Friday, 27 March 2015

Tenable Tat

Lots of Playstation 2 games this time out, All in various Charity shops and all 99p a really good price for most Half decent PS2 titles from a collection prospective and resale on ebay.

Nightmare before Christmas, Sonic Mega Collection, Sonic Gems Collection (2), The Simpson's Game, Tatio Legends 2, Dragons Lair 3D, Sonic Hero's, Metel gear Solid 3, GTA Liberty city stores, All 99p each

Ultimate Spider man, Final Fantasy XII (2) Final fantasy X, Baldars Gate DA2, Final Fantasy X-2 (2), and Fahrenheit, All 99p, All these games where in cashconverotrs/generator/express/Charity shops, Its a good time to look their is a lot of PS2 out there at the moment
Gran Turismo 6 Again for £8, I got this when CEX sold it for £18, few days later the price went down to £12 to buy so £8 is still a good price but be award the price is on the way down.

The only PS1 to show up this thrift, Tony hawks Motorhead and the Original Gran turimo, That surprisingly I do not have, There are plenty of Common Classics out there that I have not pick up before, Think its time to sweep them up before they disappear from the Wild all together.

War of the Ring on PC for 99p, This sells well on ebay, Pretty much the precursor to the battle for middle earth series.

This was a great Find its a ION Tape express for copying cassette tapes to a mp3 file, I don't have many tapes, But on the thrift all the time I see loads of them so could come in handy if I see something on cassette worth archiving, £3.99 sealed up.

£4.99 for the official Chat pad for PS3, I always wanted to see what this was like, I had the 360 one, This one is a bit more high tech, Full qwerty keyboard, Then if you press the middle button It turns into a touch pad, a la the PS4 pad.

Inside Tony hawks was this poster for Lego Racers, I don't know about you but in my games room crappy late 90's racing game posters are all the rage so I slapped it up on the Self's.

Did some trading at CEX, picked up a Xbox one Play and charge, Jojo's Bizarre adventure all-star battle, Tales of symphonia, and The master chief collection, I have heard the multiplayer had some issues But Halo 1 to 4 on one disc sounds like good value to me.

That's entertainment order, resi outbreak, CapVSsnk 2, Soinc Gems, Oinmusha 2, FFX, £1.99 each, Then they sent me a game I didn't order, The NTSC version for Gran turismo 3 WTF? hey am all for freebies, but at least make it pal so I can play it.

 Then the best of the bunch turned up, Jurassic Park Operation Genesis On PS2, The price has gone up on this version the PC and xbox versions are still more but the gap is closing and this one can still go £10 plus on ebay.
In a Dove house that is a bit out the way from my route, still worth visiting because every time I do make it to this particular shop there always something worth having for £1, This time it was Resident evil outbreak on PS2.
I do see plenty of DVD's For £1, Jurassic park collectors edition, I buy the odd film I like and stuff that has cool looking box art.
£5 for Silent hull Downpour, I paid £4 for this so £1 more is still a great price, This still sells in CEX for £12 on 360 and £15 on PS3 so worth looking out for.
Only £2 for the PC copy of Oblivion 5th anniversary, This one has all the DLC on the disc with a few extras, Complete with the map and no steam so no worries installing.
Mystery game turn out to be non other then Crash bandicoot wrath of cortex, Disc only, £1, Now if your like me you mite have a few spare box book and covers for crash 5 kicking about, I have plenty so I can make a complete copy with this disc.

Best Find goes to Zillion 2 the Tri formation, What a Title, Complete with the book that had some guy called Dave's High scores written in the back from 1988 woah, Mite have stab at beating them, That's it for this thrift, until next time farewell.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

A Game of Thrift

We start with a couple of lack luster Golf games, World class Leader board golf for Genesis, And Tiger Woods 99, I normally wouldn't of Bothered but the women in the Tat shop only wanted £1.50 for both.
£1.99 for Sonic gems collection, Its a fair price for this game, And to sweeten the deal there was a 8mb ps2 memory card in the box, This happens all the time with ps2 cases, Having the build in memory card holder in the box.

Sweet deal on these 3 Mega drive games, Manged to get all 3 of them for £10, This is a Great price considering that the PAL version of golden axe 2 can go for Over £10 on its own.

Surprised to See some Dreamcast games, £3 for Tomb raider the last revelation, And there was Chu Chu Rocket for £3 as well but that was overpriced and I have loads of copy's of that game already. Nice to see Dreamcast games in the wild tho.

Right then, My mate Carl told me about this, A realm Reborn: Final Fantasy XIV, This copy was bought off amazon for the amazing price of just £2.55 with next day delivery, With a 30 day free trail inside the box.

 Then all you need to do is install it on your playstation 3, make a square enix account, log in at least once, and if your a PS4 own you can Upgrade to the PS4 version of Final Fantasy XIV.
Just click to transfer your character then Log on to the Mog station website and Click to upgrade your licence to the PS4 version and download and log in on PS4, Saving you money, The PS4 version of FFXIV is about £24.99 in the box Retail, and £12.99 for the digital version, So to get it up and running for £2.55 and having the box to the PS3 version its a sweet deal, Note once you upgrade you can not play the ps3 version, If you fancy taking Square enix up on this offer you better do it fast you can Upgrade tell the 1st of April and then that's it.
£3 for this 3rd party Charger for DS, I needed this to bundle with a GBA sp I am going to sell I mite bundle up the Official plug and use this one to change my DS/GBA's it seems to work just fine, And its not like GBA's need charging all the time.
Pick up Mortal kombat 3 for 99p off ebay? The box is there rare thing about this item, Its card board so there rarer then most other PS1 games in standard boxes, This can go for about £10, I guess no one noticed this with only one bid.
In barnardos a Sealed up copy of Forza 4, They still sell the 2 disc verison of this in cex for £10, So to bag it for £5.99 sealed up with the DLC is great, This is one of the Forza I haven't played that much I have had a go on it at friends but never owned it.

Always a good deal to be had out and about, A lot of this stuff must of being put out only a few days after the last time I was out thrifting, Always have a look in the Pawn shops and Charity shops you never know what your going to find.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

ThriftEX expedition

This thrift started with Clerks on DVD, I see the Pal version Clerks X all the time for around £3.99, This is the Canadian NSTC version, It has different audio commentary and a alternative cover, different enough for 99p and a cracking movie.
Dragon Quest 8 for £1.99, This really has sky rocketed in value on eBay of late, never used to sell for more then a few pounds now its anywhere from £9-£18 on eBay, The retail in places like cex is still only £10 and can be found for a lot lower still.

£2.50 for a DC super heroes Bat mobile, Lego is a bit of a no no on the thrift, If unsealed no way to tell if its complete combined with the overpricing that will likely be on Lego in charity shops, This was sealed and cheap so it ticks all the boxes.

Another cool find in scope, A porsche 944 turbo matchbox car from 1990 in the box in good con for £1.50, Matchbox cars have up and down resale this one worth about £5 other models can go for a lot more, So £1.50 in the box was worth the gamble.
California games for the Atari 2600, A Great game, I had this for mega drive in the 90's, This version is really graphicly striking for the 2600 it looks amazing for the hardware, It mite be I am using a 7800, But I think this is standard on all atari.
More PSone for the Ps1 collection I am slowly adding to, Re volt Kotobuki grand prix mulan story studio all 39p each, Turned out I already have re volt but 39p worth it to upgrade the copy I had that was missing the book and front cover.

In cash express, Final fantasy Ring of fates for Nintendo DS, CEX sell this for £7, Cash £3, Trade £4, I paid £3, This will happen a lot in pawn shops the will most likey sell the games at the CEX cash price.

The Type of the dead for PC, I have looked all over the web for a pal ISO for the dreamcast version of this game to use the dreamcast keyboard, The window version can sell on eBay for upto £20.

Warriors legend of troy for £4, CEX sell this for £8, Its by the koei who make the dynasty warriors games, This is in a similar vein but with greek mythology.

Uncharted 2 in the tin for £2, This is a great game one of the best of the last gen and for £2 in the limed edition box its a total bargain.
Colony wars vengeance, I have the first colony wars still missing red sun, These games are some awesome space combat action for PS1 and well worth picking up for £1 in Scope.
£2 each for These N-gage games, First time I have seen N-gage games worth picking up, Tony hawks and tomb raider are PS1 ports with the full game in 3D on a phone in 2004, I was looking at the shape of the Carts and it looked SD card shaped.
It shows up as a MMC card in my multi card reader, You can view all the files, I am pretty sure this would be a thing tho I have never looked into N-gage stuff much I read this can be used for softmoding and or changing the game on the cart.

Pick up an old Timex on eBay for £22, I have been looking for a similar model to the one featured in Shenmue, there are lot of Timex expedition's that looks like the shenmue watch the one above The same watch only a cream dial not black.

Here on thrift bytes we can appreciated the ability to drink a beer and play games at the same time, So what can you do if you want a refreshing Corona and a to player game on the PS3?
You can achieved this feet using 2 PlayStation nav controllers, Tested it on mk Trilogy the only draw back is only have X and O, But fun all the same, This will work with any two player game with some games better then others depending on the use of X and O, Or if the controller mapping can let you change the button order to something more appropriate.
More N-gage stuff with the somewhat ground breaking for its time Pocket kingdom  £3.50 for this on eBay, A seller had loads of them sealed and they where selling fast at that price, Feel like an N-gage console is just round the corner, Hopefully I can find one out in the wild.
My girlfriend picked me up this Pinball game, I hate the way they want you to buy tables on most of these pinball games, I've being sucked in before, But this is miles better to have it all on the disc from the get go, No dlc micro transitions here.
 Some decent fines off that's entertainment, Tekken 5, Super dragon ball z Onimusha blade warriors, Star wars KOTOR 2, Star war battle front 2 Resi evil outbreak 2 and capcom classics collection all for £1.99 each of the web site with free postage.

Seen Lemmings £7.50 above for Ibm and a Wii for £20, pass on these, Hit up Cex to trade the order in, Got Both Jedi knight games on xbox, Republic commando and Onimusha 4 (finally) for only £4 in cex.

Some real value in cash express 39p for Sonic mega collections plus.
 Now in cash generator and 39p each for Moto racer 1 and 2, Then a bit down the road I find Virtual Pool for 29p, Great prices on these Common games, and Great for cracking on with my PS1 collecting.
Few more Ok titles for £1.99 each king of fighters maximum impact and Darkwatch, Gothic first person shooter and the first king of fighters to Use 3D models.

 And the bulk of my Credit note ended up going on Sunset overdrive, I played the first bit and I have to say I am impressed with what I have seen so far, Non of the reviews I saw at the time this was out even mentioned there was a create a character, I was lead to believe the guy on the front was the main protagonist, And that in turn put me off it a bit, Anyways compared to anything else out on the current gen this is the game to be playing, and the Polar opposite of the order 1886, With it having bright colours and fun as apposed to Dull and boring and a niggling feeling that the trade value just plummeted down to £22 cash and its not even being out a month.

So another thrift done, hope to really push on the PS1 front, It feels like this is a good time to buy PS1, Its in the same grove that NES stuff was in about 2005/2006 Just before it was cool again, NES now the prices are just levelling out, I feel like PS1 is sat there now in the sweet spot where no one wants them and no one thinks there worth anything, Anyways until next time, I am off to make low ball offers on PS1 bundles on ebay.