Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Games within

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

master arcade retro remix throwback

Video Game Pick ups

Some pretty good Stuff out in the wild this time round, One of the highlights been Zelda link to the past four swords and Mario Bros Nes Classic on GBA, That I cut a deal on at £5.

Something else noteworthy was these brand new Shonen jump's shaman king figures that where all over Hull the other day I saw them in 3 different charity shop, Seeing they where only 50p each I managed to buy 5 out of the 6 to collect on the back of the packaging, Looks like somewhere had closed down and donated all there leftover stock to dove house.

Finally I found a amiga game in the form of The Maxis Collection, 9 times out of 10 all the big boxed games I see will be IBM PC Games, So when I checked this out in scope and saw it to be the amiga version for £2.50 I was most pleased.

The best deal has to go to the Help Charity Compilation, 3 games in one double box on PS1, Includes Myst, Broken Sword and Road Rash, All great games and 50p is just awesome.

A Closer look At Rumble roses

Firing up the Fat PS3 for some PS2 action I decided to have a go on rumble roses for the PS2, Its like Dead or alive xtreme beech volleyball meets Smackdown, All the Japanese perviness Aside, There is a quite good wrestling game in here, I looked it up and it turns out it is made by Yukes! Who make smackdown and other wrestling games, 

So if you like the WWE games or older WWF, Its just like that, With more mud and up skirts, This had a sequel on the Xbox 360 Called rumble roses XX, Both games publish by konami, The first game has adverts for Metal gear solid 3 and Contra Shattered Soldier in the background, How the mighty have fallen, Rumble roses 3 will probably end up a Pacino machine, boo Konami Boo!

Bonus Super Meat boy on PS4

So Super meat boy is the one of the PlayStation Plus game for October, Yeah I like this game, It has that easy to learn had to master arcade retro remix throwback sort of vibe to it, But I liked this game in 2010, its five years old, Playing it on my PS4 now, Its cool to give it another go but is this really the best they can do?

I remember a time when PlayStation Plus really pulled out all the stops with games less then 6 months old, Stuff that was still £25 in CEX, and now all we seem to get is old PS3 era PSN titles or more 2D indie games that seem to be churned out at a alarming rate. 

I cancelled PSN a while ago and got it back for 3 months to play a few games online and re-download some old stuff for ps3, Its going to run out soon I hope there is something spectacular in November's games or I think I am not going to bother renewing it.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

retro bubble

Video Game Pick ups

Still managing to find some worth while stuff out in the wild, Although It has come to my attention that the retro bubble may have burst some what,
Anything I see in the charity shops/Pawn shops Megadrive/Snes Era and even PlayStation 1 are now closer to buy it now price on eBay, And in most cases are overpriced, Lots of mediocre tiles been sold in cash converters/Generator for around £14.99.

This can be anything from Sonic 2 to Super Mario world Its the price they always seem to ask for now, Something I thought was worth commenting on because most people take up the hunt for retro are doing so to find a deal, Not to pay over eBay price's,
Checking prices on your phone on the fly seems to be something I ended up doing more and more often as the prices become closer and closer to the mark.

That said this is the best possible time to Pick up anything 6th and 7th Generation, While the prices swell on retro, PS2,PS3 and 360 prices are rock bottom most places.
The going rate for most PS3 and 360 games is round £4 for any titles and most time some rare and sort after ones fall into that price range, These formats will most likely yield a bargain.

A Closer look at The Addams Family on Super Nintendo

I picked up The Addams Family for £5.
This game was released for Most formats around that time, There are versions for Snes,MD,Atari ST and Amiga.

The snes version comes out on top for the best visuals, One thing all versions of this game have in common is they are all hard as nails, This game is totally sadistic, From the slippery controls when moving.

To the near impossible pixel perfect jumps it commands, this one is not for the faint hearted, A real old school challenge, Still it has that early 90's movie tie in charm and is not the worst Movie game on SNES by a long shot.

Featured Game: Star Wars battlefront beta

The Star wars battlefront beta was free to play this week, So far so good from what I have played, The business side of things sounds like more typical E.A non-sense,
With a rumoured £50 worth of extras that are not on the disc, Guess will wait and see.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Oh, what a day... what a Thrifty day!

Video Game Pick Ups
A closer Look at Dragon age 2