Thursday, 22 December 2016

christmas Bytes

Be a while since the last time I went out thrifting, Working in Retail in December limits the time I have for the hunt, Managed to catch a break with a day off just before everyone goes batshit crazy for there christmas shopping, So I put to good use and got on the hunt.

Madden 97 and NHL Face off 97 where both 49p each in cash convertors, Few reasons behind, They where the only two games in there under £2 and I didn't own them and Ebay currently has these two games starting the £3 mark so they where indeed a bargain.

The white DVD shaped sleeve in the picture above is a copy of windows Vista, £1.50 from dove house, It has the serial number suck to the box, I while back you would be hard pressed for a reason to want vista, But with my XP disc knackered and The likelihood of any Laptop the will clap out on me been designed for vista its a backup to have.

Rest of the games Wolfenstein the new order was £5 in Red cross, Its £6 in CEX and I wanted it back, Savings there ish, Rigde racer 7 was £2 on the money at that price, Energy airforce I had never seen before and with Taito and 505 on the front it I picked it up for 99p and turned out worth about £2, It was worth the gamble for 99p I didn't want to leave it behind just in case it was rare, COD Ghost was 99 from red cross CEX sell for £3, The best one out of all the games is The orange box for £1.99, CEX sell this for £8 currently, This game does tend to go up and down in price a lot.

Without question the best thing I found was a Tub of Miscellaneous lego for £3.50 in dove house, I could tell straight away it was worth buying at that price because of all the minifigures that were visible thought the plastic tub it was all in.

I love me some lego, I don't really collect it tho, its to expensive, I do have a massive box of it at my parents that I keep thinking I will go collect at some point but I never do and that's mostly due to what you see in the picture above, Its very time consuming to sort out without any of the instructions, 

There was two instruction booklets in the box, One was for a Ninjago set that was all there, The other was a Lego City Helicopter that had parts missing, So I was left with a bunch of minifigures and lots of parts leaving me a Lego detective mystery to solve, Luckily there is plenty of Research material on hand, I already subscribe to a guy on youtube called 


That give me a idea of what type of parts I had and what theme they where, And cross referencing them with this website


And of course Ebay, I have managed to riddle out some of the sets that where in all these bricks

So far I have 3 Complete ninjago sets with minifigures, A disneys Cars set, A LEGO friends mail box set, A jetpack set, Lots of them turned out to be the small polybag sets, There was also lots of minifigures that are part of the minifigures series and dont belong to a set, That come on a black stand, The spanish guy the pirate and the yeti.

The rest of the mini figures left I am still looking up but it seem that most of them are mish mash parts from other figures, They are a few vintage 80s figures in the mix The Chef and the space man, Same with the bricks I have left they are a few 80/90 bricks mixed in with what looks like more small polybag set that I haven't manged to zero in on yet its a working in progress but if I don't have anymore complete sets I can just bundle them together with the misc minifigures and sell them on that way.

That and the roughly £35 worth of sets and minifigures I have managed to Salvage out of the box, This £3.50 box of lego was a totally awesome find, I never used to see lego out in the while that much its gone from hardy ever to at least 3 find this year.

Gameplay footage is from Rigde Racer 7, I went mad on Ridge racer this year of the back of the Video Review I did for the Negcon, I have played Rigde Racer 4,6,unbound, Both the PSP ridge racers, As well as revisiting the PS1 games, This was the final one to try out, I have never had this one before looks Like a better version of 6 the tracks I have see so far look more colourful and interesting, It looks this one will shape up to be one of the best so far,