Thursday, 29 September 2016

Awesomeware - Twistin' The Night Away

Friday, 9 September 2016

Dirt cheap

Pretty awesome stash this week, Ridge racer V and Rigde racer unbounded, Along with Bomberman hard ball and the bouncer came from Music magpie's online shop, Its no where near the steals you could get when it was thats entertainment but there are still lots of games to be had under £5.

As for charity shop stuff, GTA San Andreas in the DVD case was £1.60 from scope, It was buy one get one free so I pick up spellbound, There wasn't anything else worth getting.

House of the dead overkill on wii was priced up at 75p, The woman in the shop told me that all the games where 50p now so that's what I ended up paying Sweet, Flight simulator X from Oxfam for £1.99, Its not the gold/deluxe version but still cheap for the standard one, All the PS1 games G-Poice, Shellshock and Speedball 2100 was £2 each from sparks the local tat shop.

CEX credit Got me Life is strange and Dirt Rally, As well as Bomberman hero and Donkey kong country on SNES.

Found this Battlefield 3 Pad in The local pawn shop round the corner from me for £5, Turns out CEX sell these for £20.00 Cash £9 Trade £13, Sweet I tried it out on some other games because I don't own any battlefield games, Then I unpluged it a put it on the trade pile.

Speaking of things that got put on the trade pile, After having a good go with dirt rally I got so frustrated with it I ended up trading it back into CEX, The dirt series has alway had a rally sim at its heart with some heavy leanings to the arcade side of things in the settings, This version however brings it back to the old school, its more like Colin McRae 3 then any of the dirt series, I dont mind a racing game to be hard and demanding, but when I sign up for a game in the dirt series I was excepting a blockbuster thrill ride and this is more like actually having to become a world class rally driver just to say in 3rd place.

So when I re-returned to CEX I traded the battlefield 3 pad and dirty rally in I picked up Heavy rain/beyond two souls collection and Fable anniversary that I have been meaning to play for ages, And I ended up finding Yakuza 4 in cash it in for £2.99 on the way back so result.

Ended up out drinking with friends That I bumped into in CEX that day, And in one of the pubs we where in I spotted this, A Point blank arcade machine, naturally we had a go it would have been
 rude not too, Awesome thing to see, Even more so after I did that video on light gun games a while back, Sweet!

You know I am rather getting used to this Retro lark at CEX, Love the fact I can trade in for retro now, Normally when I go out thrifting and find things cheap that have good trade in them it goes towards a current gen game or something rare or cube or ps2, Now days they have plenty of SNES/N64 to choose from.

Its a good way to build up your collection now that most Pawn shops/charity shops Pricing is way off the mark, At the very least CEX pricing is better researched, Although I did see a manky yellow copy of conkers bad fur day for £95 in there the other day, But on some of the more common stuff deals are to be had and if you are making bank on your trade in's its even sweeter.