Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Thrift is plentiful as we plunge into the depths of Uncharted tat in and around Hull, We start of finding these pokemon cards, £1 each for a pile of them so £4 gets me the lots, There is resale in these, Some of them sell for 99p up to £15 depending on rarity and condition.
It was time to take all the run off from the thrift and trade up in cex I tuck about £13 quids worth of Tat in and Came out with £40's worth of Trade, Have a copy of Twin snakes in was pretty awesome and its been a mint and complete copy even sweeter. 

With the rest of the credit I had left I made out with this copy of Grandia 2, Great game and the only rarish rpg they had in there that day and £7 its a fair priced.
In a dove house and I see medievil on PS1 for 50p, I forgot to check this before I paid for it and I got home to find it was only a Demo disc inside, You would think I would know better doing this for a long as I have, Still spare case for 50p.
I rescued this big box PC game rival realms for £1 in Dove house its about a fivers worth of game in the big box next to nothing in the sold out box.

At market yesterday, Pretty slim pickings looks like I got early birded getting there a bit later, Did pick up this Half life 2 tin, No game just the empty tin for 20p. 
£1 again at market gets me harry potter and scooby doo on GBA, Nothing spectacular but will go in the pile of GBA games Untell I find a system to bundle up with it, GBA's DS's always sell better with a fair few kids games thrown in the mix.

So I had a real anchoring to play a bit of worms the other day, I thought this would be a easy thing to do having the latest version on xbox one, Turns out its rubbish, The man gripe I have with it is the limited Local multiplayer you can only use default computer teams as A.I opponents this is crap because half the fun is naming your own teams the blowing them up, So i was looking for a better way. 
So just shy of Playing the 1st game on PS1, A Classic in every sense of the word, I was looking for a slightly more modern one but before they rehashed clang wars and charged you £30 quid for the same game on xbox one then I remember I had a spare dreamcast to take down stairs,
So I tuck the crappy yellow one down to sarah and we set about playing worms party I picked up a while back for 50p, And its not bad quite similar to the original Armageddon and a good retro alternative to the piss poor modern version.

Then I remember I had Worms 2:Armageddon on the 360, So if your looking for a definitive worms experience, Worms 2 on 360 is diffidently it, Don't waste your money on battlegrounds, get this one instead.
Having the Dreamcast on the go again made me realize how quickly The VMU's fill up on space, I remember seeing this Memory card in Sparks, I got myself down there and it was still there £3 bargin.

I saw this in sparks too its a Fake Wii u pro controller I had them pegged for counterfeit as soon as I looked at the pad out the box, £15 for this a lot cheaper then £38 going rate for the official controller, Its so close to the real deal in looks and function, It Works great the analog sticks feel great, The D pad and buttons feel a little cheaper, And the usb is a standard ps3 type to charge it up, On the back is the dead giveaway its not a genuine product the Nintendo logo is all wrong, But for the money I have had miles worst 3rd party controllers before, Nice cheap alternative.

Another Blue old style DS in British heart foundation, £6 setting the record for the cheapest I have found a DS, I will probberly end up bundling this with all the kids GBA games, Sweet find.

I think the tat shop I found this in thought it was all one peace, It is in fact Road rash and a Game adaptor for £6, I pretty cool game but it was the Adaptor I wanted So I could play japanese games on my mega drive without modding.

So I actually got to play the Japanese copy of golden axe 2 from the last thrift, I wasn't expecting to be able to play this for a while not having the adaptor and that it looks so beat up that it mite not work. But a quick wipe of the contacts and it came on what a beast! This is making me think I need more Japanese games for that system mite have to look into it see if theirs anything worth getting over the pal versions and maybe some hidden gems that language is not a factor.

Friday, 18 July 2014

If you're in the game Then the Thrift's the word

My Hunt for items for my collection and resale started with my neighbors selling me this boxed mega drive 2, It had mega games 2 and sonic 1 with it pretty standard fair and I didn't have a model 2 boxed so its cool just for that reason. 

Then on closer inspection I realize there was a lose cart in the box, That only happened to be a Japanese copy of Golden axe 2 WTF? Of course its beat up and the labels worn but still very cool this can go on the top shelf of my games room next to shenmue 2.
Final fantasy Tactics the war of the lions on psp, Maybe over paying, Found it in Cottingham so its always going to be over priced in a small village charity shop but has the NTSC cover so made it interesting enough to warrant the purchase.
 Few shops down the road and I find this, In cold Blood for Ps1, Its a great game I have fond memories of playing this game after getting my ps2 stolen and rocking the ps1 for a year before I could get one back £1.99 bargain.
There is a small tat shop I keep going back too and it always has boxed GBA/Gameboy games and every time I go in the games keep getting better but the price stays the same £5 each on all the boxed games, So Caslevania Circle of the moon for £5 buy it!
Same goes for Kirby's Dream land complete and in the box again only £5 this is almost cart only prices, And there not beat up at all, I ask the guy in the shop where he gets them from? he has a collector friend and when he is short on cash he's collection gets lite, Fine by me I will keep buying them.

Strap your self's in GAME had some retro on the go, I was join on the thrift by my mate Jenko as we made are way down Hessle road to Town centre and then Holderness road.

And in the Time honored tradition I find a Copy of Crash bandicoot warth of cortex, £1.50 in age concern, Still £3 trade £2 cash and retail of £8 ebay maybe a bit less overshadowed by the gamecube and xbox  versions faster load times.

£1 for Men In Black the game, I remember giving this ago back in the day, I has a Resident evil like style to it, Tank controls and Pre-rendered background make it almost worth playing just for the charm of that type of game.
Overpaying on this bluray, CEX sells this for £1.50, I payed £1.99 its for charity so far cop and another cheap Bluray to build up my small collection, And the best film out of the franchise, before it got all 80's and Mexican and there was Knect ghosts, Yeah...

Capcom Classic Collection Vol.1 for £1, Really no need to even think about getting this how many classic video games can you get for £1? 
22 all on one disc awesome!

GTA double pack, Something you would like to be on xbox more the PS2, I mostly see these all beat up the sleeve that this comes in is always falling apart, This copy was in tidy nick so I picked it up the discs where in great shape to.
Best Find has to go to ZOOL on Amiga CD32, resale it only goes for £8-£10, But the fact that its a game from one of the systems I really want fills me full of hope that a Amiga CD32 console will turn up in the wild, Amiga CD32 and Philip CD-I are firmly planted at the top of my wish list and its such a tease finding software for both systems this year.

Right I am of to dive into the epic stash of games jenko gave me when we popped into his parents gaff to see what games he left there, Think I will start with persona 4 arena, tell next time keep Thifting people!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Thrifty Rampage

Pretty good run out this time coming less then a week since the last time I was out on thrifting lets see what I found.
Sometimes I fine myself needing to brake into a note for some bus fare, So picking up a common ps2 game for 99p is a good way to get the change you need and add to the collections, Makes sense when there is a cash converters right near the bus stop.

Finding some xbox originals Goblin commander and kung fu chaos, To sort after titles for the system no backwards compatibility for 360, Still worth picking up for £1 each.

Finally CEX had a copy of Digaea 4, One of the games I have pegs for going up in value, Most J-rpg's like this are around the £10 mark, A price worth paying now, that can only go up overtime.
Pretty dry round my local charity shops They did have some ps2 and ps1 nothing you would want to pay £2 each for 007 racing blarrr, So I tuck a march to Cottingham to see what they had to offer.
 Stopped to look at this Alex Ross exhibition, Hes a Comic book writer/artist most know for his work with DC, And yeah the art was cool but £695 for a sign superman picture isn't very thrifty, Maybe if I find one in a chairty shop for £5.
 Zelda phantom hourglass for £4, Still sells at retail for £8 so you could maybe get near to that on ebay, £4 for a zelda game is still a bargain.

Tangled on Wii for £3.29 Again retail on this is £8, There is £3 cash of £5 trade in it at CEX, So its always a top up what you ended up doing with gambles like this, but Kids wii games with the disney label is worth rolling the dice.
 Like these peppa pig wii games, they sell for £10 and £8 and are nearly always sold out in CEX, So these would be a better bet for Ebay people wanting to palm there kids of with wii games because every one still has a wii.

Finally Found a copy of Gottlieb pinball classics, I have wanted this for a while, I see it all the time and its always beat to shit and scratched, This one was mint for £1.50, This is to play and get sick of pinball games that you have to buy the tables separately, Just stop it!
Midway Arcade treasures 2, This is a great collections of games, Rampage. Narc, Mortal kombat 1 and 2, Total carnage, etc etc one of the best compilation on ps2 and 99p its the right price. 
 £3 each for Resi evil outbreak and silent hill in dove house, £3 is a bit high for resi evil but when you see two games like this next to each other on the shelf you mite as well rescue them both, great to find some silent hill havn't seen this for a while in the wild.
Civilization revolution for £4, CEX trade is £6 and £5 cash, I have seen this a lot of games like this, Cash convertors has a basket outside 3 for 10 or £4 each and theres always one or two games that have a couple of quid profit on them it all counts.
Good resale on this Starwars jei knight jedi academy for xbox, This one works on 360 an its one of the many store after star wars games on the original xbox in really good con as well for £1.
Kingdom hearts 2 for £1, From cash express, So many kingdom hearts games popping up of late good resale on ebay, more for number 2 and a great find.
Another £4 game that's £5 cash £6 Trade in CEX, War of the north, This copy is the Collector's edition and £10 retail I think this is more a ebay job then a Quick £1, always check both avenues, as long as you don't over pay its a win.
Wooaahh! is that something retro its being a while, Not finding anything older then ps1 for a few weeks its nice to see something that captures retro so pecfectly, £1.99 for a spare NES controller.. Hells Yeah!

Almost as provocative is this PS1 mouse have a era of classic about it from the next decade, again only £1, Give the last one of these to a mate who was collection Command and conquer for PS1 so I will had this one back into my PS1 stuff.
I was at that guys house the other day and he shoot me a game, Its awesome when people give you free games it makes me happy, Fullmetal Alchemist DS, I didn't Have a DS when He give me it then I ended up finding one the next day.
 A sweet blue first model for £15 with one GBA game, That turned out the be Sabrina, I always hold my breath pulling out that GBA that is alway in a second hand DS thinking it mite be pokemon or mega man, Nearly always some kids game, I see Gameboy SPs in cash converters and places like that priced up at £15 so a DS for the same price and in a cool blue colour its a deal.
Plus I still had These R4 Cards kicking about to get that on the go again Think am going to fill them both up with different games the just leave it like that because last time I used these I ended up changing the games way to often, See you next time and Thirft on!