Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Sacred Compatibility

Some good stuff this time, Kicking off with some lego racers still sealed for £2.50 its not worth much more then that but sealed up lego doesn't turn up very often.

A Star wars watch from 1997 still sealed for £2.99, Fever pitch soccer for £2.99 more then I would like to pay for a sports title but boxed megadrive games are becoming a rarity in the wild so I picked it up, Sega Casino for £1.60 on DS, CEX credit got me Arcana hearts 3 and Burnout revenge.

Resonance of fate £5 as well as Soul calibur V That I wanted to give another chance since it seemed disappointing when it was released, And of course Flight simulator X deluxe edition For £1, I sold this on ebay for £15 totally always worth picking up, I have mentioned this in the past a few times.

And the Real deal on the Day goes to Ebay? £1.94 Plus uk postage got me a Japanese copy of Shenmue! I have needed the first game in the box for a review video I was planning on doing, The only thing with that is the PAL version has shot up to around £40, So on the off chance I could find it cheaper I looked at the J-NTSC versions, Buy it nows are around £20, I saw this copy on auction and slapped £10 highest bid on it and yes it came in at only £1.94 what a deal.

Picked a few games up after that lot, Mad dog mcgree Pack with all 3 games on and Sacred 3 for £2.50 each, Sacred 3 is totally worth having it is one of the games on the Xbox One compatibility list.

Speaking of the Xbox One Compatibility list It keeps on growing Just recently They have added Guardian Heroes that I own and This game Virtua fighter 5 Final Showdown, The best version of VF 5, The plus to all this its you can capture the games in HD without and Capture hardware and replaying these games with the Xbox One controller is no bad thing, Hope lots more get added to this list before then are done with it. 

Here is the current list

Monday, 7 November 2016

PSP on my hands

Lots of thrifting has happened, I will kick off with the Wii I bought in a Tat shop for £10, Looking to upgrade the current Wii I was using that Doesn't Play DVD-R, This one is a older model and I have already soft modded its, Homebrew channel and Neo Gamma all that goodness, I have a bunch of wii games burned off already so £10 total score, Just the wiimote on its own will cost you £11 in CEX.

God eater burst I bought of ebay for £3.50, There listing had no front cover and I had a empty god eater box so I completed the copy I had.
The Rest of the PSP games<
Spiderman 2, Test drive unlimited, Pursuit force 2, Rachet and clank size matters, Tomb raider Legends, Gran turismo, MX vs ATV Untamed.
Where all from Cash Generator on a deal, 7 for £10, Awesome bargains.

And the rest Lego Star Wars complete saga on wii for £2, Dragon ball z burstlimt on 360 for £3 and atomic bomber man on PC for £1 and needed change for the bus.

Sunday rolled around and I was getting ready to go to carboot when a mate on facebook put a status up saying it wasn't on and he had going with loads of stuff to sell, I few comments later and I am cutting a deal on a Red PSP slim 3000 and 27 games 11 unboxed, With carry cases and usb cable, The plug was american, Some note worth games in the unboxed lot, Metal gear portable ops, Final fantasy and final fantasy tactics.

And the boxed games,
Ratatouille, Ben 10, Lego starwars 3, Megadrive collection, Metal Slug anthology Thrillville, Chili con Carnage, Justice league Heroes, Tekken Dark Resurrection, Fifa 11, Secret agent clank, Daxer, GTA vice city stories, Wall-E, Two Copies of Starwars battlefront and Transformers the movie game.

£35 for that lot and I didn't have to freeze my ass off round market hells yeah wish every sunday was like this.

So with all this PSP on my hands, Last week I ordered a AV cable, Mostly you get component cables for PSP but because I use a Old dazzle to capture games I needed Some old Red white and yellow, I Captured Tekken Dark Resurrection I managed to scrape through the Story mode and complete it, Touch and go for a sec thought!

It still leave a boarder round the image like it does on a Television I am still pretty stoked this is even a option, Mite have to look in to upgrade my capture and one of them HDMI upscarlers for the future, For now its just cool to be able to get PSP footage.

Sitting Dragon - A Kung Fu Rider Retrospective

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Nostalg-o-rama - A Normy's beach babe-o-rama retrospective