have if you want a bit of two player Streets of rage action in the spare of the moment. 

My only criticism of the emulators is sometimes the sound is a bit off on some of the games, and that can be a real deal breaker on games with music that is more the nostalgia hit you've been revisiting and theirs no soft reset so you have turn the machine off when you want to pick a new game, All in all the £10 i payed for the machine is pound for pound the best system purchase i have every made..
because you know what they say about the Dreamcast? 
They say it is a legend....

Thursday, 8 December 2011

HO HO HO! Now I have a Dreamcast!

I Was in Town posting my eBay for the week and following up on a bit of research I had being doing, Looking up age of empires 3 S.E for PC and Luigi's mansion for cube there was profit in both of these games so today got to game station got Luigi's mansion for £1.99 that's £4 cash in cex, then to the Y.M.C.A charity shop to get Age of empires that was going to be £1.50 returning £6 cash from CEX but it wasn't there, I ask the women about p.c games and she said she had a load in the back she went to get them.
As i was waiting i notice the dream cast in a box behind the counter the other young women said she fort it was saved for someone, Anyways the other women come back the P.C games she had where all big boxes nothing of interest, So i ask her about the dreamcast she said she had not had chance to price it but it had a £10 sticker on it, I had a look at it first the power cable was missing and the games where all copys, so i offered her the ten pounds, and bagged that sucker! 
I got it home and found out just what a deal I had got. heres the run down 

Dreamcast console
ECCO,SONIC 2,DOA2,Tomb raider Chronicles,Crazy taxi 2, 
quake 3,JET SET RADIO,And Mars matrix

Man that reindeer sure brings back memory's that time in the dream casts life when they crack how to put a 1GB game on a 700mb CD That pretty much killed them off but every one had this boot disc, I intend on collecting for this machine now but am happy to just try out some of the games I got with it first, When I Turned it on The pad didn't work, I was almost thinking I had to go back to the thrift store i saw a boxed dream cast pad in the other day, with luck they would still have it i pulled it out a few times and it came on, Guess there was some dust in the connection, but now it all works fine am using a PS2 power cable to run it works fine its within the input for the machine 220 240 3a am using a 250 3a with protection

Crazy to think just the other day I was talk about dream casts and boot disc to my mate Donny i swear mention something to me and I will pick it up

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Feeling Thrifty

Game station keeping me rolling over this week, Its crazy how much good game Game Cube stuff they have had in store, Here We have MARIO KART DOUBLE DASH with the Zelda collection disc inside, Mario kart was £2.99
Here is the CEX rundown for both disc's
 I Ended up selling Mario and keeping the Zelda disc then I can print myself out the front cover and that's £9 in the bank!
I also picked up digimon world 4 that day, Ended up been a right stake out the guy in front of me in the Que was trading loads of stuff in and i saw Digimon world 4 on the top of the pile, I waited around until he a done trading and bagged it for £2.99 not bad bit of eBay fodder.

The condition can make or break the value of an item and even when every thing looks OK until that item has been tested you can never be sure in most cases when you find a rare sort after item Its will be like new stuff like that always gets looked after and then you get stuff like the GTA's that gets played all the time that are nearly always beat up, So always check the disc's before buying!
Plus testing the item give you chance to have a go on the game and may provided 5-10 minutes entertainment. 

Too cheap to pass up!
I found resident evil on game cube last night 99p I sold it today for £3 at cex, 99p seems like a good price for a game but some times you end up in a situation where the games dont have a lot of money in them But the price is so cheap you cant put them back down,
Tobal No1 49p, gran turismo 69p, Panza dragoon 49p, Because I got a great deal on all them pick ups it got me thinking, suppose there was a scale in witch to test how good a bargain you got, like how good the game and how low the price is? Alou me to run you though some Charts...
 I think this is what am shooting for next, To find the best Game for under £1, I do remember finding ICO for a £1 once it will be hard to top that but you never know what you can come across out in the wild.


Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Its the end of and Era in The realm of instant profitability, The other day I notice Lots of stuff on CEX had started to go down in price.
I was Just browsing at the PS2 stock and checking some cash prices out when I dawned upon this!
My Easy £4 quid NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Its a sad time for everyone who Has Every got a bit Thrifty with this game. And all that have rejoiced at the sight of more then one copy sat on a shelf in a British heart foundation
If you needed milk and bread or just a pack of smokes
the game was always there to turn that last £1 in your wallet into a more palatable £4
The joy of finding countless copy's of this Game as come to its Final conclusion,
Maybe me and donny shouldn't of flooded the hull CEX With countless copy's
and maybe partly responsible for the cash price going down, 
Or maybe the games not that good,
But I think its only fitting next time I find 
I Will Play the game to finish in tribute of all the cash its made me...       
 ...Or i could make 80p Profit

5 For 10 Wining part 2: rise of the gamecube games

The 5 for 10 deal is always a winner when you find the right games today I definitely found the right games, I started pretty good today 
I found 
clock tower 3, wizardry, (dove house)
crash nirto kart,(cash generator) 
that was in my local Area £1 each so thats not bad eBay fodder, So pleased with my self I head of into town and the local Gamestation and Soon as I Got to the door I saw the gamecube section had tripled in size.
I shuffled over to the games To take a closer look, my hand started grabbing at games before my brain could workout what Game it was, ended up with a right bunch of instant profile, 
here's The CEX run down.
So Total £25 out of a 5 for £10 deal, And at time when CEX are shaking the price up on lots of items the cash valve is going down that's pretty damn good, Yep the pick ups where definitely on today.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Games master... Space master?

It occurred to me the other day that they may be a loose childhood inspiration for Two of my greatest passions in my adult life, The Subjects in question are cosmology and video games..? Not that strange come to think about it, space and video games have gone hand in hand from the dawn of video games to today's current blockbuster sci-fi shooters. Space lent its hand to the early simple graphics as the perfect setting, In the sense that Space is cool and very easy to render giving way to a flood of space themed titles for consoles such as the atari 2600 and intelervision.

 The reason why space is cool? Well to elaborate on my interest on this topic, It's when you find out about something so amazing, the sort of thing that you don't really see visualised anywhere Else but in video games, An example of this is the story of a New planet sciences have discovered this planet obits round a neutron star and is far denser than any other known so far and consists largely of carbon. Because it is so dense, scientists calculate the carbon must be crystalline, so a large part of this strange world will effectively be diamond, A planet made of diamond! you can see how space really does lend its self to the making of some really pleasing aesthetics when it comes to games, with stuff like that floating about up there!

How did these two fascinations grow side by side for so long? Finding out about the universe and video games for a child in the 90's leads me to the one man where these two worlds collide, Maybe the reason a bit of detail on Jupiter's moon Europa is up there with waiting for metal gear HD collection to come out.. that man is Patrick more.
The TV shows Games Master and The sky at night,  simile Watching all throughout the 90's I am pretty sure at one point I fort to my self will this be the space one or the video game one? To great shows that have a strange link to both my interests, Brilliant they where too Games master without a doubt was the best Video game based show on TV back then.

That brings me to my next point!

The 90's was a progressive and exciting time for gaming the the media coverage seem to be a bunch of preachy hated rants coming for the news fronts because some one played mortal kombat, Then you have them few shows that did showcase video games not many I can remember and often on so late only smack heads and deaf people would be awake for.

The Great thing that has come out of the lack of video game content on tv in the 90s is a explosion of Internet shows video game related, This fantastic fallout from a age where video game related context was thin on the ground is now filled with a plethora of independently ran show to suit any ones gaming tastes here are a few of my favourite's out of the vast ether of the Internet.
 And many more... In full conclusion its never been a better time to be a Gamer or a cosmologist Here's hoping they mite bring back games master and get professor Brian Cox to play the games master leading the way for this arbitrary and somewhat pointless observation of a coincidence that my only apply to me, can happen again for the next generation even tho the chances of them needed to watch terrestrial television at 2am in the morning very remote... still bring back games master, The sky at night still on the the air.. am just saying.

West 2 east

I took it upon myself to do a full round tour of hull the other day I started in cottingham to the far west of the city and holderness road in the east via town city centre, The only pick up I got was Simpson's hit and run for 49p that £1 cash in cex, so all that walking about for 51p profit was it worth it.

I say yes it was, My reasoning? Well simply Put over the years I have managed to make thifting entertaining, I have accomplished this feet with more and more tailored media suited to my interested and taste, The firm staple of this audible diet is the pod casts I take with me on the journey, It really does take away the mutinous gaps between not finding any good or rare stuff, The current array of content that accompany's me on my quest for said games are as follows.

So using the time I go hunting for games to get in my pod casts on really does take the edge of them bad days when pick ups are slim, and after going to the ass end of nowhere and back again I ended up finding some games once again in the blockbuster down the road from me... mite just pitch a tent outside that shop here's what I got.

Just goes to show not all the good stuff involves an epic trek you just have to be prolific in visiting them shops that always pay off in the end.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Gamecube games hit and miss

I dred to think what I miss out on at the blockbuster at the top of my street, It seems everytime I go in there I find something worth buying today they had a crap ton of game cube games the best of the bunch.

Crash bandicoot wrath of cortex 60p
Bomberman 60p cash
Simpsons hit and run £4
Soul calibar £4

Yes for the first time Crash wrath of cortex has let me down on cube its not worth anything maybe I will try my luck on eBay same goes for bomberman, but the other to more then make up for that so not a bad at all game cube games totally worth keeping a look out for.

Friday, 25 November 2011

New Cash Converters same old deals

A brand new cash converters store opened in hull city centre today, It was full of ps2 stock so naturally it was my first port of call this morning, Its crazy to think that the current economic downturn is leading to more types of resale and pawn shops opening ultimately leading to me finding more stuff to sell for profit, So yeah who cares if the bale lifts are at the door or your house is been repossessed aslong as I'm getting a great deal on PS2.

And This is what I got FFX for £2 not bad and a welcome return for final fantasy x not had a copy of this for a while, and we cant let CEX run out am sure there down to about 8 copys in there I will make sure to take this in for my £4 cash in the week Mahhahaha mahahaha yeah you get the idea with that.

Thunder Struck.. IV

Its hard going finding rare profitable games from the 16bit ERA in Hull, Anything on SNES people seem to be aware of like Mario 
star fox donkey Kong so when you do see them the prices are so high even beyond eBay because of the A list title, This is less true about mega drive games there just not that many around in Hull at the moment, For some reason there is a lot of shitty master system games everywhere, 

don't know why maybe people where all hard up in the late 80s early 90s and only had master systems with crap games.

As far as finding rare mega drive game the last score I had was Body count on mega drive in the echo foundation on hessle road, I recall the game went for £27 on eBay, I paid £1 for it, that was months ago and since then nothing good was really in there, Didn't think lighting would strike twice for me.

But thunder did, THUNDER FORCE IV that is! The women was selling a megadrive with a bunch of games Didn't have much cash on me and luckily she let me buy it on its own for £1 not bad at all and its a cracking game too.

Crash bandi-Count

Crash bandicoot wrath of cortex is everywhere at the moment the pictures left are 3 different copy's I have found one for block busters £1 one from cash generator 49p and the last one from cash converters £2, The crazy thing is every time I went to cex to sell my copy of this game on the way there I end up finding another one on the way home, £3 cash £4 trade, I'm down to my last copy now I think this game has overtaken final fantasy X on the instant profit front, cant believe how common this game, its madness.

duel shocking!

Now this is a nice little earner I used to do all the time a few years ago the Duel shock 2 controller for ps2 was always £5 cash in cex so I would always pick then up cheap when I could, So just the other day I was in cottingham checking out the charity shops and came upon too for these bad boys in very good 
nick but I wasn't sure if the price was the same in cex they where £1.50 each so I tuck a punt on them, Got to cex and the cash price is the same after all, Just go's to show how great the official pad was for ps2, just a trail of broken 3rd party crap in its wake and makes my a tidy profit too.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


There are a lot of 360 games kicking around priced at £5.99 in cash gen/cash con. The two I have picked up this week are tony hawks american wasteland and need for speed most wanted, both games are the last of thier kind and are on the other formats ps2/xbox also both games are the last outing for the classic set up and formula in their respected franchise. the later games changed things up so these two have a retro flare with the next gen aesthetic, this is why I think the resale price on them is so good because they are sort after below is the CEX prices for both games.

Headline news: Awesome pick up's roll continues

Lego Indiana Jones £3
Street fighter anthology (KEEPS)
Naruto ultimate ninja storm 2 £2
Fable The Lost chapters (EBAY)

My luck really isn't going away November has been Great for pick ups, and i have found yet another game on my wish list of games I wanted to own and play street fighter alpha anthology has now been crossed off my list as I will be keeping that to play, the other two are going to cex for instant cash leaving Fable TLC to go on ebay and all of them cost only 99p each.