Monday, 30 January 2017

Welcome to the family, son - A resident evil 7 Review (Mild Spoilers)

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Where is the mirror? A Shenmue Retrospective

Monday, 23 January 2017

Awesomeware - Classic Control

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Super Mario 3D World - 1,110 1-Ups Trick - Wii U

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Not enough cash ...stranger - A Resident evil 4 retrospective

Friday, 6 January 2017

Instant gratification

So the first thrift of 2017 and its pretty good, Catz 2, Naruto Unleashed 1.1 and Constructor where 3 for £1 from Dove house, 

Jurassic world was £1 on DVD, I was unsure if that was a good price, I checked CEX and that Sell it for £3.50, Cash 90p trade £1.40, So hey I will watch it then on to the trade pile.

The force unleashed 2 was from Cash it in for £2.99, Good price, GAME sell this for £12.99 now due to its xbox one compatibility, Then we have undead nightmare for 50p, its not worth much more then that but hey 50p for a 360 game, Saying that I have picked that up for 19p in the past.

Two PSP games from cash express The force unleashed 1 and Bubble bobble evolution £2 each

Found a copy of Microsoft office 2000 pro with the serial number, People are always asking me for office so now instead of talking them into google drive I will just install them this and leave them suck in whatever year in the late 90s/00 they happen to be in, well worth 25p

In the same charity shop was mario kart DS complete in the box for 50p, Now that's good thrifting, 50p for this is fantastic, CEX still sell it for £20, Its more around the £15 on ebay, But when the price is that low on a game this good its a total no brainier.

Also Picked up a HP laser mouse never know when I mite need a spare so for £1, It still had the plastic film on the sides and the scroll so its brand new, And a logitech wingman precision controller for £1, Its a simple pad with Two shoulder buttons 4 face buttons and a d-pad with USB connector.

I Tried it out with some emulators and its not a bad pad at all, it predates XP, Tho I had no trouble connecting it to a windows 10 PC, I worked straight away and the emulator I used recognised it as a Wingman Precision, So if you need a pad for some rom action and you seen one of these you know its a save bet.

This tho is surely the best thing I picked up I found the Hull Pokedex again! This time it is a Tiger electronics pokedex from around 1999/2000, This one is in great shape and is fully up and running The batteries in this are still good looks like they where replaced by the previous owner, £2.60 from scope, These things go for around £30 on ebay, I have seen on on auction up to £17 with 7 bids and 6 days to go, Just goes to show you always go to check the toys section in these shops!

This weeks footage is from Dead rising 4 on Xbox ONE, A game I have been playing during the holiday season, A game I strongly recommend you pick up, I found it to be the prefect alternative counterpart to my Christmas entertainment, Like die hard and lethal weapon, All the Action has a Christmasy backdrop, This entry to the series is a lot easy then previous version, What you will find tho is the Fun factor is ramped up to 11, And tons of replayability to make up for the somewhat stunted main story, I played this coming of the back of Playing dead rising 1 again, That's a game I really love, But that game makes you work for it, In Dead rising 4 it is all about instant gratification.