Saturday, 22 November 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful, PSone, two, three.

Straight in with some great finds £1 each for omega boost ODT, Sled storm and air combat in Dove house, Omega boost the best in the bunch and holds the most resale value, Upping the amount of PS1 games I pick up trying to fill up a full shelf.

A Really good bunch of PS3 stuff, Sacred 2, Dishonoured, Splinter cell trilogy, COD 4, COD world at war and Conan, To of them where £2.50 and the rest where price at £2 each.

Diablo 2 with Expansion set for £1.50, This is a great deal the Diablo games have been going up in resale value slow over the pass few years and are totally worth picking up the pinnacle of resale being the PS1 version of the first game.

Breaking bad Season 4 for £3, CEX give cash of £6 Trade of £8 and sell it for £12, Taking all that in to account you could end up getting £10 on eBay for it, After watching it again of course "You're Heisenberg," 
"You're Goddamn Right"

£10 for a PSone with a bunch of games, Just having Crash bandicoot 1 with it paid for its sell, Instead of £10 for a PSone it was more like would you like a free PSone, And to the left a copy of kingdom hearts to for 75p from Cash Generator.

To awesome Finds in a banardos, For £3.99 each Return of the krondor and CD rom Classics Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss and ultima underworld labyrinth of worlds Both sealed up.

At Market/Carboot and Paid a whopping 20p for the boxed 3rd party rumble pack, Always a good thing finding stuff to add to a console set up and I only had a few VMC's and a keyboard so a welcome entry to the dreamcast set up.

Still At market and Paid £1 for a Standard AV cable for 360, Needed one of these, The yellow pin on my composite cable was broken so I needed a new AV output to connect my 360 to my projector.
That's entertainment order for this week turned up, Podracer reavenge, FFX, Tekken 5, Yakuza and Breath of fire Dragon Quarter, Some good titles in there and great source for cheap retro.
love it when a bog standard Common title Comes with a little something extra, Inside Colin Mcrae was this sweet poster, Awesome. Anything from the PS1 is going to get pride of place on my limited wall space.
Set up the PSone I picked up and tuck the opportunity test out some games rocking the resident evil pad for a bit, I always remember having a hard time with this pad back in the day but using it now it really makes a lot of sense, With R1 on the front and X as the Trigger at the back.
Playing on a Original PSone made me realise how much of the nostalgia is missing playing ps1 games on a PS3, Don't get me wrong playing old ps1 games on ps3 is great and easy, But your missing the sounds of the CD drive spinning up and the top loading design of the Psone makes it much quicker to flip between game, Then having to wait for the PS3 to spit the disc back out, Yep this PSone is now a permanent fixture in my collection now and they still look awesome, All I need now is one of the 5" LCD Screens for it and the would be awesome.
Finally a few screen shots from GTA V on PS4 that I grabbed using the share button, Its pretty much the same game as last year with a few extras the best of witch being the First person mode.

Right then I am off to check CEX to see if anyones Traded in dragon age inquisition, Keep on thrifting!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

I think am Thrifting japanese

Taking the full grand tour this time out doing the whole city in one day, And the first pick up is Final fantasy Advert children on DVD for £1 from Red cross, Not a bad find and £1 its the right price.

This next pick up blows my mind a little, I was of the thinking that most PS4 games get priced up somewhere around the £20 mark in most cash con/gen/express shops, But here we have Infamous first light for £8? CEX sells this for £18 they give cash of £8, This maybe be the standard for shops not in the city centre, A lot of them only charging what CEX will give you cash for it, even so I can't believe I got a thrifty bargain on a PS4 game only a year into the current gen.
Would of left this one where it lay in the Age concern I found it, £1 its OK for sonic DX not real resale in this, Two reasons I picked it up, Just got a newer laptop and wanted to try it on that and it was sealed up brand new.
The Monster club on DVD for £1 in dove house, I have half a clue when it comes to DVD resale my knowledge could be better but somethings I seen things I know are worth more then the asking price this DVD goes for £5-8 on eBay.
FFX/FF X2 HD for £6 that's a steal, CEX sell it for £25, Cash £12 Trade £16, And dynasty warriors 7 for £4, CEX sells for £10 Cash 5 Trade 6, Think these will end up on eBay.  Final fantasy X still making me money tell this day.
Speaking of games that have propped me up over the years, Crash bandicoot wrath of cortex, Woohoo! Is there any of these left, They most of sold a shit ton of these back in the day, This one chilling in dove house for £1. Still Cash £2 Trade £3.
Well alright some Retro crash, Crash bandicoot 2 for £1, This was in a standard Jewel case but all the covers and book where inside so I can restore this back to glory, will put this back in a real ps1 box and ebay it, Already have this so bonus.
Ten years looking for this pissing game and I found it twice in one year? Spider on PS1 having found it earlier in the year to see it in the wild again WTF? £1 in children's hospice charity shop.
Bunch of OK games for 49p each, Crash bandicoot already covering the cost and the second copy I found that day, God of war, Gran turismo 4, metal slug 3, All the sort of stuff you would leave behind at £1.99, Think about at 99p and why not at 49P.
Tourist trophy for £1.99 and Battlefront 2 for £1.99, I was glad I found tourist trophy, I had seen a copy earlier on in the thrift but it was all beat up, Its gran tursimo with bikes and one I wanted to play, so glad this popped up again.
The book was missing from battlefront 2 and missing the book is barely worth picking up on PS2, I remembers I had one a spare book from a copy that had two in the box, So I was looking for it for ages then I remember I had jammed in under NHL 06.
Sports Game? really? Well yes 1. Its ISS and 2. Boxed N64 game is a box N64 not matter what game it is, Hull and cardboard boxes don't mix so for 50p for anything complete with the cardboard makes me happy.

That's entertainment order turned up, Bards tale, FableTLC,Resi outbreak, Tekken 5 and project zero 2 all £1.99 each.

Still on the that's entertainment order I noticed this, A J-NTSC copy of Silent hill 2 for £1.99, Totally worth the price just on cool factor alone, Buying Japanese games feels like dipping my toes in to a massive pond of the unknown, I have the odd Japanese megadrive

game but never felt like leaving the home comforts of just sticking to collecting/selling PAL games, The alternative art work is quite appealing and having nothing to play Japanese games on makes my mind wonder to the idea of Owning a PSX no not that one.

This thing, Its a PS2 with a hard drive and the first Sony product to use the XMB bar like the ps3 and psp, If Japanese PS1/PS2 game where your bag this would be the best way to do it, Pricey between £100-£250 depending on con and shipping.

Another console I wouldn't mind playing some import games on is the Saturn this is a lot easier to accomplish this feet. 
All you need is a action replay cart and a Japanese game and your away, Incidentally I ended up dusting of my Saturn the other day I was having a knock about on NHL all-star hockey when I twigged this looked a lot like the game Jason lee's character Broadie is playing in mallrats, A quick google later and indeed this is the featured game in that film, Dismissing this game as Another run of the mill sports game upon first glace I never looked it up on ebay. 
When I checked it seemed to be going for a premium price compared with other sported titles about the £10 mark, I don't know if this is because of the lose movie tie in but I bet its a factor to why people want this particular game, I like it games I own seemly becoming cooler over time as they sit in my collection.
Wrapping this thrift up with my obligatory lord of the rings tie in for this time of year with Shadow of mordor I traded in at CEX for the TIN edition was the same price so I got that one and all the DLC was unused in the box who is buying a game new and not using the free DLC codes? Tell the next time we venture forward on the never ending search for video games and tat, Farewell.


Monday, 10 November 2014

Yes scope

This weeks that's entertainment haul, I go on this website and pick up all the good stuff for £1.99 each but there is some great deals always been listed up for grabs I have been beat to the basket a few times on games like Baldurs gate da 2 and .hack part one, Well worth checking out.
Diablo 1 on PC, The resale is up on this item of late so £1.50 is a good price this can go for around the £8 on a good day so plenty of margin left at that price.

I spotted the 300:Rise of an empire for a £1, I left it and checked CEX when I got in £4 cash £6 trade, Bastard. So I shot back there the next day and it had gone, But they did have Doctor who city of death, Any classic Dr who dvd is worth £1.
£1 for Final Fantasy X2 in cash converters, It is touch and go weather or not I pick theses up now the resale is lower then ever before, Down to the HD release on ps3, Only if its it really good con its it worth the £1 and this one was its still a final fantasy game for a quid after all.

Pretty awesome to see Taito legends on PC, I see this a lot on xbox/ps2 I have lots the enthusiasm to buy it on that format but this one having a sweet new zealand story art card still in the box well worth a £1.

I have seens some strange Resource management games concepts before but car wash tycoon, I could I not pick this up £1 to find out how bad this thing is because reasons.

Sweet bouns I find out about, On Staff of kings (wii only) it has Fate of Atlanta's on the disc, £2.50 to play a lucasarts classic and the main games isn't bad too its now empires tomb but its ok.

Taking a trip to Carboot on sunday and did ok, Sunday is a better day there are to many resalers on there picking thought it before you even get there midweek, So today I picked up a Wii classic controllor for £1 great deal.
 And a amiga game, Jungle Strike, The amiga has defiantly because a console I actively collect for with the games being such a rare sight, £1 for this it had some other disks in the box some old windows stuff but the game and book where present too.


So that's it for the first bit of thirting in November some good finds its been a bit spread out but still some good stuff to be had in the wild if your looking hard enough.