Thursday, 25 February 2016

The Retro boom

Had a week off work this week so I hit the thrift hard and turfing up at all my usual haunts, The first day was a total bust I didn't find anything,  That rarely happens on the thrift sometimes you will come back with only say one or two things but to find nothing is very disconcerting indeed.

By the second day all faith was restored finding lots of PS2 and PSP in the First Dove house, The welcome sight of wrath of cortex, reassuring me that the thrift was back on track, That and a few rarer titles on PSP, Frogger Helmet Chaos is a Uncommon game and monster hunter freedom unite, As well as the other Crash games that accompanied wrath of cortex and all the other PS2 and PSP fair I found that day.

Later on that day I saw a Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2 in the box, They wanted £70 for it! Whether or not this is a good price is somewhat objective, If you a collector that rip on the box is sure to spoil what is console in pretty tidy con, Resale it would be more of a gamble if you was going to try and flip it, £70 is just a bit to high, Some speccys in good order can go for that sort of money if they're Packed in with lots of software and other goodies, But really the price of these consoles in good con it's more round the £40-£50 price range, If the box was to make any difference to the price it would have to be mint.

I did find a deal in this charity shop, Lego Marvel Superheroes on 360 for £1.99, CEX Still sell this one for £22, Trade £18 Cash £11, so a total bargin.

In the main Cash Converters and Spot some SNES games TIME and SUPER MARIO WORLD, both at £14.99 each, Meh! See I get that mario is sort after and Time is uncommon but at this price its pretty much on par with what they sell for on ebay, A website that 354 million people in the UK alone visited in the month of January this year, 
I am guessing that the foot fall in the town centre is lower than this, It stands to reason that if someone is out and about looking for a deal at retail that the price should be lower than ebay, Just sweeten the deal a bit anyone can just buy this game online at any time for that price, Knocking £5 off the going rate or something, The Retro boom has made shops like this kind of Greedy when it comes to pricing up Retro, Especially in the Town Centre ones, My advice for anyone looking to hunt down some Video games now days is look for shops off the beaten track on the outskirts of where you live chances are they will be a lot cheaper.

The last few bits I found where in places like that The Lego Star wars C3PO watch was complete and only £1, they sell around the £10 mark, I found a Charger for SP/DS always pick these up when I see them, In the Same shop was some PS1 games I didn't have and Transforms on DS for £1, CEX still sell this for £5 so why not.
And Lego Football mania sealed up for £2.
This week's Game footage is Habitrail hamster ball on PS2, This looked completely naff so I had to pick it up.
The game is just a Super monkey ball rip off, on behalf of the Hagen Company, The whole game is a advert for there Habitrail range of hamster products, To be fair to the game it doesn't do a bad job of ripping of monkey ball, The almost resident evil style warning at the start of the game Telling people not to treat real hamsters like this made me laugh, There is even a short menu on how to get started keeping a hamster of your own, You even win Habitrail products at the end of each track, The controls are a bit batshit crazy, £1 for this game and I am pretty sure I have just had at least £2.70 Worth of enjoyment, It falls in the strange category of Advertisement Ware along side games like Pepsi man and M & M Shell Shocked

Monday, 15 February 2016

Street Fighter beta V Special no arcade edition

 So then this week's Pick ups, Pretty happy to find Pikmin on the Wii, It's cool that they re-released a hold bunch of Gamecube games with new wii controls and £2 is a bargain for any of them that is what I found pikmin for.

£2 Also got me God eater burst on the PSP, Sells for round £6 online so that was also a good deal, In the same cash Generator as that I noticed, Final Fantasy Type 0 HD for £8,
CEX sell this for £15 on xbox one, Cash £8 Trade £10, It's a trend I have noticed in a few of the Cash Converters/Generators, Especially Stores not in the town centre they will opt to Pricing things up at the CEX Cash price.

Some other good stuff in there too, Traded in some stuff for Xenoblade Chronicle X, I have heard so much positive press on this game it was about time I had a go, Madden 07 for £1 on DS, I was interested to see how the touch controls worked on this version, And maybe recreate Super bowl 50 with that years roster, Why not I did it on John madden 92 on Mega drive the other day.

Ended up with both Tekken Hybrid and Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Getting my tekken on in anticipation of Tekken 7 when that finally comes out.

So speaking about fighting games I have being in anticipation for Street fighter V was dropped on my doorstep four days ahead of its official release!

I was super stoked to take it all in and smash a few characters few arcade mode and see what's what with the new version, Then to my Dismay I found out there wasn't a Arcade mode? Or much of anything else for that matter.

What you're left with is a Bare bones experience as it stands, Training mode, Survival, A Piss poor wafer thin thin story mode that they might as well of not bothered, and a Serviceable Online mode and a bunch of promises from Capcom.

So here's the deal basically what's happened is Capcom have rushed Street Fighter V out in time for all the Pro tournaments, Then later in June this year they will Drop a full Cinematic Character story mode and Extra DLC in the form of a New Character.

The DLC can be Paid for with real money, But If you earn enough in Game Street fighter V currency known as "Fight Money" You can buy the DLC that way.

Capcom have been noted to have said that all upcoming Content for SFV will be free to all players who play the game to win fight money and spent that on the extras.

So if you are a big time competitive street fighter player and all you want to do is hit up the online mode and get to it, Then drive right into this nothing's going to piss on your chips.

If however you are somewhere in the middle or a casual player or you don't like paying full price for a unfinished game and you have never been this disappointed with a fighting game since Soul Calibur 5 Did Not have proper character endings or when king of fighters XII's Arcade mode was just a time trial with no end boss.

Really how hard would it of been to just to knock up a classic tournament fighter mode for this first release of Street fighter V,
Street fighter practically invented the format, fight a bunch of characters and a boss then win and it say congratulations and game over!

So yeah if you're one of the second camp I would maybe wait till there's more to the game first, If you don't have a very good internet connection or you're on a limited Data plan then apparently you don't matter to Capcom I have pretty bag shite internet most of the time and if I can not go online with Street Fighter V what is there left to Do if there's no Arcade, Play Survival mode? Because that's really the Ideal presentation for your Video game a mode that is mostly put in there as a extra to go alongside your Game's main mode is now top billing!

One last thing if you can't log in to Capcom's servers, which is a rarity if they do let you on, You will not get any of this Fight Money, If you're offline!

Quick Capcom better re-release something from the 90s/00s before we realize how much your phoning this it, Makes konami look good.

Sunday, 7 February 2016


Seems like forever since I did a big video game hunt, Doubt sometimes enters my mind like I think the thrift has dried up, It's over I think all the charity shops check ebay now, Everyone sells and trades on facebook, There will be nothing left out in the wild!

This is always unfounded, There is always something to buy, Just the other night My girlfriend was going on about the dream phone board game from the 90s she wanted to get one back for some nostalgia kicks, She checked ebay and the vintage ones where going for around £40, I told her to hang tight, Thinking I see a lot of board games out and about might turn up sometime down the line.

Ended up finding it in the first charity shop I hit up, £2 complete.
The knock on effect of this I spent the rest of the day with a pissing dream phone under my arm, The woman in CEX wanted to steal it off me, Who would of known carrying a Dream phone round with you is a good conversation starter.

As for the video games, Wrestlemania The arcade game was a totally awesome find,
Its a game I like and want to play with high resale, The mission on PS1, Another case of it coming up in conversation just before I found it, I was trying to explain this game to my mate the other night a bit drunk, 

"It's like a football game mixed with mission impossible based on a advert from 2000"

Needless to say it will be a lot easier to prove I didn't dream it now I own it.

So on to this week's footage and the best thing I found all day, Curse for the Sega mega drive is a Japan only shoot'em up, You do see the odd cart only Japanese game and sometimes a few boxed ones now and again but nothing ever this obscure.

The condition itself was amazing the manual was so crisp and the box and cart so clean, This was well looked after, The game is your standard shooter fair, I like the shield system where it takes energy off you, So you can take a few hits before you die and all the power ups are pretty awesome, It's no truxon or Thunder force, But it is a pretty decent shooter, as well as being a hard as nails, This one is not for the faint hearted.