Friday, 29 April 2016

Thriftout revenge

 Lots of great stuff this time round, Pokken Tournament was off amazon for £55 with the Hori controller, It only works with Pokken on the wii u, However it does work with a PC Good pad for emulation.

Cash converters had Modnation racers for £2, And Dead or Alive ultimate 1, for £1, totally having that, It originally came in a double pack with ultimate 2, But hey £1 for the first one is a great deal

Unboxed Abe Exoddus 99p, And Finally I found Kurushi unboxed for 49p, I have being looking for this game for ages, So happen to pay the 49p just for the disc, Yeah it would have being more awesome if these where boxed, but cheap enough for disc only, 

Few charity shop finds, War of the ring on Pc, and some PS1 stuff, Popstar maker and Scramble £1 each. 

Cash Express had loads of stuff in the bargain bin for £1/£2, that where I picked up Ninja Gaiden 2, Resi 6, Grid, Warioware, Resi evil umbrella chronicles,

Great to find some 360 stuff, After doing a trade in for my mate, he was trading a windows phone in for a 360, I ended up with the VGA cable he go with it, And there Awesome, Playing my 360 on an old VGA monitor, I can't get over how good it looks only at 1280x1024 looks Really clean.

 Epic mickey and Tomb raider anniversary another Charity shop find, Bayonetta and Tekken Tag tournament 2 I traded in for at CEX, and then Resident evil 3 Nemesis popped up in a Dove house the PC version, Strange me and my mate had been chatting on skype about PC versions of resident evil, Its not quite a big box, But hey Resi 3 on PC for 99p HELL YEAH!

So about a week ago when I had that Crystal xbox on the go, I was looking at my Xbox games and I was thinking, I can't believe I haven't a burnout game on disc, Everyone wants the 360 version of Revenge because its the best looking and has some extra cars, But when I saw the Original Xbox version for £1.99 in That's entertainment, It made perfect sense with me on a current original xbox kick, This was the right format at the right time.

What can you say about burnout revenge, It took everything about Burnout 3 and Refine and improved, It is probably one of the best Arcade racers ever, nothing has matched it in 10 years, Burnout paradise sucked because of the map reading, Anything Criterion did with the need for speed franchise always felt close but no cigar, really they should do a New burnout game on current gen it would be awesome with today's specs, But keep it in the vein of Revenge, Single tracks none of this open world jive, I don't know if I am being to harsh on paradise might need to give that another go? Regardless Revenge is awesome on PS2, 360, Xbox if you seen it cheap and you're into racers don't give it a second thought pick this game up!

Monday, 25 April 2016

Crash bandi-count - A Crash bandicoot: The wrath of cortex

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Crystal projection

As you can probably tell from the photo of the picks ups things have being a bit thin on the ground recently, There is a bit of cool stuff kicking about out there just overpriced.

The stuff I did pop on however is decent enough, £1.60 for Call of duty 3 is a bargain, CEX price £4, The big box of rayman was a steal at 50p, Found it in the jigsaw puzzles goes for around £10 on ebay as most later big boxed PC games tend to.

Pick up Turtles on PS2 for £1 in Cash Generator they give me a free fish radio, I will have some free stuff, The guy standing next to me when I got served thought free stuff as he just helped himself to a laptop off the counter and walked out with it, thief's in the city are brazen as they come.

Found this small Retro game controller thing, Wondered what games where on it so I paid £3.50 to find out, It's a bunch of Generic NES knock offs, The controller itself is pretty nice to use, Its just a shame there wasn't any licensed games on it. 

My Next door neighbour Gave me a Crystal xbox pretty awesome of them, I have a black one but this thing is sweet, The didn't have any hookups or out with it, Of course I have spares, I was think of what to do with it?
Then I remember the projector I picked up a few years back, It had being in the other room using it for parties for slinging stuff on the wall pictures and the like, The resolution Wasn't really good enough for PS3/360, So Original Xbox is about the best machine I can use with it without it starting to look like shit.

 I Turned out Great, Playing shenmue 2 on this thing at the moment its awesome, I was thinking of having a go at modding this xbox so I have more stuff to use with the Projector, As of right now I have plenty on disc to mess about on the likes of capcom classic collection and midway arcade treasure.

Ended up importing Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Fortune, That didn't get a release outside of Japan, People where speculating this was a move on Temco's part not to get caught up in any Gamergate feminazi backlash, Or it just doesn't sell well over in europe and the USA,

Whatever the reason, It is region free anyways and has english subtitles, Not that anyone who buys this is having reading in mind.

My Girlfriend has played the last two games to death so I ask her what she makes of this one, She said its somewhere between the first one and the 360 one, They have taken rubbish jet skiing out, Added a bunch of more pervy modes, and a few more token game play mode Rock Climb, Flag race etc And now I can't buy shoes and nail vanish in the shop.

I do like the fact that you can just import stuff without any hassle now, All the mite be stopping you is the language barrier, The only downside is you need a Japanese PSN if you want the DLC if any, 

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

That's so nathan, Real nathan, Too nathan

 Bunch of stuff from a few weeks ago when I was having a lite thrift about, All the blurays where £1 each, The only one with any real value was Man of steel, Still sells for about £6.

Resident evil was an ebay purchase, £14 paid, Looking at the way saturn games are going on ebay tho it will not be long before that will be around £30, One it being the 20th anniversary of resident evil this year, And most sort after saturn games are on the rise.

The Nights/3D controller also from ebay, Miles more of a bargain tho, Listed as "Untested" ended up getting it for £8.50, Of course you can see the full video I did on the pad Here.

Used some CEX Credit for Resident evil Deadly silence, Again for the same reason I picked up the saturn one, Kirby and the rainbow paintbrush on Wii U, Nintendo are stopping production on the wii U at the end of 2016, So I thought it would be a good time to reel a few of the first party games in for my system.

Had a really good experience in GAME the other day, Still the thought of Wii U stuff ending up thin on the ground I was look at their Wii U stuff, The Animal crossing amiibo game with the amiibos was only £14.99? I looked at the price of the game on its own and the amiibos on their own too, The same price?

Decided to get it, I had some reward card money, So it ended up costing me £12.62 and they gave me a free PC game and some Battleborn cards, Yeah tat but free Tat.

New track and field was from game as well 99p, The alan wake collectors edition was a upgrade, Planning a video on that at some point so I got it for that, And Surprised to see loads of Atari 2600 games in a barnardo's £4.99 each was pricey but still a couple of quid cheaper than the ebay price, So I picked two of them, Dig dug and Mario bros, From what I remember some Pretty close arcade action on the old 2600.

Some games I picked up while I was in town the other day shaking of my wrestlemania hangover, £2 for Yakuza, And Zelda collection disc was £30 in Cex, I had £16 worth of credit notes so I just paid the difference, The women in Cex told me that a guy had come in and traded 9 copies of the Zelda collector's disc in the day before, That must of being a hell of a carboot, Still can't believe how many of these I rescued from the bin when I worked at gamestation.

So Uncharted the nathan drake collection, All 3 one player campaigns on one disc running silky smooth on your PS4, No multiplayer, Doesn't effect me as I never played them online, This collection existing would make anyone feel shortchanged playing the PS3 versions now, As ever my favorite entry is the second game, but its a solid trilogy, indiana jones for the 00's as it were or tomb raider with a dude and better game play.

So if you have never played the uncharted series it is a must, And if you want to revisit them this is definitely the way to go about it, Giving you a great build up to the arrival of Uncharted 4 on may the 10th this year.