Saturday, 23 July 2016

Pokemon low down

Great weather this week Finally had a Day off to hit the thrift and not a bad lot of stuff, Mobile Light force 2 for 49p, Resi 4 on PC £2, Mass effect for £1.49 and Tour De France £1.49, And Saltwater Sportfishing for £3.49 Overpriced but a PS1 game I don't have and I was just sick of seeing it every time I am out in the same Charity shop.

So Pokemon Go has smashed all download records, Raised nintendo's stock 125% and people of all ages are playing it across the country, I wanted in on this so I needed a phone upgrade, The Samsung Galaxy 5 was the Best Phone I could muster with £167 credit at CEX and £53 cash paid.

I got home with my new phone installed the app, Then the screen started flickering green, So the next day back to CEX and swapped it for the same phone, This time it worked, I would imagine this is the Case with most phones in CEX just keep going back tell they pick you a winner.

So New phone and Power brick intow I Hit the Thrift, This time looking for games and Pokemon.

 That turn out to be a great combination, I touch on this in the last post that the dynamics of the Gameplay in Pokemon go are very Similar to the premise of Thrifting in general, What I didn't Know is that many of the Charity shops I frequently visit are all Pokestops!

This is seemingly putting to activities I love together, Now I can play a video game while I am out Hunting for video games.  

I think this is pretty awesome, The Data on the sort of locations that have been chosen to be pokeshops or gyms, Are brilliant, There's a lot of churches, A lot of them are popular

Its not a Perfect game, I find the combat lacking, The server issues seem to be improving but by no means stable, and if you not in a built up location I hope you like pidgeys and rattatas.

What this game turned out to be is a great start in the area of augmented reality, Games and tech have come and gone in the last few years, This game makes all of the concepts come together and makes it accessible for all players, Looking forward to some updates.

So Mobile light force 2 As you can see above in my pick ups picture the PAL front cover and Rebranding is god awful, This game is actually a game called 

Shikigami no Shiro 

Its a top down shoot em up.

The PAL region Box art I am sure has put people off this game, The up shoot of this is that lots of second hand shops don't mark it up so you can find it dirt cheap, A hidden gem literally because it looks like tat.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Thrifting go

This weeks thrift is up, Some ok stuff £4.99 bought me that Classic controller 64, A USB controller for PC the same mold as a N64 pad, Great because out of all the systems to emulate the N64 seems to have the most taken away from it in terms of using a different controller, So I will be trying this out with emulating might be a Awesomeware Video in this pad.

Some GBA games Lego star wars and Winnie the poo, And a DVI to HDMI lead, Sure this will come in handy at some point so £1.50 is a ok price.

The N64 games I picked up Blast corps Mischef makers and Quake 64 where all from CEX, I heard that other CEX stores had started carrying retro again, So it would seem the main store in my local area has two, All there is listed on the website is N64, Thats fine by me if I can trade up for something more retro, Natural I had a bunch of Credit on stand by so I pick out all the ones Price at £6, a fair price and even better when you consider the sort of tat I turn up with at CEX.

So I caught a Pidgeotto in my living room last night, Pokemon go in full swing due the everyone downloading the APK, Out of Two phones and a tablet I could not get this to work, So I resorted to lending my girl friends s6 to have a go.
The game is awesome its everything we thought a augmented reality pokemon game could be.

putting poke shops and gyms all over your map to spare you on to take a walk out the house for no particular reason really turns the lazy gamer stereotype on its head.

Going around catching pokemon in the real world is a concept that has rolled around in my mind since playing Blue and yellow on Gameboy,

A while back me and my mate made this facebook page Hull pokedex just shows you how much of a solid idea transfering pokemon into a real life setting was, That page has definitely has more attention since pokemon go came out.

The map based game play has a similar tone to hunting for video games when you think about it, Going Out just to see if there anything about, looking for Rare stuff, Since writing this Pokemon go has been officially released in the UK not that helps my situation with the game any with all my android junk.

That's the only dampener on the whole thing, they say it needs kitkat 4.4.4 when some phones and tablets that are more than capable of running the game only update to 4.4.2 and 4.4.3, Yeah there is odin and Firmware and stuff you can do to get around it, Just once tho I would like to not have to not dick about loads to get things to work, suppose that is the price you pay for not getting a contract and being 3 years behind on your android tech.

I am currently Eyeballing a Samsung Galaxy S5, This has the 2Gb of Ram and can be upgraded to lollipop 5.0.1 If anyone is looking for a good phone for some pokemon go action and don't want to pay the earth this model would be where its at priced up around £160 in CEX.

This week game footage comes from Quake 64, One of the N64 games I picked up from CEX, this isn't a bad version of Quake at all really, once you get used to strifing with the C buttons It do become quite playable.
Hopefully this will be the start of many lose N64 cart I end up getting from CEX, How brilliant would it be if they started doing some PS1 again.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Its in the game

Great finds this week really has been a cracking thrift out, Typical I should break my HD Sunglasses the first day out finding all this stuff, Think I will look into a more durable pair for when thrifting live returns, Anyways let's have a run down on the pick ups.

All the wii games where £2 all good titles all worth the price, The DS stuff £1.50 each the dinosaurs game on the money same with star wars, The Finding nemo game however is worth around £7

Goldeneye was £3, Silent hill was bought with CEX credit, WCW was £1.50 and jurassic park operation genesis was £1 the best find in the bunch the PS2 version currently hovering round the £15 mark.

Some Mega drive and snes Super soccer and fifa 95 that I was actually looking for because I have been playing Fifa international soccer the first one when It dawned on me how much better 95 was so £1.99 overpaid but its a sports game, Kinda softening up on sports games some older examples still hold their charm if not there resale value.

The sports games and all the N64 games where in cash convertors all priced up different I just picked up all the ones under £3 the most expensive one was turok 2 at £2.49 but any n64 cart priced up at 49p £1.50 £2.50 Would be hard to pass up considering the cheapest you are likely to pick one up on ebay is the 99p plus £1.97 postage anyway, Just happy to see N64 games in the wild it doesn't happen for ages but this week and last there has being loads about keep'em coming.

Elder scrolls III GOTY on PC £1.99 good price complete, And Animal crossing wild worlds, £4 paid, CEX sell it for £15 that's about the ebay price to so well worth getting at £4.
And then there was this bunch of lego for £1, When I saw it in british heart foundations It was the box taped up with at a guess was one set maybe with a few bits missing, I was willing to take a gamble at £1, Any lego for £1 is great, Bags of misc bricks still sell well, It turned out to be too full sets in the box A Lego Dino and a Lego Ninjago set with instructions for both and a few random bricks left over £1 well spent.

So I have been playing Uncharted 4 and it is definitely a brilliant game newcomers and veterans alike will enjoy this one, At the apex of what you would dub a gaming blockbuster, Its still not my favourite in the series that Honor goes to number 2, But its everything you wanted out of a Uncharted game on PS4 hardware, I shared the Clip of drake playing Crash bandicoot above it is very meta fan service But I got a really kick seeing the grey PS1 and getting to play the game in what is essentially  a cut scene.

Of Course Euro 2016 has been happening, I was going to use some Fifa international soccer footage but I couldn't beat Portugal with wales on the  mega drive.

Anyways after playing that game I wanted to revisit a few other retro football games then a I noticed I don't really have many, PS1 is my biggest collection of games and out of 200 plus games all I had was Adidas power soccer 97, Seem I've passed up on sports games that much that when I do fancy playing a old one I have very little to choose from Hence picking a few up this time out.

So Footage above is fifa 98 That was one I hoped to reply and for 49p its a solid football game all I need to do now is fine a copy of Actua soccer 2 for PS1 Next time I am out I must see that game all the time and have fond memories of playing it and never once thought to pick it up.