Tuesday, 24 May 2016

television vita

Light one this week, I was Planning another thrifting life video, Ended up only finding Yakuza 1 out in the wild for £1 with only one pick in I think I am going to hold off tell I find more stuff on Camera, As you can seen I have picked up a Playstation Vita and Wipeout 2048 from CEX.

I actually Started out with one of these things, A Playstation TV from Cash converters, It still had the 3 games download voucher with it as well, Cheap way to Play some of the vita stuff I wanted a go on? Not really, Turns out a lot of the games I wanted to play are on the blacklist, There was a hack for this to make the games play but even then some games the Touch screen compatibility still stand in the way of a full experience.

So once I realise wipeout 2048 wasn't going on the big screen anytime soon, I looked up the price of a VITA second hand, £80 in CEX, Looked at my trade pile, mmm...

I was running through this with my mate on skype and it just so happened that he is the sort of guy that could really Use a playstation TV, Having the likes of persona 4 golden and other Vita RPGs that all work with the PSTV He offered me what I paid for it, So I sold the PSTV and used the Cash and my trade to get a vita.

The Playstation TV a somewhat useful piece of Upscaling kit for people who have the games that work with it, PS4 Streaming, If your Internet is slow No chance, I am with KC and not on Lightstream so not a hope in hell it will work smoothly.

The best thing about the Vita in 2016, The Screen is fantastic, And the browser is still pretty robust, Youtube works fine anyways.
If you have plenty of digital stuff to use it with its still worth getting in 2016, The downside is still the memory cards having such a high price tag, VITA or TV the memory cards second hand come in,

4GB - £5 
8GB - £10
16GB - £22
32GB - £40
64GB - £55

So onto DOOM,
Let's get the multiplayer out of the way first, Its mediocre at best, It just trying to be like every other FPS out there with its loadouts and it kinda sucks for staying in line with the rest of them,
The Campaign on the other hand is fantastic, The player moves almost as fast as the original game, The glory kills and weapons give the player the same sense of perpetual motion where you dart about switching between weapons hoping your ammo will hold out, The demons seem to have taken back their roles from original doom this also adds to the frantic pace in which the player traverses the map.
The Chain saw is back and more awesome then ever, Its a total blast start to finish, So If you don't mind the mutliplayer side being a write off, The campaign definitely makes up for it.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Thrifting Live: Episode 2

Few Games I picked up this week off Camera, Sly 3, That actually came with the 3D Glasses, and They Came from the skies, A B movie style shooter by Midas.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Thrifting live: Episode 1

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Thrift of black maiden

This Weeks Pick ups, Was on a bit of a 360 boom having the VGA cable, I was on CEX and was looking at stuff £4 and under, Got the To Scene games with the buzzers, And Trivial pursuit and burnout paradise.
After playing revenge and give Paradise shit last time, I was giving it another goes, and yeah it still bugs me that its freeroaming on the races.
The rest of the 360 was also CEX all under £4, Traded in some stuff for Dead souls 2 and Metal gear, I was going to get Dead souls 3, It was funny how many copies they had of Dead souls 3, Guess some people found out the hard way its not for them, Buying it full price.
Anyways I opted for Dead souls 2 to leave me some room for metal gear on the Credit note, Only played Demon souls so would rather have 2 games out of it.
Atari games again in barandos, Same one as last time, The price is down on them £2.50 each that is more like it so picked up £10 worth, Warlords, Crossbow, Defender 2, Dark  Chambers.

N-gage games in Cash convertors, Some rare and sort after ones to not really to bad on price, I was hoping they had the System too, Only the games, I don't have a Ngage, I have seen them in the past really beaten up so I pass, Would be a good thing to get hold of see if you can still use it as a phone for retro kicks.

Project zero Maiden of black water, In CEX, for £80, Still had £32 in a Credit note, So I tuck the Edge of and Paid the rest, Considering these are around £100 on ebay it was a sweet deal, All good con with all the guff with it.

Shame we never got number 4 over here, This is your consolation prize for having to play that one on a emulator, And Really one of the only games to really have a legitimate reason for taking use of the Wii Pad as it acts as the camera in the game, Its a must buy for any wii user a throwback in the way that if you have played any other project zero games, You can unlock costumes from Zelda, Metroid, And some others, With this game having a limited print its best to grab them now before they totally get thin on the ground and end up dear on ebay.