Saturday, 30 January 2016

Read the files - A Resident evil 0/Resident evil remake Retrospective

Friday, 29 January 2016

Dash of nostalgia

My Girlfriend brought most of this stuff in, I only picked up Blazblue on PS4 that I got with some credit, Shes done quite well there, Ended up picking up all the 360 games from a local pawn shop that I had been eyeballing for a while.

A second controller for the PS4 nearly 3 years into the consoles lifespan and I still only had one controller, It's been like that for a awhile, taking my pad round to other people because no one has two controllers any more, But at sometimes £40+ plus it's no wonder people have been putting off buying a extra control for so long.

The 20th anniversary Controller, Seen my mate pick one of these up, old school PS1 grey with the old playstation decal on the PS button, No different to any other Dual shock 4 other than the aesthetics, If you're a PS1 nut like me its its the pad to have, Falling short of wanting to cough up for the full 20th anniversary PS4 that will still run you £850 second hand, I think a dash of nostalgia on the controller will do.

So blazblue then, I had Credit so I was having a look in CEX as you do, I fancied a 2D fighting game of the beaten track, I knew there was a new Guilty gear out for PS4 but wasnt sure if it had a psychical release, Then I saw chrono phantasma extend Ended up having the art book two.

Haven't delved deep into it yet but it's pretty awesome off the bat, With 28 characters and anime presentation it's everything you need from a 2D fighter and one I am going to spend some more time with in something a bit different to fill in the gap and help bring my fighting game skills up in anticipation of Street Fighter 5.
Finally Resident Evil origins collection, Pound for Pound the best value package on PS4 to Date, HD updates of Both Classics Resident evil 0 and Resident evil Remake, both these games from 2002, Have been given the HD treatment.

If you are revisiting these games then it's worth picking up, If you are a fan of the series you alright have it, And if you have never played them you will want to, Experience what a real survival horror game is all about.

Its great to have a physical release of these games previously hidden away on the Gamecube and the Wii, Now on PS4 they should finally get the attention they deserve and hopefully sending a message to capcom that the old formula was what made Resident evil great.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Thrift Defense Force 2017

This week's thrift, Some Xbox 360 games, Buy one get one free in scope, So I picked up Earth defense force 2017 and lost odyssey, and got forza 3 and History Great battles medieval for free.

Surprisingly History Great battles is not completely worthless and still goes for some money on ebay, Not bad for free.

PS2 all ok stuff Disney sing star is sort after not as much now as it was but still worth picking up, Capcom vs Snk 2 is creeping up in price, From what was a fairly common game, is now more around the £8 mark on ebay.

Topping it up with some PS1 games Road Rash and Rapid Racer, Road Rash on PS1 is one I have been after for a while in the box, I found it disc only before and I found in in the Help charity collection, So final in the single box on its own for £1 sweet find.

Featured Footage this week goes to Earth Defense Force 2017, Its Monster B movie style totally works for me, So does killing giant ants with machine guns tanks and helicopters, The Earth Defense force games are a total blast and I would recommend them to anyone if you find this cheap.

I have only ever found 2017 in the wild, That's the 3rd game in japan, but I will be definitely keeping a eye out for 
Earth defense force insect armageddon and Earth defense force 2025 Because this one was a total joy to play.

Bunring that gasoline - A Total Drivin Retrospective

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Waiting for the Thrift of sound and vision

This weeks Thrift and we have some Mega drive games £2.99 each for Marko's magic football, Power Monger Tale-spin and Double Clutch, These where in a cash converters, Pretty good price considering, But bizarre that these titles where £2.99 and Sonic 2 The most common mega drive game ever was priced up at £7.99?

Few other good finds in the mix there to Swing I have never heard of, And Bully for £6.29, Cex stills sell this for £19 so on to a winner there.

Pokemon Diamond for £1, Turned out to have the cart to blue rescue team in the box, This often been the case kids putting the wrong game back in the wrong box, Still £1 for cart and case mite come in handy down the line.

So I finally got round to playing King's Quest 2015 episode 1, The free offering from last months PSN games, I must say I was really impressed with what I found.

The first set Piece of the game Reminded me more of Dragon slayer then it did any of the kings quest games, With some Really great don bluth Style graphics on show.

This free episode has action, Humor and some great voice actors, Just from the first few quests I recognized Shawn Wallace and Christopher Lloyd, The IMDb is jam packed with talent.

This months free game was Grim fandango Remastered, But I didn't get round to that, I had a Credit note burning a whole in my pocket, waiting for CEX to get this next game in and it has taking over my game time.

Until dawn! Hands down one of the best looking games I have played on PS4 this far, Better written then most slasher horror flix, This game crams in as many horror tropes as it can muster but never gets into cheesy territory

This is all helped by the camera been more like resident evil remake with fixed tracking in most spots, The controls are not tank controls but this game still manages to retain that old school survival horror feel.

Cap this of with the choice you make in the game giving it at least a a second or third replay possibility to see what other outcomes you my get then this is a very complete package and only £25 
pre-owned in CEX currently.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Thrifty Fantasy - A Final Fantasy X Retrospective

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Thrift like a dragon

The Last thrift of 2015, barring Battlefront that I got for christmas, The indiana jones Last crusade/Fate of atlantis White label big box in the middle is been listed currently on ebay for £35, I paid £1.50 thinking it's at least worth £10, So if it goes closer to that price then win win.

Bringing this game to the Tilt, I noticed This animal Rescue shop had some Fifas on Ps3 in a basket on the counter, £1 each PS3 games, Diablo 3 was sandwich between fifa 11 and 12 so I picked that up to £1 for Diablo 3, Still sells in Cex for £5 so yes to that.

Later that day I found Crash Bandicoot wrath of cortex for £1 The last copy of 2015... indeed, Last copy I find ever? I very much Doubt it.

There was loads of PS1 Games in a local cash converters one my xmas limbo run out, I was out on the 30th Good time to go thrifting the one normal day in between the holidays, The women in the shop said she had over 2000 at the start, Of course anything with a name you will recognise is £7.99 and up, But I managed to find some uncommon Ones in there, At £2.99 and £1.99, Two Copy's Of burning Road, Road Rage, Pop n pop (TAITO) And The Guardian of darkness.

There were lots of other titles Worth the price they were asking too, Just I have them already, All the ones I picked up where in great condition so anyone need to bulk out there PS1 collections Get down the Holderness road Cash converters.

After a Christmas of Triple A titles, I Finally have time to Kick back with Yakuza 5, Finally available in Pal Regions for Download on PSN.

If you are still holding on waiting for shenmue 3 in 2017, This game will be right up your street, Still lagging behind japan who have enjoyed Yakuza 0 on ps4 and the spin off games, and the soon to be released Yakuza 6, At one point it didn't even look like we would get 5, Comes highly recommended and if you're on Ps Plus it is currently discounted.