Friday, 26 August 2016

No man's thrift

This weeks thrift Starting with what I traded in for, I bought a galaxy tab 3 off my mate a few weeks back for £30, he was going to sell it for the then CEX price of £18, I give him the trade price in cash, Then after upgrading my phone didn't need it anymore, Watching the CEX website like some sort of tat shock market, The Trade price on tab 3's went upto £50, So a Straight swap for No mans sky.

Only £9.99 for Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel on sale at Game, The two master system games where £2.99 in Cash converters that seems to be my rule of thumb now in secondhand shops that have overpriced retro if it's under £3 its going to be cheaper then ebay, Bunch of stuff from my trade pile paid for Zelda OOT That was £16 in CEX

The list of Retro stuff CEX stocks has expaned they have added Neo Geo Pocket and Super NES to the list, I hope we get megadrive stuff that would be awesome, and PS1 go on CEX please bring back PS1, It would be great to be able to trade up and get some PS1 classics again.

Few more Pick ups then Age of empires collections £1, Tomb raider 2 £1 and Oddworld £1 sweet deals, And £15 for the Negcon on ebay, Currently working on a video for this controller as part of my awesomeware series, I have been playing Ridge racer type 4 with it all week its pretty fun to use.

So I mangaged to get in some time with no man's sky, Lots of mixed opions on this game, Its really because the exploration is centre place in the gameplay, Its resourse managment of the entire universe, So in landing on a new planet in oua of the specitice isnt the main pull of this game for you then I imagine you wouldnt enjoy it.

Its one part elite one part mine craft and the rest is every gamer ever that was playing a space combat sim and said "wouldnt it be cool if you could land your ship on any planet and walk around" And this game does just that simlessly with no loading hyperspace to solar system to orbit upper atmosphere to planet.

There is plenty of crafting to do, No spoilers, But there is a loose story to follow, as well as the text adventure that plays out when you talk to people, with the goal of the lose naritive been based around getting to the centre of the galxays, That about all the game does is point you in a directions and its up to you to sort out everything else.

I enjoyed my time with this game, Like most new games I get hold of I cashed it in for the money yesturday at CEX for £36, It has since gone down to £31, So I spent £30 on a tablet, Got to Play no man's sky for a few weeks, The ended up making £6 profit, Its like the new way to rent a game, I will buy this back when the price bottoms out.
Footage comes from Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel, If you enjoy Guilty gear style fighting games in the 2D style you will feel right at home here, Lots of characters from anime series, CEX still sell this for £25, Game have it for £9.99 if you hurry you mite get it at the same price, incidentally the cash is £11 and the trade is £16.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Kirikou and the thrifteress

Some absolute steals this week, On Playstation 3 we have the ultimate mega drive collections coming in at £4, CEX sell for £12, Lege harry potter for £4 again £12 in CEX, Final Fantasy X/X2 for £3! CEX price £15, And finally the best in the bunch The legend of heroes Trails of cold steel for £4! CEX sell this one for £20 what a bunch of totally winners, 

Other games kirikou on PS1 for £5, Courier Crisis for £3.99, warhammer space marine on 360 for £1.99, Little mermaid on DS £.350, Naruto on PS2 99p and a Wireless Microsoft mouse for £2 brand new in the box.

Taking a closer look at kirikou on the playstation it is based on the 1998 film Kirikou and the sorceress that I watched of the back of picking this up its quite good, What is strange is the decision to make this into a playstation 1 game in 2001? In the later life of the playstation 1 there was a lot of shovelware, This game manages to transcend that label, It plays like a ropey pandemonium, Still very playable just a strange choice of source material to adapt into a video game.

I had never heard or seen anything about it that prompted me to pick it up at £5 in cash convertors, It sell on ebay for around £8, This one will be going in my PS1 collection as I doubt I will see this again in the wild.
I found the whole film in english on youtube above if your interest as being peeked, I like the fact that it is a oddball choice to make into a video game, Many times I am watching stuff that I always think this would make a good game, I guess someone did that with this film.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Awesomeware - House of the Lead

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Thrift Crisis Razing Games

This week's Thrifts a mixed bag, The PS2 stuff the first naruto ultimate ninja, Puyo Puyo Fever, Star Wars the force unleashed need for speed hot pursuit 2, and frequency a music rhythm game from the makers of guitar hero all of these where £1.99 each

Big box Age of empires Gold edition totally sweet, And SimCity DS for £1.99 There was Scooby doo unmasked for £1.99 in the same charity shop I passed on it turned out to still sell in CEX for £10, Time Crisis razing storm on PS3 for £4 and another copy of Morrowind game of the year this time in the thinner case on the 1 disc.

The Big Box VHS tapes where City hunter, Cutthroat island and Night of the living dead 3, I don't really collection VHS that much, But when its 3 for 49p and they're all big box version then I am onboard.

One more game Aliens vs predator on PS3 and I got Total Recall Terminator 2 Universal soldier for £2 and Iron Man 1 & 2 for £2.50 all coming in under the CEX price.

I Think I will start myself a mini blu ray collection, Since they are everywhere now I have started to see better movies show up a lot of the time when I see blurays out in the wild they are sex and the city or sharknado.

I have mentioned this game in the past, G-con 45s and CRT TV's is one of the best games to pick up if you love light gun games and you have the move controller and maybe the gun attachment, With this disc you get 3 full games , Time Crisis Razing storm, Time Crisis 4 arcade edition and the Fantastic Deadstorm pirates, £4 is the cheapest I have found this game and its a steal at that price, If you miss the days of G-con 45s and CRT TV's, This is definitely where to start.