Wednesday, 8 October 2014

autumnal accumulation

Thrift bytes has been on the go for 3 years, So many Great finds since I started writing this, Here is a time stamp of my games room as of now, So many new systems and games added over the last 3 years, All thrifted from the shops in and around Hull for bottom dollar prices.

Bit of online thrifting on Bit hit and miss the websites not great, But most of the ps2 are priced at £1.99, I did buy Shadow hearts that haven't turned up yet so will have to chase them up but am not holding my breath, Its like you know the moment you click the button there going to fuck you out of the rare stuff, The other games turned up fast and in good con, So way not the one I really wanted out the bunch, Seems a bit odd to me like the may have click on £1.99 was a steal and not sent them we shall see when the get back in contact with me.

Getting thritfy in asda, £6 for Farming simulator on ps3, Thinking £6 for this is a good deal and it is in the box, Then on psn the same night with the ps plus the digital copy was under £3 guess its a choice if you want the box or not.

Traded some stuff in for Forza Horizon 2, I loved the first one and this only adds to the fun, Its a mix of normal Forza action and games like Test drive unlimited, Opened world racing games, Racing action and cruising about the world I love me some of that.

Really nice copy of Jade Empire SE in the tin, I see these beat up all the time with scratches, £2.99 for this near mint one is awesome and still had the poster, Thinking about this game it could of ended up on the games that have the same feel as shenmue from the last Post I wrote.
Metal Slug 4 for 99p This one always sells on ebay, You can get the anthogy with all of the metal slug games, The singles on xbox seem to be more sort after then the ps2 ones, A lot cheaper then the AES carts anyways still £150 for one of them.

£4 for lord of the rings conquest, Pretty much LOTR battlefront for the gameplay, Sort after game CEX still sell it for £12 so for £4 its a total steel
Disc-world noir, On PC its abotu £5 worth of game, I picked it up for £1.99, On Playstation this game is worth much more, The only disc-world I haven't played so for £2 quid worth giving this a go.
Gran Turismo and Little big planet both £1.99 each, There's a bit of money left in these, the Exciting Thing about this is it looks like cash con/gen shops are capping all the psp game prices at £1.99 so the chances of finding a bargain are on the up with PSP.

Looking for Uncharted 3 on disc for a while now, Didn't Want to pay to much only wanted it to save space on downloading it again on psn, I seen £8.99, £7.99, £5.99, Then I saw it for £4 that day thinking that would be the cheapest, I passed on it an hour later I found it for £2.49 bargain!

DS games Nintendogs, Trauma center under the knife, £1.99 each I figured if I am going to pick up so-so ps2 games for that price a few DS once for £1.99 each is worth it just for Trade/ebay fodder.
The curse of monkey Island, All the monkey Island games are on the up for Resale, This one going around £10-£15 The big boxes of these games can go for miles more, the only one not worth much is Escape from Monkey Island the 4th game.
Fatal Fury Battle Archives vol 1 for 39p, Woah, Its about £12 to buy on ebay, Pretty amazing price for this, In cash generator, Always worth checking with most of the PS2/Xbox priced at 19p and 39p now its insane.

This is a strange one, Party Girls is the alternate title for Simple 2000 Series Vol. 63: Mogitate Mizugi! Onna Mamire no the Suiei Taikai, The simple 2000 Series is a whole bunch of games sold in japan for 2000 yen each, The game its self is a pervy bunch of mini games with girls in swimsuits, along the same line as Dead or Alive beach volleyball, Well worth the £1 just to find out what it was.

Donkey Kong Country Returns and Super Mario Galaxy for £4.99 each, CEX still sell these for £10, So 4.99 is a good price, I can't see them been price up any cheaper then that, Even Charity shop over change for mario/kong, I can however sell the price going back up. So 
 worth holding on too for now.

Bunch of Cynthia Rothrock movies, My girl-friend Collects a lot of films like this so I had a good idea there was some money to be had in these, I check and Honour and glory and Guardian angle are on the money, China O'Brien / China O'Brien 2 worth £15 get in.

£1 each, for Crash of the titans, Mario sonic Olympics, Spore and a r4 card. So £4 for this lot is great, I can always use loose DS games to bundle up with the consoles when I find the and a spare r4 is never a bad thing.
I take it all back, Shadow hearts covenant finally turned up so Thats entertainment are alright and more so for ps2 games all priced at £1.99

Not a bad lot of games out there hopefully next time I will find some horror games for a spooky tie in Until next time shop smart, Shop Thrift smart!