Wednesday, 18 June 2014

All I wanna do, is go thrifting with you

Straight into the thrift this week with these Game boy games £3 each for Conkers pocket tales Kirbys Pinball land, both about £5 worth of game and Kirby's Dreamland 2 a rarer title that should fetch more on ebay then the other two.
Even more gameboy Games all £2 each Gremlins 2,Bill and Ted,Termanator 2 and Jurassic Park, Was this tat shop doing a special on 90's Movie games? And Metroid prime echos For £3 that had a gamecube memory card inside the box bouns.

Populous The beginning for £1 in Dove house boxed and complete and in good con Its not mega bucks but £1 for a copy in tidy order is nothing to be sniffed at its an awesome game and worth revising.
Resident Evil for 50p in some random 2nd hand shop, your not going to get rich of Common PS2 games but 50p is the right price when the Cash is still £1 and trade £2 in CEX. 
99p for Ridge Racer Type 4, I loved this game back in the day and still have the sound track etched in my brain all complete with the ridge racer 1 high spec demo disc inside, another one for the PS1 pile.

£39.99 for a Wii with all these games and controllers and motion plus and a wii fit board, All the stuff that came with it pretty much covered the cost of the bundle Time to get my mod on again.
I give away my last modded wii to my Mates when they got flooded and there wii blow up, So I had to dust of my wii modding skills its a lot more trail and error now with lots of different variables depending on what wii you have so if you want to have a go you should start here.

GTA episodes from liberty City for £2.99 in Scope, Cex Sell this for £5 now so at the very least its a bargain and a GTA I didn't have so I picked it up. 
Always looking for stuff my Girlfriend Likes So I picked her up some She ra He man Xmas DVD action for 99p She was chuffed.
Myst III on PS2, Normally would of passed on this but this versions came in a nice slip sleeve and Hint book, Sometimes if you find a special edition of something that makes it look a bit sexier then its worth picking up not much of a gamble at 99p  
I ordered these of CEX for Mario Kart the other day they turn up the same day I picked up that Wii so I can finally play some Virtual console games with that gold classic controller with the better back buttons going to get my Zelda on.

Noticed this out and about the Green Exchange boxes in Hull, This one has been painted with the humber bridge.

Pac Man World 2 for game cube this one is £8 resale so £2.50 is a great price the best format to have this on the pc/ps2/xbox versions all fall short of the game cube price.
Saw some £2 DS games there was brain training and high school music 3 and the two I ended up picking up nintendos and Peppa pig, £3 cash £5 trade on peppa pig and £1.00 cash £1.60 on nintendogs its wasn't a bad guess.
Some wii games all have Trade in them at CEX over what I paid, Kart racer Trade 1.60, Off road Trade £1.60, More party games trade £1, So if most are £1.60 its worth it get to play them for 5 mins then trade them up for something better.
 And £3 for a Wii Speak, Whats with the influx of Wii stuff? It couldn't come at a better time with every one wanted to get there multiplay on with mario kart 8 Now I have pretty of spare wii motes and the like and this thing I have not games that use it but still cool to have it.
Last up is what I am hoping will act like a totem to encourage The Console its for to turn up in the wild, I found this before and passed it up it was beat up and missing one of the disc, This one was like new with the book and all the discs, It is of course a  Video compact disc for the Philips CD-I one of the consoles on my wish list, Video Cd's Where Mpeg 1 and Audio and could be used with the CommodoreTV,Amiga 32, 3DO and Mac and PC's at the time, Hopefully I will been able to watch this on a Philips CD-I one day.



Tuesday, 10 June 2014

We live the life we love We love the life we Thrift

So Mario Kart 8 came out and with it the UK saw a spike in Wii U sales, Thats right while everyone was banging on about 900p vs 1080p on xbox one and PS4, Nintendo reminded everyone that they made a next gen console, It got all the kids nagging for one and all the adults realizing it wasn't on 3DS But you could still palm your kids of with the new one if only they tuck a second to read all the new features of the Wii U in a nut shell It plays all you old games and new ones and acts like a DS when you want to watch TV. If only they had called it the Wii 2 it would of needed no explanation.
So I picked up mario kart 8 from game for £49.99! As I was leaving the store I saw a box of posters on the counter, £50 and they didn't even offer me a poster so I helped my self, what happened to £37.99 anyways?

Few market pick ups £1 gets me San andreas and rugby league, This was because he said I can have the both for £1 so for the sake of a quid I will take the run off that is the shit rugby game no one wants and get my £2 cash or £3 trade on GTA.
Every time I see these XL kixx boxes I think its an amiga game but it always turns out to be IBM PC that would be great if I had a PC that old to play it on the original hardware still a cool find and I am guessing I will find a Old IBM one day so 50p well spent.

39p each in Cash convertors GTA again and family Guy the video game 39p is cheap most games are at the very least 80p/£1.20 trade so 39p is a good margin your going to come out alright if the games are not crap and under 50p.

Pac man World for 99p and Dracula 2 The last Sanctuary, the Resale for pac man is good as for the Dracula game I remember my mate stuart in school getting hold of the First one in this series and been pretty happy about it but back then any sort of survival horror filler was welcome to play between resident evils Guess I will try this one out.

Getting Drunk and going on the CEX website is something I would recommend, Few days after having a few beers these dropped on my door totally forgot about it so I ended up with Megaman X7 and Tittybangbang Series 2 surprise Thrift for me.

Bunch of GBA games For £1 each, All turned out to be copies, there are a few ways to tell the American rating logo is a good sign the label print quality and the way the label is of kilter are good clues and if they say When there booted up its a save bet they are not a genuiane Nintendo product, They still work the same its just like playing a DS game of a R4 Card.

Mate was Getting some CEX fodder ready the other night so I paided him the CEX cash price on these 3 games I didn't have I picked these 3 because the all have maps and my thinking was maybe a poster or two.
I was right Red Dead had a poster on the reverse of the map get in the other two where just normal maps so they didn't make it on the wall. That's it for this week bit dry out in the wild planing on going for a mega Thrift next day off I have until next time Thrifting ahoy!