Thursday, 26 November 2015

tat of the highest order

Not a bad haul this week, Shadow of Memories popped up in a cash convertors the other day I thought that was weird with me only just making a video about it. 

Another Copy of shadow of the colossus! Again complete with art cards and book for £1.99, Not in as good a condition as the last few with some fading on the spine, The last one I sold went for £22, The price is only going up on this, It will be interesting to see how much of a knock back in price it takes for it being a few grades down from like new.

Final Fantasy X and X2 where in scope for £2.50, I am currently working on a Video project for FFX so handy to have the platinum version of FFX for the Video, I have Plenty of black label copy's, At this point does there need to be a reason to buy Final fantasy X.

It's getting about that time of year again, Christmas you say? No the time of year that last years football games plummet in price.

I Even saw FIFA 15 in a Charity shop the other day for £4.99 on PS4, But fifas not my bag so check CEX, PES 2015 Currently down to £10, This is the cheapest it will probably get while we are still in 2015.

I was playing 2016 at my mates house the other day and they are pretty much the same game on PS4, So a bunch of old Credit notes later I have a month of relevance left in this bad boy before the onslaught of time renders it tat of the highest order.

Still beats the hell out of playing £35 every year for the new one, Right I am of to play some champagne football with Yorkshire Orange.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

inexplicable thrifting

First pick ups run out this week and a really good one, Two copy's of GTA San Andreas, This game still has £2 trade left in it at CEX, I found these for £1 each, Knowing that I will want some credit for something in CEX at some point I double up on them.

Shadow of the Colossus turned up again, £1.99, this time without the book or the art cards, Complete this can run about £20 on eBay, With out the book and the cards lower, its a top up between eBay and the CEX price of £8 trade, when it is not complete.

Their is plenty of retro to be had in the wild at the moment, The only thing is pricing especially for console bundles, The arbitrarily price that most places are pulling out of thin air at the moment is £59.99, On occasion I have coughed up on this price, On mega drives with some mainly rarer games to recoup some of the cost.

So always check what games your getting with it and then do the maths, If you seen mega drive bundle with 2 copies of Sonic 2 and a few madden 93's in the mix, Mite not be worth £60 just to get that copy of zool and Global gladiators.

So I take a second run out, I have found that many different places to go thrifting, If I ever find myself with some time to go Game hunting, There is always one or two places on the list I haven't hit up that week.

This one age concern in particular made the whole thing worth my while, Yielding all the best stuff, Both Yu gi oh 2008 and 2009 on DS, sell for about £15 on eBay, £1.49 each, Godzilla unleashed for Wii witch I was unsure about has buy it now's around the £20 mark, Then to cap it all off Jurassic Park Operation genesis on PC that is pushing the £30 mark on eBay currently, I paid £1.49.

Four games I found on the fly covering the cost of everything else I bought that day and then going to bring in some extra cash to, Brilliant.

Finally got around to Forza 6 on the Xbox one, So this time around the controls feel just slightly improved over 5, breaking feels way better and its a close run thing weather I prefer this or GT6.

That itself is a testament to how great the to flagship racing games on both Sony and Microsoft's system fair, We have had tons of racers for the current gen out this year and last. 

Drive club, The Crew, Project cars, need for speed (again)
And they all seem to fall short, Compared to Forza, And GT6, The fact that Sony's offering is still on last generation hardware, GT7 will be coming to PS4 but you will have a bit of a wait. 

So in the meantime Forza 6 is king for current gen, It is fantastic though, If you like racing games all the fun to be had with that is right in this game, there is some cheeky DLC coming. 

but what do I care I Traded tony hawks 5 in for it at GAME, Got them to match CEX price of £25 Trade, The I had £3 on my reward card and it ended up been on sale for £35 so I paid £7, So I am pretty content to just play whats there on the disc for free.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

fall in, fall out

Pick ups for this week, I went thrifting on a Monday this time out, I always wonder if there is a optimal day in the week for video game hunting, From past thrifts I would say Monday is up there for having particular good luck on. 

The stand out games from this haul go to Silent Hill and Resident evil 2 and Resident evil 3, These were all in the same charity shop mixed in with some standard ps1 fair, I have only ever found silent hill once before in the wild, £1.50 each that's a pretty sweet find.

Fallout 4 had its midnight launch the other day, both local GAME stores packed with eager gamers, I have to say I think I was the only person not that excited about it, One because I very rarely buy any game full price and two the Renewed Fallout franchise Always seemed to fail to grab me.

I have never quite shook of the feeling I am playing a elderscrolls game with guns, I guess this might be a knock on effect of liking the original fallout games, I guess I will pick this up preowned in due course, I mite end up thinking it's the best game ever and on the other hand I could end up thinking, bethesda, bethesda never changes.

So I Finally got round to playing tony hawk's pro skater 5, The idea been to take back off where THPS4 left off, This game has gotten a lot of stick online, Does it deserve it?

Answer, Yes sort off, The first and most inexcusable mistake they made is the lack of local multiplayer, Trying to rekindle the nostalgia with a more old school tony hawks game yet taking away such fundamental features that were included in all the classic version for THPS that you were trying to emulated.

There is no real create a skater mode here either, there batherlying emissions aside and what you have is a tony hawks game, somewhere between THPS 4 and Project 8, If you can look past it's shortcoming, There is a bit of fun to be had.

I don't know what is so hard to get this right, The perfect example of how to do a tony hawks game right is American wasteland it embraced the new and the old, It had the Story mode with at the time the standard GTA sandbox style, Then it had a full Classic mode, with pretty much a whole classic THPS to play alongside the main mode, This also had not just two player, But local co-op multiplayer where you and a friend could take on the high scores together at the same time, If you don't top this then your new tony hawk's game is going to seem like a step backwards and up to this point everything after american wasteland has moved farther away from this series peek.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

A Game In The Shadows - A Shadow Of Memories Retrospective

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Awesomeware - The power to move you