Thursday, 30 June 2016

Thrifting live - episode 4

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Resident E3

Some sweet deals this week, Most stand out pick up goes to Castle of Illusion for £6, Checking online and that's still a bargain for a game that can go upto the £20 mark, Project x zone 2 comes from ebay £15 sealed this was the seller had quite a few and £15 brand new is £3 under the Cex Price Pre Owned.

Shadow man 2 for nostalgia's sake £1 only 75p in CEX (DOH!)
Justice league heroes was only £1, Resi 6 was from CEX with some Credit, And Resident evil Dead aim for £1
That had The Disc to Resident Evil 3 inside the box it was a bargain anyways but throw in a Classic PS1 resident evil disc and I am even more happy to paid you £1 for the privilege, Most of the time if I see a loose disc inside another games box its fifa 2004 so this is a right turn up, Sweet!

Traded in Doom and my Vita the other day after Uncharted 4, I ended up with £104 worth of Credit, So I picked up Uncharted 4 More on that one when I have played it a bit more, Then I noticed to two copy's of Shenmue 2 on xbox, £28 that is the ebay price too, They both looked in really good nick So I picked them up and yes both are in like new con, One will be a upgrade for my copy, So I have two copies spare, The idea I guess is to sit on them for a while and hope the price goes up nearing the release of shenmue 2, But deep down I think it was so I could put the side by side and take a picture see above.


So I Bought The new Shadow of the beast game of PSN the other day, This was one of the main factors in getting a PS4 way back when it was showcase at E3 2013, Strange that Sony seem to be playing down this game's release I didn't even know it had come out tell my mate told me and I've being following it since its announcement.

So what we have here for your £11.99, Is a reimagining of the first game, Hitting all the footnotes of the amiga Classic, Tree-well-castle-jetpack and expanding the core gameplay with this smooth and fluid combat with mortal kombat style gore, Its a nice love letter to the original but ended up playing like a totally different game, Some parts do mimic parts from the original game but the puzzles are to easy and the gameplay style to different to the original, All that aside I still enjoy this game, The graphic and visuals have been rooted in that original games look.

All the extras that come with this game do make it worth the price, The original game is included with this package As well as the soundtrack, A option to play the new game with the 1989 soundtrack, the 1989 game with infinitely lived and lots more, So if you love Shadow of the beast this is worth your time, To try the new take on it and relive the classic game. 

Naturally I have being taking in all the E3 stuff over the past few days, The biggest thing to take away from the whole thing was the Trailer for Resident Evil 7 and the Demo that Playstation Plus users could download for free.

This New direction has seemed to Divide opinion in the Resident evil fan base, Capcom always tease that they are going back to the roots of the series or bring back the horror, I think this in turn makes people pine for Pre rendered backgrounds, Tank controls and Atmosphere, and real puzzles.

What we have ended up with is a Outlast looking first person affair, I played the Demo and for what its worth it looks like a good example of that type of game done well, It seems we are in a position as resident evil fans to have our cake and eat it as it where, With the Resident Evil 2 remake around the corner and this new Resi 7, and Revelation be continued this can pretty much Satisfy every fan without having to Cram everything into one game, (See Resident evil 6)

Still it would be nice to see a New Resident evil game still keep that Classic formula. 

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Awesomeware - Hip Hip Hori

Monday, 6 June 2016

Thrifting Live - Episode 3