Thursday, 30 April 2015

I have a dream... cast

Ive have being replaying resident evil 3 on dreamcast this week I wanted to take it easy and going thought it at a leisurely pace, So I tackled mercenaries first to unlock a weapon with infinite ammo, You earn money the more you play this mode.
So once you have the cash and you have purchase the weapon you want and take on the main game with it, I have finished resident evil 3 once or twice before so this is great to take a easy run though.

And I can tell you playing number 3 reinforces the old formula even more, After resident evil revaluations 2 missing the mark, I Just wonder when capcom are going to realise that people want it old school, and just implement a optional choice for infinite ammo.
So I have filled up two shelf's worth of PS1 one games, 198 PlayStation 1 games, not including the one I have in broken boxes and unboxed just the ones front facing on the shelf It will take some doing to fill up the rest.
It will look awesome to have a full shelf of PS1, It already sets the games room of nicely having 198 of them on the display, Plus if your going to collect for a system PS1 is where its at for me I see PS1 games as collectors 10 years older then me see NES.

Picks of this weeks Thrift and I Start with some that's entertainment stuff Sega megadrive collection for PS2 for £1.99 in good order complete with the box and a fine selection of games.

Star wars Knights of the old republic 2 The sith Lords for original Xbox for £1.99 Also from that's entertainment.

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children on UMD for PSP for £1, I picked this up the other day, Then when I looked at the back I realised that its Japanese.

This was lucky I had tested the N64 the night before thrifting and it wasn't working, Then next day I see this in a tat shop the guy wanted £30, Turns out it was untested, I cut a deal for the 64 without the game for £10 then as I was leaving I offer the £3.35 I had in change for the golden eye 007 that was acepted so the lot of £13.35.
It turn out to be a faulty Power cable so the N64 I had still works, The price of a replacement power cable wouldn't of workout much cheap and this way I have a spare N64, Plus golden eye and a extra pad.
Some sports games for megadrive, £2 each in Red cross, On the money I wouldn't pay any more then £2 for these but they where both complete and megadrive stuff is becoming harder to fine in the wild so you got to take what you can find.
In Cash Converters and Some Good RPG's for Great prices, only £4 for Disgaea 3 and £5 for Valkyria Chonicals, Both sell for about £10-£12 currently so worth picking up for that price.
£1 for these two PS3 games Singstar vol 2 and Prince of persia 08, There is no resale in these but my girlfriend had sing star games on PS2 so I pick that up for her and Prince of persia isn't a bad game and £1 its a fair cop.
Resident evil 4 for PlayStation 2, I have this on wii and the HD versions so the PS2 version for 39p its a total bargain to had a different variant to my resident evil collection.
This was a great find Sin and punishment Successor of the Skies for wii for £2.99 in Bernardo's, There are quite a few sort after Wii games i keep a eye out for, They never turn up so to see one of that list is great.

Need for Speed Hot pursuit 2, This will probably be that last time I pick this one up the resale was always ok but has gone down the last one I had only sold for £2.40, So it has to be at the right price this one was £1 so any more then that would be a push.

Crash bandicoot for £1.99 this one is still worth it for resale on ebay, There isn't much else left to say about crash 5 I find it so often, if its under £5 buy it.
So I finished Resident evil 3 it was great to play this on dreamcast, While I had the Dreamcast dust off and set up I Re-discovered this Obsidian Mega drive Emulation disc
There is something awesome about playing megadrive classics with the dreamcast pad its like the arcade in shenmue but with every md game ever not just a few, If you own a dreamcast you should totally have this on a disc burned off. Thats the great thing about the dreamcast there is emulation option the whole libery of games that you can burn off as well a homebrew games still coming out.

Until next time thift it all.

Sunday, 19 April 2015


If you are a regular reader of thrift bytes, By now you will know I am all about the mortal kombat trilogy goodness, Its is the quintessential PS1 fighting game. So that in mind what do I think about the new game mortal kombat X?
Its alright, basically if you liked the 2011 mortal kombat you will like this one, it lends lots of stuff from other mortal kombat games, The krypt from Deadly alliance makes its Return, The movie like story from 2011 is back, The Roaster is large, But could do with some more characters to flesh it out, The combo system is a bit lack luster, Still uppercut and sweep are present even tho they are still moved up to Y and B by default for no reason and some of the stable moves have been giving more street fighter like inputs, So all in all I was ready to give this game a pass, Then you Realise how much stuff is DLC, £30 worth of Stuff that is on the disc is locked out as DLC, Goro is DLC! there is a hold bunch of characters that you can fight against in game that are not playable, What could of being a great outing for the Franchise has ended up leaving a bitter taste in buyers mouths, When was £40 a entry price and not the price for the whole game? It all stinks of Gold Edition in about a years time when it will have everything for £40 on the disc and Anyone who bought the standard version for the same price will have to such it up and buy the DLC, Bad form.
Pick ups this week and we kick off with Dragon Quest on ps2 for £1.99, Going up in price this one over £10 on eBay now, This was cheap for ages then in the last year or so it has shot up.

Taking a walk to Walton street market, To see if there is any car boot action to be had and find Some PS2 stuff X-men Legends 1 and 2 and Marvel nemesis Rise of the imperfects, for £1 each its a fair price.

Also that day some PSP games NFS most wanted, Ridge Racer, Wipeout pure, Gran Turismo, All £1 each all having over a Pounds worth of trade in them at CEX so Worth picking up.

Then I cut a deal with a guy selling a boxed RF and a Boxed up quick shot mega drive pad, He wanted £3 a piece for them I settled on both for £5 saving a £1, A small saving but you got to hustle even if its just a pound.
I needed a decent 6 button Mega drive controller, Some mega CD games I have act all fucked up if I try and use my acrade stick, Non of the Official pads I have have a very long wire, This Quick shot tho has a good size cable.
I traded in some stuff at CEX and pick up This RIDE for xbox one, It is shit, buggy as all hell, It looked like it was going to be forza/GT with bikes à la tourist trophy, Its just way to easy to fall of the bike, I am all for a bit of realism but I cant help thinking this game was just rushed out the door the whole thing feels unfinished.

Some more PSP stuff, wipeout pulse and battlefront 2 for 99p each in cash generator. the better of the two wipeout games on psp and battlefront 2 will sell on psp so for 99p each its cool.
PS1 goodness for 99p each in cash converters, Hogs of war can go for £15 plus on ebay now so totally covering the cost there with that game and the rest of them are shelf fillers Time crisis,GT2 and scooby doo.
 In the same cash converters and These rare beauties turn up, All prices up a £9.99 Now this isn't necessarily a bad price, Now days these titles can go closer to £20 on ebay then £10, So I set about trying to cut a deal, and props to this particular Cash converters, they where willing to negotiate a price, and I ended up with all 3 for £20, works out about £6.69 each, That's a much better deal, And some pretty awesome titles to be finding out in the wild. 

So I ended up trading ride in got £23 back out of it so its not that bad, When you ended up with a shitty game sometimes you just got to take the hit, I got Farcry 4 for PS4 with the credit, I saw online you can ride elephants and use them to attack, It looks almost fun so I tuck a punt on this game, Right am of to go play this then until next time Thrift swift.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

thrifty piracy

Pick ups then and this awesome selection from that's entertainment turned up this morning.
Tatio Legends, Resi evil Outbreak, Urban Reign, R-Type Final, Baldars gate DA2, Jaws Unleashed, Yakuza,, Onimu4
sha 4, Gauntlent Dark Legacy (x2) Tekken 5, Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance, All £1.99 each.
Hello kitty & friends, Still sells for £6 in cex this, It was only one pound, I figured at 3ds game for that price will still have a bit of money left in it, So at great risk to my street cred, I bought it and carried it home in a see though carry bag.

Mario party 10 turned up the other day mixed feelings about this game, A positive first tho the copy with the amiibo is that same price as the standard one so of the bat there giving you access to all the game with out any extra cost.

The main game mode its very linear there are no items this time just strategic dice, All the players move round the board together losing some of the appear of early Mario's, The new style is still fun but I much prefer the old way like in Mario party 4.

The Amiibos counter ask this, you can use them to unlock a more contemporary version of Mario party, The amiibos themselves used to unlock new boards and features, Still the mini games are still all above par and this version has more then ever.

Some game boy games £2.50 each from cash converters, Kirby pinball land, Killer instint, Fortress of  fear, Arcade classics, And Tetris 2 fair prices, all of them pretty good games.

Stop of in hessle to have a look about it was pretty dry when I got there My mate had a bit of luck here the other day he found doom and some other PS1 stuff, There is a new Dove house that's open so in the future this will make the trip more worth while.

 I saw this Amstard VHS camcorder for £10, Not much use for this thing but pretty awesome to look at now the less, And the closest I have come to fining anything of note by Amstard, True story I have never see a Amstard CPC in the flesh the seacrh continues.

 Microsoft Flight Simulator X, The last one they ever made, Still goes for good money on ebay, Cex still sell the deluxe editions seen here for £15.

 Kingdom under fire Circle of doom for £2, Cex only sell this for £2.50, So if anything I have saved 50p, This is a hack and slash based in the kingdom under fire universe, and a xbox 360 game I didn't own.

 Another small bargain £3 for Heavy rain in Cash express, Cex sell this for £5, Plus I have never played this with the move yet and we all know how much I love that thing, I will look forward to miming the finger bit with the move controller.
 Lord of the rings Conquest or as I like to call it Lord of the rings battlefront, for £6, Cex sell this for £12 so a great deal about the same on ebay so cheap could be cheaper but still a deal non the less.

This one had money left in it, Only £1, I was expecting that to be on the money, CEX sell it for £6, Cash £3, Trade £4. 
 G-Loc £2.99 in cash converters, They had mega games 1 £2.99 and Star gate for £7.99, I tried cutting a deal for star gate for £5, Then turned me down, Then I said will u do them both for £10, They wasn't biting so I left star gate overpriced, and This cash converters not willing to make a deal even tho there supposed to at least offer 10% off, I have brokered Deal where I have had up to £40 knocked of the price of some electrical goods in all the Cash pawn type shops, This one how every Decided that for the sake of 99p it was worth losing a sale, even tho the games only worth about £6 on eBay anyways.

£1 DVD are everywhere, Do u like awesome movies on Disc? well we live in a golden age any film you want to watch is out there right now for £1, I picked these up to watch on my projector, this is way no one misses blockbuster, Dove house and piracy replaced them.
No love for jar jar there was about ten of these scattered about this banadros. So I picked one up and give it a quick choke. I hear hes going to be in episode VII.

Tekken 4 for £1, Some times this one sells for more the Tekken 5, Witch is strange considering Tekken 5 includes 1,2 and 3 on the disc, Maybe this one is a fan favourite, I like Tag tournament and 6 more.

£19.99 For this original Purple Game boy Advance with Carry case, Speedy gonzales, Konami GB Collection vol 3, Casino, And 3 pirate multi carts.
You may be Thinking £20 is a bit High for a old non back light GBA and 6 games, But the cost was all covered by one game in the bunch.
Konani GB Collection is quite rare and can sell up to £20 cart only it includes the games,
Pop n' TwinBee Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
Motocross Maniacs Guttang Gottong,
Mystical Ninja! After finding the SNES version I was totally stoke with this Awesome find.

So Lets Turn on the Super game boy and See whats on these 3 pirate carts, I love playing gameboy games on the snes with the SuperGB its so raid.

 Most of the time with these fake carts you will get 6 or 7 legit games that will repeat themselves all the way up to 100, with these they do repeat the games they have on them but there are different games hidden   them all the way up to 100, Lots of legit titles anyone would want to play as well as a lot of Japanese games as well as some dodgy knock of games, How much space did they put in these things, I am still going thought that first cant and I would say I have come across at least 30 different games so far, not all of them playable, some Japanese card games, it Seems the guy who made them put a few bigger games on and then filled in the blanks with some smaller games, Like filling up a R4 card. The stuff you unearth out there never ceases to amaze me, Speaking of piracy I am of to go watch the leaked episodes of Game of thrones Season 5 tell next time for the Thrift is dark and full of terrors.