Thursday, 22 December 2016

christmas Bytes

Be a while since the last time I went out thrifting, Working in Retail in December limits the time I have for the hunt, Managed to catch a break with a day off just before everyone goes batshit crazy for there christmas shopping, So I put to good use and got on the hunt.

Madden 97 and NHL Face off 97 where both 49p each in cash convertors, Few reasons behind, They where the only two games in there under £2 and I didn't own them and Ebay currently has these two games starting the £3 mark so they where indeed a bargain.

The white DVD shaped sleeve in the picture above is a copy of windows Vista, £1.50 from dove house, It has the serial number suck to the box, I while back you would be hard pressed for a reason to want vista, But with my XP disc knackered and The likelihood of any Laptop the will clap out on me been designed for vista its a backup to have.

Rest of the games Wolfenstein the new order was £5 in Red cross, Its £6 in CEX and I wanted it back, Savings there ish, Rigde racer 7 was £2 on the money at that price, Energy airforce I had never seen before and with Taito and 505 on the front it I picked it up for 99p and turned out worth about £2, It was worth the gamble for 99p I didn't want to leave it behind just in case it was rare, COD Ghost was 99 from red cross CEX sell for £3, The best one out of all the games is The orange box for £1.99, CEX sell this for £8 currently, This game does tend to go up and down in price a lot.

Without question the best thing I found was a Tub of Miscellaneous lego for £3.50 in dove house, I could tell straight away it was worth buying at that price because of all the minifigures that were visible thought the plastic tub it was all in.

I love me some lego, I don't really collect it tho, its to expensive, I do have a massive box of it at my parents that I keep thinking I will go collect at some point but I never do and that's mostly due to what you see in the picture above, Its very time consuming to sort out without any of the instructions, 

There was two instruction booklets in the box, One was for a Ninjago set that was all there, The other was a Lego City Helicopter that had parts missing, So I was left with a bunch of minifigures and lots of parts leaving me a Lego detective mystery to solve, Luckily there is plenty of Research material on hand, I already subscribe to a guy on youtube called 


That give me a idea of what type of parts I had and what theme they where, And cross referencing them with this website


And of course Ebay, I have managed to riddle out some of the sets that where in all these bricks

So far I have 3 Complete ninjago sets with minifigures, A disneys Cars set, A LEGO friends mail box set, A jetpack set, Lots of them turned out to be the small polybag sets, There was also lots of minifigures that are part of the minifigures series and dont belong to a set, That come on a black stand, The spanish guy the pirate and the yeti.

The rest of the mini figures left I am still looking up but it seem that most of them are mish mash parts from other figures, They are a few vintage 80s figures in the mix The Chef and the space man, Same with the bricks I have left they are a few 80/90 bricks mixed in with what looks like more small polybag set that I haven't manged to zero in on yet its a working in progress but if I don't have anymore complete sets I can just bundle them together with the misc minifigures and sell them on that way.

That and the roughly £35 worth of sets and minifigures I have managed to Salvage out of the box, This £3.50 box of lego was a totally awesome find, I never used to see lego out in the while that much its gone from hardy ever to at least 3 find this year.

Gameplay footage is from Rigde Racer 7, I went mad on Ridge racer this year of the back of the Video Review I did for the Negcon, I have played Rigde Racer 4,6,unbound, Both the PSP ridge racers, As well as revisiting the PS1 games, This was the final one to try out, I have never had this one before looks Like a better version of 6 the tracks I have see so far look more colourful and interesting, It looks this one will shape up to be one of the best so far, 

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Sacred Compatibility

Some good stuff this time, Kicking off with some lego racers still sealed for £2.50 its not worth much more then that but sealed up lego doesn't turn up very often.

A Star wars watch from 1997 still sealed for £2.99, Fever pitch soccer for £2.99 more then I would like to pay for a sports title but boxed megadrive games are becoming a rarity in the wild so I picked it up, Sega Casino for £1.60 on DS, CEX credit got me Arcana hearts 3 and Burnout revenge.

Resonance of fate £5 as well as Soul calibur V That I wanted to give another chance since it seemed disappointing when it was released, And of course Flight simulator X deluxe edition For £1, I sold this on ebay for £15 totally always worth picking up, I have mentioned this in the past a few times.

And the Real deal on the Day goes to Ebay? £1.94 Plus uk postage got me a Japanese copy of Shenmue! I have needed the first game in the box for a review video I was planning on doing, The only thing with that is the PAL version has shot up to around £40, So on the off chance I could find it cheaper I looked at the J-NTSC versions, Buy it nows are around £20, I saw this copy on auction and slapped £10 highest bid on it and yes it came in at only £1.94 what a deal.

Picked a few games up after that lot, Mad dog mcgree Pack with all 3 games on and Sacred 3 for £2.50 each, Sacred 3 is totally worth having it is one of the games on the Xbox One compatibility list.

Speaking of the Xbox One Compatibility list It keeps on growing Just recently They have added Guardian Heroes that I own and This game Virtua fighter 5 Final Showdown, The best version of VF 5, The plus to all this its you can capture the games in HD without and Capture hardware and replaying these games with the Xbox One controller is no bad thing, Hope lots more get added to this list before then are done with it. 

Here is the current list

Monday, 7 November 2016

PSP on my hands

Lots of thrifting has happened, I will kick off with the Wii I bought in a Tat shop for £10, Looking to upgrade the current Wii I was using that Doesn't Play DVD-R, This one is a older model and I have already soft modded its, Homebrew channel and Neo Gamma all that goodness, I have a bunch of wii games burned off already so £10 total score, Just the wiimote on its own will cost you £11 in CEX.

God eater burst I bought of ebay for £3.50, There listing had no front cover and I had a empty god eater box so I completed the copy I had.
The Rest of the PSP games<
Spiderman 2, Test drive unlimited, Pursuit force 2, Rachet and clank size matters, Tomb raider Legends, Gran turismo, MX vs ATV Untamed.
Where all from Cash Generator on a deal, 7 for £10, Awesome bargains.

And the rest Lego Star Wars complete saga on wii for £2, Dragon ball z burstlimt on 360 for £3 and atomic bomber man on PC for £1 and needed change for the bus.

Sunday rolled around and I was getting ready to go to carboot when a mate on facebook put a status up saying it wasn't on and he had going with loads of stuff to sell, I few comments later and I am cutting a deal on a Red PSP slim 3000 and 27 games 11 unboxed, With carry cases and usb cable, The plug was american, Some note worth games in the unboxed lot, Metal gear portable ops, Final fantasy and final fantasy tactics.

And the boxed games,
Ratatouille, Ben 10, Lego starwars 3, Megadrive collection, Metal Slug anthology Thrillville, Chili con Carnage, Justice league Heroes, Tekken Dark Resurrection, Fifa 11, Secret agent clank, Daxer, GTA vice city stories, Wall-E, Two Copies of Starwars battlefront and Transformers the movie game.

£35 for that lot and I didn't have to freeze my ass off round market hells yeah wish every sunday was like this.

So with all this PSP on my hands, Last week I ordered a AV cable, Mostly you get component cables for PSP but because I use a Old dazzle to capture games I needed Some old Red white and yellow, I Captured Tekken Dark Resurrection I managed to scrape through the Story mode and complete it, Touch and go for a sec thought!

It still leave a boarder round the image like it does on a Television I am still pretty stoked this is even a option, Mite have to look in to upgrade my capture and one of them HDMI upscarlers for the future, For now its just cool to be able to get PSP footage.

Sitting Dragon - A Kung Fu Rider Retrospective

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Nostalg-o-rama - A Normy's beach babe-o-rama retrospective

Monday, 31 October 2016

7 days to thrift

I have gone a bit psp mad since modding one last week, Fine selection, Tekken dark resurrection, Burnout legends THUG2, Ridge racer 2, God of war Chains of olympus and Ape escape 2 all £1.99 each, If you have ever wanted to collect for the PSP now its the time rock bottom prices mostly all the games you will find in the wild. 

I used CEX Credit for Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA 2nd and Silent hill Shattered memories until dawn was £12 in Cash generator and Resident Evil 1 was £6.99 In cash convertors, I have needed a copy of resi 1 on ps1 for ages, I still need Directors cut as well every time I have seen the standard version its has been £10+ So at £7 I was happy to pay it just to have in the collection.

I was pretty happy with the amount of horror themed games I was able to find, I always seem to find at least one or two horror games near halloween.

Since its is halloween A horror game recommendation, This is 7 Days to Die, Image minecraft meets Night of the living dead, The goal of the game is to fortifie a stronghold because every 7 nights the zombies horde on your location so you need to be prepared, To accomplish this there is a extensive crafting system in place to make all manner of things from traps reinforcements and weapons, The best thing about it is the split screen co-op, You can totally play this  with a friend making the impending doom all the more fun sharing the experience and the horror with a friend, The game finds its self a bad rap for not been very polished and full of bugs, It is very easy to look pass for the fun that is to be had.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

he was scanning the forza horizon

So This weeks thrift, Lots from CEX Credit again, Mario kart and Mario Party 5 and Street fighter V where all from trade, Mario Kart didn't Work, This is something to note that a lot of the mario kart double dash disc give you a Disc read error on Game Cube, Cex give me a credit note back for it aways. 

LOTR Battle for middle earth 2, I found two copy's for £2.99 Cex still sell for £6, It did used to go for more but has since has its servers closed so it is offline only now, £2 for Sega Classic collection and £2 for ridge racer 6, and die hard trilogy 2 was a ebay purchase £7.50, I could of got it cheaper but I accidentally bid £219 on it so it could of been worst, And street fighter anthology I paid £6 for in cash convertors the going rate is about £10.

Bunch of PS1 all £1 each Ridge Racer, Moto Racer world, tommi makinen rally, TOCA, F1 97.

Hexen was only £2.99 in cash convertors, Strange that is so cheap when mostly all the other games are overpriced in there ps1 section maybe that have twigged that no one is going to pay ebay prices but haven't bothered changing the prices on the older stuff on the shelf, I reckon its the case, Red faction Guerrilla A friend picked me up for 25p That's good thrift, And Forza horizon 3 more on that later.

So I had this beat up psp that I got in a box of other retro junk I bought of my nextdoor neighbor, I picked up some cheap replacement plugs off ebay, I tried to download some of my old games onto it, The PSP store doesn't work anymore you can not buy new games on it, You can still access your download list to redownload your games still on the store page but if you want new games you have to go thought the website.

Anyways Its with me finding all this out that I realized Next to non of the Games on my Download list for PS1 and PSP would not fix on the Only 512mb Memory stick duo that was inside it, So I looked into Emulators on the system, It is so easy to do now, If you need some detail you need 3 things CFW 6.61 that's the custom firmware and picodrive the mega drive emulator and the roms of course, There are plenty of youtube videos that talk you through it They will do a better job then any of my rambles so hit up a tutorial if you want to have a go.

I was totally surprised how easy it was, And for a PSP with crappy memory you can cramp about 500 roms on here and still have a bit of room for a few game saves on 512mb, Ideally I would like more space, But from a junky PSP to Emulation station in about 20min not bad, PSP still has its uses.

So Forza horizon 3, Makes the most die hard of sony fanboy go a bit softer on the xbox one owner they usually throw digs at all day, The reason why of course is because this is the finest open world arcade racing game ever made.

I have loved the horizon series since the first back in 2012 and the second game improved upon what was a fantastic formula, The 3rd game now set in australia with 300 cars and billion things to do this is everything great about forza and a whole bunch more.

The game plays fantastic it looks amazing and I need to not have a job so I can keep playing it for 12 hours straight, Yes I am complete sold on this game, I mite not even trade it in... For a few months Its that good.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Wii on my wall

What a absolute blinder of a PS1 stash to find in the wild, This lot all came from beverly the other day visiting my mate, We hit the charity shops and this pile of PS1 games was sat on the shelf all for 50p each

London racer, iron Soldier 3, Rollcage, Ridge Racer revolution, Lego Racers, Driver 2, GTA 2 Ball blazer, Action man, Area 51, Army men air attack, V-Rally 2, Railroad tycoon 2, Rainbow six lone wolf.

Boom! I know there is nothing super rare but £7 for that lots awesome deal

And a few Stragglers to sweeten the deal, Sonic mega collection plus on xbox for 50p, Tekken 4 at £1.99, Simpsons game £1.50 and Lego batman 2 £1.50 and Harry potter Order of the phoenix for £1.50.

Picked up some Wii games £2.99 for Resi evil 4 and £3.99 for dead raising chop tell you drop, And Sega Classics collection for £2.19 GTA V guide was free my next door neigbor give me it, She also sold me all the PS3 games, She Got a sweet deal on a PS3 and a sack full of games for only £35, She passed the savings down to me picking out all the kid friendly games and selling me the rest of the bag for £20, That is awesome for me most of these will flesh out my PS3 collection, With the exception of Black ops 3, Fight Night Champion and Sims 3 that I will use to drum up some trade at CEX.

Last few Pick ups Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, That they Re-Released on 360 and PS3, £3.99 I paid, Cex still sell it for £25 Cash of £11 and Trade of £15.

Resonance of fate for £2.99, Cex still sell for £8, And Super Smash Bros Brawl that I paided a wopping £8 for, CEX price £12.

Reason I cough up so much for smash bros, I was looking for something that works well with my projector, That I have just recently hooked up and have on the go, I was thinking this mite not work with you having the wiimote sensor above or below the screen, But just putting the sensor of the the side still works great, Of course it is sort of strange at first with you pointing the wiimote to aside, But ones you see the crosshairs on the screen your brain takes over and sync the visual and movement together.

Smash bros was a good choice, I have tried a whole bunch of different consoles on this Standard definition Projector,  Never tried the wii thinking the controls would be a barrier, Of course that is a non issue with games that use the alternate control options so yeah I Think the wii can stay hooked up for a while, Plus its coming up for the 10year anniversary of the wii so some of these wii games will totally be worth revisiting.

Footage this week is of Harry potter and the order of the phoenix, I Have always been interested how the licensed harry potter games faired, I actually had the PS2 version of this game in my basket on music magpie just before I found the Wii version, This game makes good use of the wiimote, It been a wand it makes totally sense on wii, The last four harry potter games came out on Wii, They did also come out on PS3 and 360, makes me wonder if concessions where made in the content or they are just less pretty versions with move controls, Mite have to find a PS3/360 one and see how the wii versions stack up.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Dirge of seabrooks

Had some pretty good luck out and about this last couple of weeks, Let's go over what I found, Starting with Fahrenheit for £1 from dove house, NIER and Star Wars The force unleashed 2 both £2.99 from Cash it in, I was pretty sure NIER was worth some coin it turns out on 360 its about £5, The PS3 version is the one to get going for £18.

Jaws Unleashed for 75p great price and again with Lego Harry Potter for one whole £1, CEX still sell this for £12, Bunch of Game cube games at £1.99 each The Incredibles, Harry potter quidditch, Bloody Roar Primal fury and Star Wars Bounty hunter in barnardos, £2 each for cube games is ok nothing super rare in this lot but some ok titles, Escape from dead Island for £1, Its cheap its everywhere but its still £1.50 in CEX so Savings.

Little big planet Game of the year for £3.49, The standard edition is about that price but the GOTY goes for round £8 so worth picking up, Aliens Isolation I picked up with CEX credit, And YAKUZA dead souls was £4.99 from cash converters, High price on that but sometimes you get the feeling your not going to see something again for awhile so I figure £5 is fair and its only going to go up.

The Game cube controller was from Scope for £2 I ended up finding the same 3rd party controller in CEX for £2.50, So I used some credit to get two official controllers and mario party 4, Maxing out a cube with four pads and mario party is the way to go for some multiplayer, I lost all patience for the WII U version or the any of the wii versions for that matter, Its always a pain in the arse sorting out batteries for the wii motes and syncing them to the console or charging the wii u pad up and fuck arsing about with amiibo's, Give me a Cube with 4 pads over all that noise any day, Wired and no fuse mario party at its purest with no hassle.

Some more pick ups for you, In Cash it in pawn shop they have 2 for £1 on PS2 games, Picks up Shadow of rome and Dirge of seabrooks and got Midway arcade treasures and big mother tuckers 2 to make it £2 in total, Turns out Dirge of Cerberus was sealed brand new sweet!

While i was in the shop a saw a friend who tipped me off about some PS1 games in the charity shop down the round hot on the trail I scooped up Rayman, Rat attack, Spiderman 2 and fricking crash bandicoot 1 sweeet! all for £2 each.

Last up Is silent hill homecoming for £3.99, Its still £6 in cex, this game popped in something I was reading the night before I found it, I was looking up some info on the video game developers the collective, They made Buffy, Indiana Jones and the empires tomb and starwars episode 3 etc, turns out they did this games as well, They are a interesting studio mite be a video in that somewhere.

Footage this week is taken from Shadow of rome, I saw this with the capcom logo on the front and with it been on 2 for £1 it was a no brainier, Turns out its somewhat of a hidden gem on PS2, when I looked it up it was on lots of lists of overlooked and hidden gems as a solid game with awesome gore.

Brown trousers moments in gaming - Jump Scares

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Awesomeware - Twistin' The Night Away

Friday, 9 September 2016

Dirt cheap

Pretty awesome stash this week, Ridge racer V and Rigde racer unbounded, Along with Bomberman hard ball and the bouncer came from Music magpie's online shop, Its no where near the steals you could get when it was thats entertainment but there are still lots of games to be had under £5.

As for charity shop stuff, GTA San Andreas in the DVD case was £1.60 from scope, It was buy one get one free so I pick up spellbound, There wasn't anything else worth getting.

House of the dead overkill on wii was priced up at 75p, The woman in the shop told me that all the games where 50p now so that's what I ended up paying Sweet, Flight simulator X from Oxfam for £1.99, Its not the gold/deluxe version but still cheap for the standard one, All the PS1 games G-Poice, Shellshock and Speedball 2100 was £2 each from sparks the local tat shop.

CEX credit Got me Life is strange and Dirt Rally, As well as Bomberman hero and Donkey kong country on SNES.

Found this Battlefield 3 Pad in The local pawn shop round the corner from me for £5, Turns out CEX sell these for £20.00 Cash £9 Trade £13, Sweet I tried it out on some other games because I don't own any battlefield games, Then I unpluged it a put it on the trade pile.

Speaking of things that got put on the trade pile, After having a good go with dirt rally I got so frustrated with it I ended up trading it back into CEX, The dirt series has alway had a rally sim at its heart with some heavy leanings to the arcade side of things in the settings, This version however brings it back to the old school, its more like Colin McRae 3 then any of the dirt series, I dont mind a racing game to be hard and demanding, but when I sign up for a game in the dirt series I was excepting a blockbuster thrill ride and this is more like actually having to become a world class rally driver just to say in 3rd place.

So when I re-returned to CEX I traded the battlefield 3 pad and dirty rally in I picked up Heavy rain/beyond two souls collection and Fable anniversary that I have been meaning to play for ages, And I ended up finding Yakuza 4 in cash it in for £2.99 on the way back so result.

Ended up out drinking with friends That I bumped into in CEX that day, And in one of the pubs we where in I spotted this, A Point blank arcade machine, naturally we had a go it would have been
 rude not too, Awesome thing to see, Even more so after I did that video on light gun games a while back, Sweet!

You know I am rather getting used to this Retro lark at CEX, Love the fact I can trade in for retro now, Normally when I go out thrifting and find things cheap that have good trade in them it goes towards a current gen game or something rare or cube or ps2, Now days they have plenty of SNES/N64 to choose from.

Its a good way to build up your collection now that most Pawn shops/charity shops Pricing is way off the mark, At the very least CEX pricing is better researched, Although I did see a manky yellow copy of conkers bad fur day for £95 in there the other day, But on some of the more common stuff deals are to be had and if you are making bank on your trade in's its even sweeter. 

Friday, 26 August 2016

No man's thrift

This weeks thrift Starting with what I traded in for, I bought a galaxy tab 3 off my mate a few weeks back for £30, he was going to sell it for the then CEX price of £18, I give him the trade price in cash, Then after upgrading my phone didn't need it anymore, Watching the CEX website like some sort of tat shock market, The Trade price on tab 3's went upto £50, So a Straight swap for No mans sky.

Only £9.99 for Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel on sale at Game, The two master system games where £2.99 in Cash converters that seems to be my rule of thumb now in secondhand shops that have overpriced retro if it's under £3 its going to be cheaper then ebay, Bunch of stuff from my trade pile paid for Zelda OOT That was £16 in CEX

The list of Retro stuff CEX stocks has expaned they have added Neo Geo Pocket and Super NES to the list, I hope we get megadrive stuff that would be awesome, and PS1 go on CEX please bring back PS1, It would be great to be able to trade up and get some PS1 classics again.

Few more Pick ups then Age of empires collections £1, Tomb raider 2 £1 and Oddworld £1 sweet deals, And £15 for the Negcon on ebay, Currently working on a video for this controller as part of my awesomeware series, I have been playing Ridge racer type 4 with it all week its pretty fun to use.

So I mangaged to get in some time with no man's sky, Lots of mixed opions on this game, Its really because the exploration is centre place in the gameplay, Its resourse managment of the entire universe, So in landing on a new planet in oua of the specitice isnt the main pull of this game for you then I imagine you wouldnt enjoy it.

Its one part elite one part mine craft and the rest is every gamer ever that was playing a space combat sim and said "wouldnt it be cool if you could land your ship on any planet and walk around" And this game does just that simlessly with no loading hyperspace to solar system to orbit upper atmosphere to planet.

There is plenty of crafting to do, No spoilers, But there is a loose story to follow, as well as the text adventure that plays out when you talk to people, with the goal of the lose naritive been based around getting to the centre of the galxays, That about all the game does is point you in a directions and its up to you to sort out everything else.

I enjoyed my time with this game, Like most new games I get hold of I cashed it in for the money yesturday at CEX for £36, It has since gone down to £31, So I spent £30 on a tablet, Got to Play no man's sky for a few weeks, The ended up making £6 profit, Its like the new way to rent a game, I will buy this back when the price bottoms out.
Footage comes from Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel, If you enjoy Guilty gear style fighting games in the 2D style you will feel right at home here, Lots of characters from anime series, CEX still sell this for £25, Game have it for £9.99 if you hurry you mite get it at the same price, incidentally the cash is £11 and the trade is £16.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Kirikou and the thrifteress

Some absolute steals this week, On Playstation 3 we have the ultimate mega drive collections coming in at £4, CEX sell for £12, Lege harry potter for £4 again £12 in CEX, Final Fantasy X/X2 for £3! CEX price £15, And finally the best in the bunch The legend of heroes Trails of cold steel for £4! CEX sell this one for £20 what a bunch of totally winners, 

Other games kirikou on PS1 for £5, Courier Crisis for £3.99, warhammer space marine on 360 for £1.99, Little mermaid on DS £.350, Naruto on PS2 99p and a Wireless Microsoft mouse for £2 brand new in the box.

Taking a closer look at kirikou on the playstation it is based on the 1998 film Kirikou and the sorceress that I watched of the back of picking this up its quite good, What is strange is the decision to make this into a playstation 1 game in 2001? In the later life of the playstation 1 there was a lot of shovelware, This game manages to transcend that label, It plays like a ropey pandemonium, Still very playable just a strange choice of source material to adapt into a video game.

I had never heard or seen anything about it that prompted me to pick it up at £5 in cash convertors, It sell on ebay for around £8, This one will be going in my PS1 collection as I doubt I will see this again in the wild.
I found the whole film in english on youtube above if your interest as being peeked, I like the fact that it is a oddball choice to make into a video game, Many times I am watching stuff that I always think this would make a good game, I guess someone did that with this film.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Awesomeware - House of the Lead

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Thrift Crisis Razing Games

This week's Thrifts a mixed bag, The PS2 stuff the first naruto ultimate ninja, Puyo Puyo Fever, Star Wars the force unleashed need for speed hot pursuit 2, and frequency a music rhythm game from the makers of guitar hero all of these where £1.99 each

Big box Age of empires Gold edition totally sweet, And SimCity DS for £1.99 There was Scooby doo unmasked for £1.99 in the same charity shop I passed on it turned out to still sell in CEX for £10, Time Crisis razing storm on PS3 for £4 and another copy of Morrowind game of the year this time in the thinner case on the 1 disc.

The Big Box VHS tapes where City hunter, Cutthroat island and Night of the living dead 3, I don't really collection VHS that much, But when its 3 for 49p and they're all big box version then I am onboard.

One more game Aliens vs predator on PS3 and I got Total Recall Terminator 2 Universal soldier for £2 and Iron Man 1 & 2 for £2.50 all coming in under the CEX price.

I Think I will start myself a mini blu ray collection, Since they are everywhere now I have started to see better movies show up a lot of the time when I see blurays out in the wild they are sex and the city or sharknado.

I have mentioned this game in the past, G-con 45s and CRT TV's is one of the best games to pick up if you love light gun games and you have the move controller and maybe the gun attachment, With this disc you get 3 full games , Time Crisis Razing storm, Time Crisis 4 arcade edition and the Fantastic Deadstorm pirates, £4 is the cheapest I have found this game and its a steal at that price, If you miss the days of G-con 45s and CRT TV's, This is definitely where to start.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Pokemon low down

Great weather this week Finally had a Day off to hit the thrift and not a bad lot of stuff, Mobile Light force 2 for 49p, Resi 4 on PC £2, Mass effect for £1.49 and Tour De France £1.49, And Saltwater Sportfishing for £3.49 Overpriced but a PS1 game I don't have and I was just sick of seeing it every time I am out in the same Charity shop.

So Pokemon Go has smashed all download records, Raised nintendo's stock 125% and people of all ages are playing it across the country, I wanted in on this so I needed a phone upgrade, The Samsung Galaxy 5 was the Best Phone I could muster with £167 credit at CEX and £53 cash paid.

I got home with my new phone installed the app, Then the screen started flickering green, So the next day back to CEX and swapped it for the same phone, This time it worked, I would imagine this is the Case with most phones in CEX just keep going back tell they pick you a winner.

So New phone and Power brick intow I Hit the Thrift, This time looking for games and Pokemon.

 That turn out to be a great combination, I touch on this in the last post that the dynamics of the Gameplay in Pokemon go are very Similar to the premise of Thrifting in general, What I didn't Know is that many of the Charity shops I frequently visit are all Pokestops!

This is seemingly putting to activities I love together, Now I can play a video game while I am out Hunting for video games.  

I think this is pretty awesome, The Data on the sort of locations that have been chosen to be pokeshops or gyms, Are brilliant, There's a lot of churches, A lot of them are popular

Its not a Perfect game, I find the combat lacking, The server issues seem to be improving but by no means stable, and if you not in a built up location I hope you like pidgeys and rattatas.

What this game turned out to be is a great start in the area of augmented reality, Games and tech have come and gone in the last few years, This game makes all of the concepts come together and makes it accessible for all players, Looking forward to some updates.

So Mobile light force 2 As you can see above in my pick ups picture the PAL front cover and Rebranding is god awful, This game is actually a game called 

Shikigami no Shiro 

Its a top down shoot em up.

The PAL region Box art I am sure has put people off this game, The up shoot of this is that lots of second hand shops don't mark it up so you can find it dirt cheap, A hidden gem literally because it looks like tat.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Thrifting go

This weeks thrift is up, Some ok stuff £4.99 bought me that Classic controller 64, A USB controller for PC the same mold as a N64 pad, Great because out of all the systems to emulate the N64 seems to have the most taken away from it in terms of using a different controller, So I will be trying this out with emulating might be a Awesomeware Video in this pad.

Some GBA games Lego star wars and Winnie the poo, And a DVI to HDMI lead, Sure this will come in handy at some point so £1.50 is a ok price.

The N64 games I picked up Blast corps Mischef makers and Quake 64 where all from CEX, I heard that other CEX stores had started carrying retro again, So it would seem the main store in my local area has two, All there is listed on the website is N64, Thats fine by me if I can trade up for something more retro, Natural I had a bunch of Credit on stand by so I pick out all the ones Price at £6, a fair price and even better when you consider the sort of tat I turn up with at CEX.

So I caught a Pidgeotto in my living room last night, Pokemon go in full swing due the everyone downloading the APK, Out of Two phones and a tablet I could not get this to work, So I resorted to lending my girl friends s6 to have a go.
The game is awesome its everything we thought a augmented reality pokemon game could be.

putting poke shops and gyms all over your map to spare you on to take a walk out the house for no particular reason really turns the lazy gamer stereotype on its head.

Going around catching pokemon in the real world is a concept that has rolled around in my mind since playing Blue and yellow on Gameboy,

A while back me and my mate made this facebook page Hull pokedex just shows you how much of a solid idea transfering pokemon into a real life setting was, That page has definitely has more attention since pokemon go came out.

The map based game play has a similar tone to hunting for video games when you think about it, Going Out just to see if there anything about, looking for Rare stuff, Since writing this Pokemon go has been officially released in the UK not that helps my situation with the game any with all my android junk.

That's the only dampener on the whole thing, they say it needs kitkat 4.4.4 when some phones and tablets that are more than capable of running the game only update to 4.4.2 and 4.4.3, Yeah there is odin and Firmware and stuff you can do to get around it, Just once tho I would like to not have to not dick about loads to get things to work, suppose that is the price you pay for not getting a contract and being 3 years behind on your android tech.

I am currently Eyeballing a Samsung Galaxy S5, This has the 2Gb of Ram and can be upgraded to lollipop 5.0.1 If anyone is looking for a good phone for some pokemon go action and don't want to pay the earth this model would be where its at priced up around £160 in CEX.

This week game footage comes from Quake 64, One of the N64 games I picked up from CEX, this isn't a bad version of Quake at all really, once you get used to strifing with the C buttons It do become quite playable.
Hopefully this will be the start of many lose N64 cart I end up getting from CEX, How brilliant would it be if they started doing some PS1 again.