Friday, 26 September 2014

Shenmue state of mind

To understand why this game is held in such high regard by its fans, Me included comes down to a few factors that we will take a look at, Shenume is a high budget Video game masterpiece by Yu Suzuki  that started life on the saturn and ended up on the dreamcast, I played shenmue in 2001 after the launch of PS2 and all the launch titles had stagnated there was nothing else left to play,

Back then the dreamcast was on a deal for £99 with 3 games and a Visual memory card, I picked that up and a copy of shenmue, I was aware of the game I had seeing clips of it late night on channel 4’s Bits, It never crossed my mind that what they were bragging this game could do would ever actually deliver?

It did Deliver, It delivered a immerse free roaming interactive cinematic adventure fighting game, With Mini games Quick time events and fully emulated Sega classics and collectibles, That took some thinking, To think of the words to describe a game that has that much going on and once you boil it down to the main aspects you still haven't touch up the charm and atmosphere this game evokes.

As well as some twists and turns to the plot, There is drama and romance, Even a full love ballad with music video makes its way into the game as well as some great comedic moments intentional or not.
Within the game Dialog is shared with everyone ryo meets all voice acted, Just having that much speech in a console game back then was extremely impressive and was not match tell the release on Final Fantasy x on the PS2.

Playing this in 2001 and finding out that such a great game was going to get a sequel even with the dreamcasts not selling and on the way out kinda put the dreamcast up there for me, Nostalgia does play a part in shenmue, Not that the game doesn't hold up today Because I play some 360 games that don’t look as good, Just remembering playing it at a time when nothing compared to it on any other consoles and PC, There were some great games out at the time but nothing touch upon Shenmue’s attention to detail and shear Immersive Quality.

Shenmue 2 ended up on Xbox as well as Dreamcast on the dreamcast versions you can carry your save over to the next game, On the xbox version of shenmue 2 you start the game with all the items from the first game, This version also plays on the Xbox 360. The dreamcast version is subbed and the xbox version had subbed and dubbed options, The game ends on a light cliff hanger, There was originally intended to be 6 games. Fans would settle for it been wrapped up in one more game.

Over the years shenmue has gained more of a following online you will find lots of people begging Sega for a 3rd game is a good one they have a facebook page to lots of people sharing shenmue info, And then there's the Fan made stuff here is a few I found one in a HD rebuild of Dobuita HERE and a real life shenmue inspired walk around Dobuita HERE


So why don’t Sega Finish of this franchise? or at least give us HD versions of 1 & 2, It seems like the easiest thing in the world to do now is bring the first Two games out as digital downloads on all the relevant consoles, and judging by the sales of the games, At least think about given us shenmue 3. 


I know there always something getting in the way of this ever happening, But whatever the reason sega make for this not happening is it not worth spending some time and money getting the problems with shenmue sorted? Just to shut the fans up and in turn getting loads of money thrown at them by me and every other shenmue fan out there.

The biggest tease was in the Sega all star racing series in two games they have feature Ryo and in the second game Sega even placed shen 3 on the license plate, But when you see anyone from Sega interviewed and the first question is always where is shenmue 3 they always seem sick of hearing it, The likelihood of there every been a new or updated shenmue game seemed to been more likely now than ever with kickstarter and stuff like that to fund it, So Sega make it or stop holding the license to make it hostage.

Honourable mentions

There has been a few games that have in one way or another come close to the feel or vibe of shenmue, Its the only game I know of that you are comparing tone and atmosphere and not game-play with other games, So anyways here are some games that I think have a similar charm to them.


Shadow of memories

Deadly premonition


The yakaza series.

Right then I am of to look for 14 year old Timex watches on eBay until next time, Go play shenmue again or maybe for the first time.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Thrifting off some dust

Still playing destiny, Its frustrating at times and really grindy, As well as been an expansive first person shooter set on various planets in the solar system leveling up your guy with a play style like a mix of COD and Halo and having 6 v 6 multiplayer in the mix also having space rocket bikes and sweet weapons... Yeah its not bad.
And now a bit of a break from playing destiny has we play the latest installment of the Dynasty warriors series, Hyrule Warriors, Using charators from the Legend of Zelda Franchise, This Is about as awesome and bad ass a Dynasty warriors game gets, And getting away with lots of Zelda fan service as we go, Lots of things from the Zelda games have been skilfully crafted into the Dynasty Warriors game-style Fighting hack and slash, So Fans of Zelda will not be hung out to dry, And any one who likes Dynstasy warriors will be at home and most of them having the added bonus of already think the legend of zelda is great and having them characters for the next game awesome, Its win win for all Wii u owners.

First game up Dirt showdown for £1.99 in cash genorator, This is the latest one in the series I picked it up because £1.99 seemed really cheap I check and CEX sell it for £10 Cash £5 and Trade £6, Lots of xbox 360 and PS3 going cheap in pawn shops.

 Next up Duke nukem time to kill, Space jam, Bustamove 2, V-Rally, Adidas power soccer, and Tomb raider, All the cases where in great shape and at a £1 each I picked them all up, Space jam, Duke been the most worth having.

Resident Evil 6 for £3 (£5 all in with micky mania), In sparks (local tat shop) I knew the price had gone down on this game but £3 seems cheap I pick up some PS2 games for round that price so I checked it, CEX sell for £10, Cash £5 Trade £6. Score!

So I ended up cutting a deal for £5 that saved me £1 for Micky mania cart only as well as resi 6 good deal.

Pac-man world 2 Sat in cash convertors for 99p, Missing the book but for 99p it needed rescuing, Had a fair few copy of this its sort of trailing of as far as resale goes but still worth more the 99p.

 Mate Dave ask me if I still had this game the other day It was one I had downloaded so I didn't have a hard copy to lend him so I spotted it today for £4 and picked it up so my boy can get his Soul Calibur on, Its pretty good too better then V anyways blar..
Then in a diferent cash gen I see Kingdom hearts 1.5HDRemix for £6, Turns out CEX sell for £22 cash £11 Trade £14, Always worth checking the prices in places like that They seem to be based on the age of the game not the sort after/rareness/Age.

 Few Rare ones in here all £2 each Total escpise Bugriders Bubble bobble and rainbow island, Evo's Space adventures.

Tat shop down Bev road and I find Sega classics collection and animal crossing wild worlds for £1 all in, £1 for these to games yeah that is pretty awesome, Sega classics in the 3D re workings of sega classics.
One more Great price £1.99 to replay Metal gear solid 4, CEX sells for £5 Cash £2 Trade £3, £1.99 for a decent ps3 title that is not fifa or bottom dollar its great the fact that its MGS even better. 
Doing some online thrifting on CEX, They don't update there prices on CEX for some rare ps2 that are out of stock, So if something say £25 rare on ebay pops up on CEX it will still be £10/£5 so you can snap them up for a steal then sell them on Ebay or keep for collecting, Its a bit of a gamble not all the stuff from cex comes in stella con and you have to know what your looking for I picked up SOS the final Escapse, Demon Chaos, Gradius III and IV, £20 with postage pretty awesome Gradius alone can go for £25 on ebat well worth doing.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Maintain an illusion of thrift

So we kick off the thrift this time round with me trying not to get sucked into the hype around destiny I knew I had the cash to burn but just a few year ago I would of never of bought a new game outright can I really justify the Price tag?

I finally Caved in and Picked it up from Tesco I was waiting for ages for them to get the game for me Turns out they couldn't Find it because they only had Pre-orders in But because I was waiting 30 minutes the manager sold me one anyways to keep me sweet.
I checked about for the best price for the PS4 version. 

Tesco £40
Amazon £40
Asda £44 
Grainger £44.99
Game £49.99
Argos £49.99

Lots of PS2 out in the wild nothing really worth Grabbing GTAsa for £2.99 not worth it anymore, So I heads to CEX to use up some Credit notes, Still having some trade left from all the stuff I traded in from last times thrift, I pick up God Hand, Trapt Castle Shikigami 2, and Star Ocean,
£35 worth of trade, Still had a £10 left, There wasn't anymore Rare PS2 in the hull CEX you can use Credit notes on the website now but I totally forgot I haven't Played killer is dead by SUDA51 and It was down to £10 So made that last Credit note easier to spend.

I have had Port Royle 3 in the past but in cash convertors something compeled me to pick it up and look at the price, £1.99? most shit ps3 games are at least £2.99 in this shop what a strange price, CEX sell for £7, £3 cash £4 trade.

SNK Arcade hits vol 1 for £4, That's £2 cash £4 Trade, Sells for £6 maybe more on eBay so £4 is a fair price and the amount of classic games on the disc its a nice collection to have.

Finally landed a copy of The Cursed Crusade, An Action RPG that has been on my list for ages and every time I see it out in the wild its priced up at £12, This one was only £5 and waiting that long yes I will pay that.
C&C and C&C red alert, SCARS and Constructor for £1.50 each all mint cases disc everything looked new, Constructors cool to see out in the wild haven't seen this pop up for a while, Found some passwords in the Red alert box I Love it when you find shit like that inside the box

So I Finished the main story on Diablo The other day and saw that the Trade was still £30, So I decided to Cash out now while the Price was still high, and picked up Last of us Remastered that I can play until there is something else I want then I can Use this as Trade fodder, until next time Thrift Hard!

Thursday, 4 September 2014


I decided to make a lose log of the games I end up playing over the course of a week it always end up be a strange mix lets take a look at what I played.

First up is Pinball FX 2 on the XBONE, Free to download with one table, I hate this way of doing things but the free table was that good I ended up buying a pack for £7.99 with four more

Street fighter 3rd strike on Dreamcast, One of my go to fighting games for a quick 5mins play now and again and one of the best fighting games on dreamcast. 
 My mate Carl and I finally got round to playing some spider on PS1, Like pandemonium its a 2D platformer with 3D levels, With epic FMV scatted about the game It still totally holds up!

I fired up the C64 to try out a few tapes I haven't got round to testing, Elvira be the first game I loaded up, Maybe one of the worst games I have played on C64, I didn't have a clue what I was doing and the game play didn't warrant me finding out its pants!
 Loading up RockFord, This popped up, Invade-a-Load! and its awesome while the taped loading you can play Space invaders clone, How they get this all on a tape is amazing 64k and all of it put to good use.

Rockford its self is not bad, Its a push the block try not to get squished deal, Goes on for a bit to seems to be lots of levels all varying in colour and lay out.

Double Dragon on C64, This game is hard on NES but the C64 version is Solid the first guy kicked my ass, I put it down to the joystick but when I tried a different one I didn't fair any better this is super hard or maybe I am shit at games one of the two.

Street hassle, Lots of fun this one lampooning games like double dragon and final fight, complete with fights with granny's and Big apes.

So from Xbox one to C64 and a few in-between, Fanboys take note, So on To the Thrifting and What a Thrift it was I found loads of Stuff this time, Some rare some for keeps and Some trade fodder the perfect balance. The pic above is a lot of shitty fifa games they are getting out of hand in all the charity shops of late.
In Cash converters, Sly 2 and Sly 3 both complete for 99p each, £1.60 and £1.80 Trade and both retail for about £5 so worth picking up. There is a HD collection for the trilogy on PS3 so the price is down on the PS2 Versions

Strangest Thing, I was listening to Richard Herrings Leicester Square theatre podcast and the guest was Jon ronson who wrote the book The men who stare at Goats, They where talking about the film when I look up in a charity shop and its right in front of me, So I bought it Weird.

Crash bandicoot 5 once more for 99p Still £2 cash £3 in Cex Retail about £6-8 so always worst picking up and this one was complete and in good con

Two Disney Cars games for Wii £1.50 each, Trade £4 cash £2, both retail about £8 so totally paid off with these finds.
Star wars Republic commando for Xbox, £15-£20 on ebay for this one, £1.99 in British heart foundation, Finding this pretty much covered the cost of all the other games.

My best Find of the Day, Capcom digital collection for £2! includes Super Street Fighter HD Remix, Final fight double impact, Bionic commander, Commando 3, 1942 joint strike,rocketmen and flock Retail about £10 this one is going on the shelf.
Gunbird,RoboCop,Spiderman 3,Xmen legends 2, Apart from robocop the rest where to play, Robocop is worth about £8 on ebay so I will sell that one.
Another great title for resale Silent Hill Origins for 99p, This looked brand new and for 99p its a total steel, Ebay will be round the £12 mark.

Midway Treasures 1 and 2, Some great games on these two collections I already have these so some Ebay fodder, At 99p each there is always a bit of room for a profit and in good con some easy good feedback.
Grid and Juiced 2 for £2 each, Great price with for PS3 games in a dove house, £2 cash £3 Trade on Grid and £5 cash £6 trade on Juiced not bad will have a go on these first always give random racing games a go.
Kicking up at my mate Gaff after a epic thrift we kick back and try robocop emulated on his P.C its not a bad FPS from 2002, Right then until next time I am of to Finish watching the AVGN movie, Peace out.