Monday, 15 September 2014

Maintain an illusion of thrift

So we kick off the thrift this time round with me trying not to get sucked into the hype around destiny I knew I had the cash to burn but just a few year ago I would of never of bought a new game outright can I really justify the Price tag?

I finally Caved in and Picked it up from Tesco I was waiting for ages for them to get the game for me Turns out they couldn't Find it because they only had Pre-orders in But because I was waiting 30 minutes the manager sold me one anyways to keep me sweet.
I checked about for the best price for the PS4 version. 

Tesco £40
Amazon £40
Asda £44 
Grainger £44.99
Game £49.99
Argos £49.99

Lots of PS2 out in the wild nothing really worth Grabbing GTAsa for £2.99 not worth it anymore, So I heads to CEX to use up some Credit notes, Still having some trade left from all the stuff I traded in from last times thrift, I pick up God Hand, Trapt Castle Shikigami 2, and Star Ocean,
£35 worth of trade, Still had a £10 left, There wasn't anymore Rare PS2 in the hull CEX you can use Credit notes on the website now but I totally forgot I haven't Played killer is dead by SUDA51 and It was down to £10 So made that last Credit note easier to spend.

I have had Port Royle 3 in the past but in cash convertors something compeled me to pick it up and look at the price, £1.99? most shit ps3 games are at least £2.99 in this shop what a strange price, CEX sell for £7, £3 cash £4 trade.

SNK Arcade hits vol 1 for £4, That's £2 cash £4 Trade, Sells for £6 maybe more on eBay so £4 is a fair price and the amount of classic games on the disc its a nice collection to have.

Finally landed a copy of The Cursed Crusade, An Action RPG that has been on my list for ages and every time I see it out in the wild its priced up at £12, This one was only £5 and waiting that long yes I will pay that.
C&C and C&C red alert, SCARS and Constructor for £1.50 each all mint cases disc everything looked new, Constructors cool to see out in the wild haven't seen this pop up for a while, Found some passwords in the Red alert box I Love it when you find shit like that inside the box

So I Finished the main story on Diablo The other day and saw that the Trade was still £30, So I decided to Cash out now while the Price was still high, and picked up Last of us Remastered that I can play until there is something else I want then I can Use this as Trade fodder, until next time Thrift Hard!