Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Amigo del diablo

Its Getting a rarer and rarer sight seeing Amiga games mostly found at car-boots, This lot was in a cash convertors all priced up at 99p and £1.99 I ended up buying every game they had but Humans 2 that was priced at £12.99 Like someone started looking them up on ebay and only got 1 game, I came out with,
Premiership manager 2 ultimate soccer manger, PGA European tour, World Class Cricket Football Director 2 European Super league, Brutal Football,Civilizations Interceptors, F17 Challenge, Micro maths and a couple of Spectrum games American football Treble, All these games and it come in under £20, Yes a lot of sports titles in there but its for a Machine I don't own much software for, So I am willing to bulk up the collection with some sports games.
With all that stuff from cash convertors there was this commodore 64 game, Spirits of the stones, It was in a box bigger then your standard big box and came with a full book that gives you clues in the game I check this out on ebay and theirs only one at £25 so for £1.99 and the fact that it looks awesome I had to buy this.

Finally had chance to check all the Amiga games over and they where all in great shape even with the old school piracy protection in the box, Lots of old Amiga games use these slide wheel things to match up the code on screen. So cool that they had these present.

Couple of DS games in Recycling unlimited Charity shop, £1 each for these, Still had some Trade in them At £2 for tomb raider and £1.60 for Zoo keeper the Cash was break even, So these can go on the trade pile.

7 sins for pc for £1, Its about £8 worth of game, Never released in the USA so there is that factor and Its grouped in with a bunch of games from round that time in the mid 00s that had a more adult theme e.g Singles, BMX XXX, Playboy mansion, 3D Sexvile, if  128 bit side boob is your thing.

Right then lets fire up some of them Amiga games, I always test everything I find, So stuff gets a quick 5 min, Then other times there stuff that is worth spending a bit more time on lets see what won out this time.

F-17 Challenge is racing game by Team 17 who made worms, The game its self has some OK scrolling, with some really impressive car animation but lacks engine sound effects not bad, Next I tried Civilization.

The intro to CIV 1 is awesome, So cool to see what the Amiga version had to offer, My first go on CIV back in the day was the ps1 version of CIV 2, It was great to see how it all started, The practical side of that how ever is less good, The amount of disk changes you have to make across 4 different makes the game experience feel so primitive, So If your Feeling nostalgic I would Emulate or just bang on CIV 5 and forget about it, Ground breaking yes, but a total ball ache on Amiga.
I found this Game Tornado Outbreak totally by accident £7.95, I had Just cut the word Tornado to paste into google because there was a tornado in Hull a few weeks back and I was trying to get the scoop, I ended up pasting it in a saved ebay search and this came up, its like Katamari with tornado's.Then There is this Time sink, I forget all about Diablo Ultimate Evil Edition coming out on the new Gen, A guy at work pulled out the PS4 version that he picked up for £35 that reminded me, Waiting to get paid I hit the Trade pile there was about £15 worth of tat worth about £38 Trade.

So I was going to play the waiting game and hope someone traded it in at cex, I checked the PS4 for CEX Hull that Night on the website and nothing came up, Giving up on the idea I did the rounds on all the console gaming pages to see what else they Had in and on the Xbox one page less the a week of release someone had traded the Xbox One version, Both PS4 and Xbox One run the game at 1080p and From all accounts the game running on both systems is practically identical, Even buying preowned The DLC was unused in the box total bonus!

I have been playing the shit out of Diablo 3 UEE, After only playing the ps3 version for a few hours, I think Gran tursimo 6 mite have been the reason for that? Since Diablo 1 on ps1 I have been a fan, And games like baldur's gate dark alliance have always been a favorite of mine, So if you into Hack and slash with RPG elements and you want the most polished game out there in that genre then pick this up on ether system Its awesome!

Monday, 11 August 2014

Vinyl fantasy VII

Starting off in Sparks, Its a little Second hand shop down spring bank in hull been there for years had a few different owners, The Interesting thing about the current own is most of his stock is thrift He goes to carboot's and markets around Yorkshire, That's why his stuff is always a fair price, Doing the same thing as me just having a shop to put all his stock in, Anyways cut me a Deal on toejam and earl cart only, loose disc of Jade cocoon and lethal skies all for £5, I like that you can haggle in shops like this its a good crack.

I bought a Big Boxed copy of DOS 5.0 for £1.50, I have always intended to get a pre-windows machine to play older games on and I figured this will come in handy if I ever find a old IBM compatible, Came with the book for MS-DOS 3.1 because reasons, Yeah Ive been watching LGR a lot recently.

This next Find blow me always I found all these billy Joel LP's in the same dove house, They where Priced up differently but the women did me the Them for £1 each, I picked up bat out of hell as well because I love the art work on the rock stuff from back then and yeah billy joel's album stuff is awesome, Sweet find.

Vinyl records have a big collectors base, Its something I haven't really gotten into much I only really buy stuff that I like, but for a record collector the thrift is bountiful, I heard there the is some rare stuff out there worth some money but its not my field of expertise.

Pinball Illusions for IBM pc, Another reason I need a old pc, One day I will find this and it will be the Amiga verions, Tell this day I think True Pinball on PS1 the finest pinball game ever, And this is the prequel in a sense just missing the vikings table.

Break out on PS1, I was in a very Atari mood from last time I was thifting and last time this game turned up it went on eBay for some easy feed back, So I picked it up again for 50p to put back in the pile of ps1 games.
That PS1 pile is getting out of hand again its only about 102 games tall but with the old ps1 boxes been so thick its about 20 more games from hitting the ceiling, I would only consider half of it a collection there is a fair amount I bought to keep and then there is ones I got to resale, and ones that came in bundled I have found, mite have to sort them out and maybe get a job lot for ebay on the go, Or I could keep adding to it I do love me some PS1.

I saw this on eBay the night before I was just looking for stuff ending soonest, I nearly bid on it, It ended up going for more then I would pay, then the next day it was sat in the barnados on Hessle road for 99p. So strange how much that happens.


Resident evil outbreak file 2
I found it in cash convertors for 99p, bargain.
I got to the end of my thrift the last shop on the run is a cash convertors I had some cash to burn and some free time so I picked up two games on my wanted list Forza horizon and Game of Thrones on the money at £8 and £10.
Having a drink with my buddy after a hard days thrift and the place we ended up had a Tekken 5 cabinet, Its a rare thing getting some arcade action and beer'd up I was all over that, I like to think it was a master class in competitive Tekken, But I reckon It was more a pissed up button bashing at best.

Monday, 4 August 2014

2600: A abe's oddysee

First off a bit of a recommendation, Ive being playing a lot of Shovel knight its an 8/16bit throwback and its awesome like mega-man/Ducktales on nes, Its had me hooked and a real challenge in the later levels.
As always there is lots of ps1 kicking about in the wild, The ps1 games I have piled up are coming dangerously close to becoming a collection So seeing a half decent titles at 50p to add to the tower of ps1 I have stock piles makes perfect sense. 
Picking up god of war for some Trade fodder almost out of force of habit, This one is down to £1.20 trade so only 20p and the cash is down 70p so I think this one will be left behind from now on it did have a soild Trade value back in the day but ps2 trade is fizzling out.
This is something that happened years ago for Xbox originals, only paying 50p each for these in a cash generator just because there games I don't have and they are at a good price.
Something I found out the other day Flight simulator has good resale, CEX only take it Sealed and offer £7 cash for it, There is no reason for it to be seal, and you can get near to the £15 retail on ebay for a open boxed copy complete with the serial number and this game is everywhere.
Pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team for £3, This is retail at £10, £6 trade £4 cash, So at the right price you have options quick trade or ebay, The pokemon games are great the Dungeon Series not as good as the main one so Resale is the way to go with this.
Yes to black label PS1 games and more so for a command and conquer game, For £1 Any black label game that isn't you normal sports/budget crap has to be snapped up.

Again in a different cash gen, I find xbox original games all for 39p each There was a hold bunch of them I picked out the best of the bunch a few of them had the wrong disc so I put them back and made out with these 6 taq feng, Soul cal 2, Spike out, Bards tale hunter 2,halo 2.

Time to take the Trade pile in to CEX and see what I could muster with some store Credit and They had PokemonXD gale of darkness in, They have had some many heavy hitters on GameCube of late Twin snakes the zelda disc, The did have tales of symphonia but I pass, it was over priced and has had a HD re-release so is not worth the £35 price take even with trade, But this is on the money can go higher then that on ebay.

My PS4 got turned back on the other day for Oddworld New n Tasty, More then just a HD remake, The game has been remake in full 3D with a bunch of extras, Best game on PS4 at the moment. I don't know if this says more about the quilty of the original game or How good the technology is now but the pre-rendered graphics of the PS1 are recreated and expanded so well in the remake in live 3D its kinda looks the same in parts can't Recommend it enough 
Excellent find Turned up at Sunday market, Atari 2600 with 8 Games one instruction manual woah! and 3 joysticks, hook ups, One of them an official Atari joystick all for £15, The games on there own easily worth way beyond that £15 price tag.

The best of the bunch for me is this 32 in 1 cartridge, After my hand me down spectrum 128k, One Christmas I got a Atari 2600 Jr in about 1991, That came with this cartridge and the instant load of the games blowing my mind after the loading times of tapes on speccy, Here are some Highlights of the games on this cart.

UFO,Flag Capture,Human Cannonball,Reversi (Othello),CheckersSlot Racers,Blackjack,Fishing,Freeway Rabbit,Space War,Fun with Numbers,Golf,3D Tic-Tac-Toe,Surround,Miniature Golf,Boxing,Football,Air-Sea Battle,Freeway Chicken (Freeway),Tennis,Skiing,Fishing Derby,Sky Diver,Bowling,Combat,Stampede,Laser Blast,OutlawSlot Machine,Basketball,Homerun,Ant Party

Pressing power to switch between games I remember playing nearly all of these games to death, Its a strange era to remember and remark on, Lots of people boast online about gaming since 1977 on the VCS/2600, Indeed its pretty cool you where there in the beginning, But the same thing happening in the UK with the the Atari Jr in the earlier 90's meaning three decades of gamers having the same experiences at the Start of there Gaming career everyone starting with the 2600 a console that stayed in production from 
September 11, 1977 to  January 1, 1992.

Since finding my Atari 7800 I have being hoping to build up my Atari games collection, The prices are about £6 to £10 for common games, then goes up from there so finding these is a great start and having Pitfall in there is awesome and using the 7800 pad even sweeter.

Finding galaxian at sunday market, I remember the first time I when to Walton street market with the intention of finding some games and found Galaxian and Ms pac-man for 2600 back in 1997, As if I found it again in practically the same place.
Glad to have this one back Pole position, I used to play this all the time at my grandads house hooked up to an old black and white TV, white CITV played in the background, Foreshadowing my PS3 been on while watching something on my laptop, Awesome.
Second copy of centipede this one can go on the Ebay pile in can go for around £5 lower or higher depending on con, But its some easy feed back and will go to covering the cost of the bundle.

Sprint master, Never had the chance to play this back in the day it reminds me of the game on the loading screen of Fantastic four. Its hard as nails but has a lot of options for a 2600 game can change the tracks and road surfaces.
And Off the Wall, Its pretty crazy this one, Its Like break out but the paddle is a karate mister and there is a evil Caterpillar at the top as you go about your way breaking the blocks to win, Its interesting but hard to master.

Some Great stuff this time round and at the heart of my gaming roots, May just have to try harder to early bird some carboot sales, When I do it always seems to pay off, Until next time Thrift Hard!