Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Intrinsic to the thrift

First pick up this week comes from Dove house, Capcom's Dino crisis 2 on PC, There is a stint of capcom survival horror games that made it to PC for £1, The likes of resident evil and dino crisis all have respective ports of there PS1 counterparts.

Taito legends 2 is next also for £1, These compilations are going up in value and rightly so, There probably the best retro collections to have behind capcoms classic collection and a few of the SNK ones.


Logan's Shadow, The sixth syphon filter game for £1.99, This one is the follow up to dark mirror and lesser known, It is worth about £6-8 resale.

Mcfarlane's Evil Prophecy, Only the second time I have every come across this game, Its seemly rarer then the ebay price would suggest, 99p I paid for this and surprisingly about what its worth currently.
PAC man world 2 for £1.99, I have had this game on pretty much every format it was out for the best to have it on is Xbox or game cube, But the resale price is always up and down.
Still life for the original xbox for £1.99, Not a bad game this one and a bit of a hidden gem on the old xbox, This one was in good order apart from the box was a standard DVD box and not the typical Green xbox one.
Key of heaven for PSP for £1.99 this is a Lesser known RPG on the PSP I have never played it before, Goes for about £6-8 on ebay.
Seen above is Wani Wani world for mega drive, Its a japan only game I remember playing at a friends house back when I was a kid, Never knowing the name of the game I could never find it, By chance I stubbled across it googling about and ended up finding a loose cart for about £6 on ebay, That's an awesome price considering it can sell for £25 plus in the box, Reminding me of an era where people needed two pads and a friend for multiplayer and a mega drive with the sided of the cart port chipped off to fit the J-NSTC cart in.

Lucifer's Call for £1.99 from that's entertainment, This one was missing the book, the disc was tidy, Even with the book missing its a steal at that price.

Call of Duty Finest hour on original Xbox, Nothing spetatular but complete in like new con for £1, As long as its not fifa 04 I will pick it up.

Two great games here, Strangely enough I was suggesting to a mate to get these for a underpowered net book for some min spec gaming then I found them a few days later, Icewind dale with expansion and Icewind dale 2 £1.99 each.
Bunch of PS1 games, Point blank, Tazan and yes Tunnel B1 the game I told every one to stay well clear of, Well that was before I was trying to Fill a full shelf with PS1 games, I have it on Saturn so might as well jump the shark and get it on PS1.
Ulysses 31 volume 1 and 2 £1 and 49p, The guy in cash converters who served me said "I always look at stuff like this and think who would want that it looks rubbish" My sweet summer child, Sells on Ebay about £10 each.

Couple of PC games Wipeout for £1.50, Over priced but I just love me some wipeout and never seen the first game on pc before, And Tatio Legends 1 for 50p, Great game and now I have another free art card that comes with tatio legends sweet, Mite try and get them all.
Silent Hill HD Collection and Silent Hill downpour both in cash express for £4, I have notices a lot of 360 and PS3 stuff price at around £3.99, There money in them these to sell for £12 in cex and cash of £6.
Few more good last gen deals, Gran tursimo 6 for £7, CEX sells it for £18 Cash 9, Trade £12, And Yakuza Dead souls a game I have been looking out for only £3.99 That CEX sell for £6 when they have it in stock and the Hull cex never does.
Few DVD's Back to the furture trilogy for £2 accidental hero for £1 and ELO Out of the blue tour, I have noticed a lot of Music DVD's have good resale, Stuff that is out of print and popular bands go for more, This ELO one is worth about £10.
Star wars Obi wan on xbox for 59p, and PITFALL the lost expedition, That is a So-So ps2 game, But the thing that makes it worth having this that it included PITFALL 1 and 2 on the disc and Pitfall 2 is pretty much one of the best Atari 2600 games to play.

£1 for a Disc only copy of Vitura fighter Remix, This is the updated verion of Vitura fighter 1 for the saturn with texture mapping and higher polygons on the character models and the one to have for Saturn collectors.
Realms of the Haunting and PARIS 1313 in the big boxes for 50p each, I do like me some big box PC games, I have limited room so I do pass up on them all the time but at 50p a pop I will make room.
Couple of Atari 2600 games I paid more then I would of likes £3.75 each, Its a resalable price a most of there are £5 plus on ebay so I pick them up to add to my atari collection mite have to dust off the 7800 Its been a while since I found some need atari games.

£5 each for these SNES games, Power drive, And The legend of the Mystical ninja, Both have good resale, Power drive about £9 and Mystical Ninja £25 plus, More to the point what was that doing in a random tat shop its a right game! Bar zombies, Its is one of the Rarer SNES games I come across thrifting, Would be nice to see a few more snes games turn up in the wild, Its seems like every other city has a copy of link to the past in every shop going by some of the youtube pick ups vids I have seen.

Few DVD's halo legends and dragon slayer 99p each in dove house, And £4 each for goldeneye reloaded and another copy of yakauz dead souls, in cash express

 In the local chairty shop the other day looking at a box of wires found a Sega mk 3088 Rf cable for megadrive, master system, Anything with a standard RF connection really so worth the 50p I paid for it.
 Few more Ps1 games to had to the shelf, GTA 2, Driver 2, and WWF attitude, All complete and in tidy nick, Almost filled to tiers of the black book shelf I am trying to fill up a long way to go but looking like its going to happen plenty of PS1still out there.
Had a few credit note for the odd £1 and a few pence so used them to get another copy of Star wars jedi Knight jedi academy, The last one I sold on ebay for £10 so easy fiver and better then your credit notes ending up in the wash.
I will leave you with Crash bandicoot Wrath of cortex, for £1.99, A game so common one has to wonder how it keeps such a good resale value, A game that proved its self intrinsic to the thrift

Monday, 2 February 2015

How 'bout the power to move you?

Ive been playing with the move again recently after finshing the resident evil remake HD I was in the mood for some more resi evil, That's when I leaned that the gold edition of resident evil 5 has move control support so I charged up the move and nav and re-downloaded resi 5.
And its great, Really works well with the action style resident evils games, If you have every had the chance to play Resident evil 4 on the wii imagine that but with motion plus and then some, I think the added camera tracking allows this to be very smooth and very responsive, After a google I was sad to learn that the move support wasn't carried over into resident evil 6 its seem like it would have suited that game as well There is another resi game that's supported.
Resident evil Umbrella chronicles and Darkside chronicles both Support the move and the Official gun attachment, Upon my research into other games with move support I stumbled onto something else move related.

Above is the Playstation move racing wheel, The move controller sits in the middle of this fully fledged racing controller and powers the whole thing up, with a D-pad all the shoulder buttons with big triggers for gas and break, This uses the moves motion sensors to steel left and right, Like Mario cart wii's wheel but vastly more actuate, and has easy to reach flappy paddles for changing gears but that's not all.
Press the two clips at both sides of the controller release the grips upwards and locked into place in a motorbike configuration, with the right hand grip having a build in throttle action for use with motorbike games.

So after checking the list of racing games that are compatible with the move wheel I found out Gran turismo 5 is top billing to work with this thing, So I go about installing GT5 witch takes forever So many updates then it installs!
Then I proceeded to have my mind blow by the Move wheel, I was really expecting this thing to be a bit finicky at best, Like some 3rd party racing game that used the wii mote, The PlayStation move wheel is nothing like that it feels totally grounded and what you do with the controller is accurately displayed on screen, In the Cockpit view there was a strange level of Emerson that I have never gotten with wireless motion devices before, Once the game kicks in and you start playing you brain almost convinces you that this peace of plastic in your hands is connected to the car your driving in the game, and your not just swishing it around in the air, I am totalling impressed with the move wheels performance in GT5 top marks on this game.
With the grips up I started up Motorstorm apocalypse, I picked the motorcycles and started the race, Now I was inclined to say that the wheel don't work as well with this game, I think its more to do with the faster paced nature of the game, It just takes a while to get used to Once I had give it a good go and It felt a lot better and makes good use out of the throttle control on the grip, it works well just not as good a GT5.

Now for an added bonus, Here are all the officially supported games for the Move wheel Gran Turismo 5, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Burnout Paradise, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Little Big Planet Karting, Mod Nation Racer, All of these games will work fine and some great with the Wheel, But every racing game out there can be used with the wheel, As long as it is set to Player one on the XMB the move wheel will act like the first controller, Most games that do not state support for it will be less responsive but will work to some degree, Some with better results then others. 

And that's what got me thinking, This controller has a quite serviceable D-pad and buttons, Bar an analogue stick its pretty much a complete controller? One again I reassign the Move wheel to 1/1-A and hope for the best
Yeah! You can totally play some retro with the controller and yes that's me playing mortal kombat trilogy with the Playstation Move Wheel, The only issues I came across is that L2 and R2 don't seem to work I don't know if this is on all games but the ones I tried they did not work, For playing PS1 games tho its not really a problem lots of games don't even use the back trigger buttons.
Like Resident evil Directors cut that works perfectly with this controller, Because of the big grips it feels great to play all manor of old PS1 games, So if you have a Move already and your looking for a cheap and a bit different extra controller, I'd picked up the Move wheel, I got mine from Ebay for Only £8.75 with free postage, Cheap at that price and totally extending the life and usefulness of the Playstation Move.

Right then its pick ups time, I had some trade at Cex and used it for Zone of the enders HD, Wipeout HD fury, GT5 so I could use the move with it, One more added bonus they had a copy of Shenmue 2 in on xbox so put the £10 extra in on top of the store credit to get that too.

In Red cross and I find oblivion for £3, Its £5 every where else so I picked it up it had the map and book and the disc was mint so £3 for this is on the money.
Still in red cross and I see Emperor battle of dune, Don't offen see this one people want about £11 for it on ebay, So for £2.50 all complete I picked it up and if its anything like the other dune games by westwood studios its should be awesome.

Jak X for £1 its about what its worth really, In was in good con and these where all in the same shop next to each other so I just ended up picking the lot up.

Few games off thats entertainment I noticed where going cheap, Arkham city and raccoon city both £1.99 each, I don't know why they where priced that low, Total bargain for last gen stuff.
And Guitly gear 2, Resident evil Dead aim, both £1.99, I kinda wish that there was a option to not use the light gun view and controls, Think there could of been a good resi game in here somewhere if only it hadn't of used the light gun gimmick.
Starwars Jedi Knight jedi Academy for £1.99 good resale on this plus weird I was only talking to a guy at work about this game the other day, and Mega drive collection for PSP that I gave my mate Dave to play on his broken PSP.

Some shitty sports games £1 each, Got these for the replacement boxes and to fill out the PS1 collection, Plus this was just before the Super bowl so I fancied playing a old madden game.

In cash converters Killer is dead for £3.99, £1 cheaper then cex, I have being meaning to pick this one back, I never gave it a good play last time I had it think the trade was good on it so it got CEX'd.

Even more that's entertainment stuff for £1.99 each Crimson sea Oninmusha 3, Dino crisis 3, Supriced to see Dino Crisis 3 on there, It has always been rare but only recently has the price matched that at about £10 on ebay currently.

Some good stuff in Recycling unlimited, Metal Slug 3, Gears of war 1 and 2 and bioshock for £1 each, All in great con too, On the money with the gears game not worth more then £1 but bioshock still sells in CEX for £5 so saved on that one.

 Mario Kart Wii for £3.99, Cex sell it for £15 cash of £7 and Trade of £10, There where two copys of this in cash express one was price up at £7.99 don't know why this one was cheaper but I knew there was resale in it so picked it up.

50p for The matrix on Bluray you would have to be a right dickhead not to buy that hells yeah, Not only an awesome film in HD but the cheapest I have every bought a bluray for today  know the price is gone down on them but 50p ace!

 £1.99 for the complete collection of Trap door, Hells yeah I am going to buy that, I remember as a kid these episodes seemed to be on for an hour, Even tho Each episode was only Ten minutes, But totally nostalgia bate and worth every penny.

In British heart foundation and I found Street fighter alpha anthology for £1.99, All the alpha games on one disc this has good resale but for £1.99 that is total value for money.

 Resident evil Afterlife that I picked up for my girlfriend, she seemed to like them I think the resi evil films are god awful, and Syphon filer the omega stain for 50p, PS2 games for 50p cant go wrong.

Back in cash express and £4 for the Prince of Persia HD collection, Cex sell this for £10 cash of £5 and Trade of £6 so a great deal on this and a pretty awesome collection of games, there are a few HD collections on PS3 worth looking out for.
A whole bunch of original Xbox games in cash generator for 19p each, All these games are so-so, Need for speed hot pursuit 2 is more sort after, the rest are common but for 19p why pass them up, Great price there isnt much I wouldn't buy for 19p.

I will leave you with this randomness, My Girlfriend sarah came along to cash converters with me the other day and spotted the stephen gately doll seen above, Loving herself some naff 90s crap she picked it up, Then I was out on the thrift today and saw baby spice in the box for £5 so I picked it up for her so her boyzone doll has a friend, I don't think I am about to make a habit of this pretty funny seening two of the same sort of thing in the space of a week tho, Ok people tell next time, Thrift the fuck on!