Friday, 25 March 2016

Awesomeware - Control control... You must learn control!

Monday, 21 March 2016

Must thrift faster

I woke up late on the day I was meant to be out thrifting, My heart set on going to beverly the next town over for a scout about, Missed the 13:30 bus, Ended up on the 14:45 bus that arrived at 15:15 Still managed to thrifted beverly and then get back to hull and thrift town before the shops shut.

The best thing I found was Animal Crossing Wild worlds on Nintendo DS, CEX sell this for £18, Cash £8 Trade £12, I got that and the two other DS games for £1.99 each.

Some standard PS1 and PS2 fair, Midway Arcade treasures 2 had a PS2 memories card inside the box, bonus, Still 80p trade on them, and you can always check them for embracing Singstar save data, That nearly all PS2 memory cards have saved on them.

Had my storage boxes out again this week, Clear out a lot of stuff for a trade pile for CEX, Taking out the trash as you do, Ended up with a credit note for 38.50 for a bunch of crappy DVDs and PS2 stuff, So I used that credit to pick these up Lego Jurassic world, Tales of Xilla 2 Tin Day one edition and Lollipop Chainsaw, Sweet deal if you ask me.

As I was sorting out all my crap, I noticed how many spare consoles I have kicking about, Its almost a mirror of my actual collection, Just wish I had the hook ups and power cables to get shot of a few of these, there's just never enough Sega power cables to go around.

Lego Jurassic world then, It's pretty awesome, I was a bit fatigued with the lego games, The last few I played Lego marvel super heroes and Lego the hobbit, Where a bit overly busy, especially Lego the hobbit, With so many dwarfs all looking the same with different tools, It felt like way to much effort for a Lego game, Luckily Lego Jurassic world has brought it back in terms of game play.

Now I know Lego games get churned out every year for the kids, As an adult I can still enjoy the nostalgia of Lego mixed in with retreading classic film franchises in a casual collection base game play style, So it seems the better the film or the more nostalgic the movie licence is the more fun you will have with them.

And for me stuff like Jurassic park, Star wars and Indiana Jones totally hits the mark, really enjoying playing this, Plus its pretty funny to see how they handle some of the goofier moments in the second and third film, Lego games seem to have a knack for glossing over the less than stellar outings in the franchise's, Just look how they covered Episode 1 and 2 in the first lego star wars.

The Xbox one version of  Lego Jurassic world is the cheapest second hand at the moment, only £20 preowned, On 360, PS3/PS4 its £22, and Wii U £25. 

Saturday, 12 March 2016

sega thriftua processor

This week's pick ups, Nothing much about but what I did find was pretty spiffing, Virtua Racing J-ntsc we will cover in a sec, So let's move on to Men in black a game I was discussing at length with friends a few weeks ago, To the point we were all sat around drunk watching a lets play of it, So seeing the PS1 version for £2.99 I had no trouble adding that one to my collection, Then Taz mania for £3.99, that I was talking about with one of the same friends just 2 days before I found it, The gist of the conversation being how we both felt short changed having rented it in the 90s over the weekend and both getting stuck on taz mania before we had to take it back to ritz on hessle road.

Speaking of games I rented from ritz, I picked up norms beach babe-o-rama on ebay for £7 cart only, This is a game I have wanted to revisit for a long time and the price only seems to go up so I bagged it at £7.

So blurays, Seen in the picture above, Katy perry the movie is pride of place, Now how much is a good price for a second hand bluray? The answer is £2 or under, Blurays are dirt cheap now, No one is buying them so unless is fairly new or a box set, or something sort after, Every bog standard bluray out should be cheap, See them at £5, £3.99, Someone in dove house is stuck in 2011 doing the pricing thinking bluray is something new,  

So why did I buy katy Perry the movie? Cex sell it for £3, Cash 70p Trade £1.20, I bought this for a whopping 25p, So I guess that settles it then the best price for a second hand bluray is 25p.

So on to the best thing I found on the the thrift this time, Virtua Racing, Japanese version, This doesn't really make any difference to the game compared to the pal version, Only the Cart and box are a grey colour instead of black, Just makes it look cooler/different depending on you opinion, I had seen the pal version in a cash converters previously priced up at £9.99 it less then great shape the box was pretty dinged up.
This one however was close to mint con, and for only £8, So I popped on this, I checked ebay and this version runs around £16, So even at £8 I got a deal and its Virtua racing J-NSTC, It's made by yu suzuki its so coooool!

I have had Virtua Racing on the Sega Saturn for a While, So I thought it would be cool to try my hand at a comparison video, So I pitted the Megadrive against the Saturn Side by Side, The Reason the Mega drive can handle the 3D Graphics is the SVP chip that sega has in the cartridge, I have heard it is similar tech that was used in the 32X, Still we are dealing with a 16 bit machine that is totally pulling its weight next to a 32 bit machine, It is all mighty impressive stuff. 

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Games that are mega - A Mega Games 2 Retrospective