Wednesday, 7 May 2014

You're a coward, Sorcerer! Stand and Thrift!

After all the mega-CD games I tried out the last few entries, It got me thinking this must be what it was like to be well off in 1992, I don't remember anyone having a mega cd growing up, Most people had tons of mega drives as a kid, In hindsight this would of been them going to the local pawn shop and back to pay the bills, So I got the top hat and monicale out to see how else the early 90s gamer with plenty of disposable income lived.

This lead me to MAME, Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, Ever imagined having unlimited money to pull in to these machines, MAME lets you do that and giving you unlimited access to Some of the best side scrolling beat'em ups from this era, And there is a great load of them to choose from, To the left we see aliens by konami, Its a great game Hard as nails but totally worth a play thought says sort of close to the movie with its own spin.
I always remember trying to find Golden Axe 2 on mega drive in the early 90s, Blissfully unaware of the 32bit Arcade squeal The Revenge of Death Adder, This would have blow my mine if I ever saw the Arcade machine, Playable on MAME This is the Finest hour for the Golden Axe franchisee and a must play for any fan of the series, The Excitement I felt when I finally found a lose cart of Golden axe 2, If I had see this back then it would have blown my mind!
If your a fan of games like Double dragon, Streets of rage, Final Fight, 90s arcade games are a gold mine of awesome side scrollers that need to be played I had a great time trying them all out here is a few more honorable mentions,
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs,Alien Vs Predator,Knights of the Round Table,Dungeons & Dragons: Shadows Over Mystara,Captain Commando,The Simpsons,Night Slashers,turtles in time.

On to this Thrifts fines then, I found some JVC earphones still in the pack, Modern day Earphone never seem to go loud enough, These not really vintage but mid 00s with a volume control seem much better, Need a bit more volume for them quite mp3s the always seem to low.

Star was battlefront 2 on xbox about £20 resale this is the version to find, 99p from cash generator.
In the same shop next to starwars was Dungeons and dragons hero's This is a hack and slash game in the same vane as Baldur's gate, Diablo, About £10 resale in there, bought for 99p.
Memento for 99p not for Resale only 80p Trade in this, Pick this up to watch I heard about this of a yale psychology podcast I was listening to, Figured it was worth checking out for 99p to slam in and watch 3 disc SE to boot!

 £1.99 for Way of the samurai and £3.99 for Blade Dancer, Over priced for what it is, still worth more on ebay You just have to factor in having to pay the "found it in Cottingham Tax" when your buying stuff from there. Way of the samurai was a fair price tho.
At market and Find King Arthur's world for SNES for £2, Resale about £10, The game is like lemmings, Two guys where checking some games out next to me and ask me what the game was, Then they showed me the boxed pong machine there had found so I should them my find.
Moments Earlier I had paid £10 for a Game boy Color with case and pokemon blue red and yellow, The guy with the pong machine saw the flash of Red Yellow and Blue, and ask me how much I paid, Then Speculated theirs about £30 worth of games there, That's not far off, Most of the Pokemon games go for £12-15, maybe more for yellow, I checked the save on yellow the guy was hardcore he had 4 mews! Total Result and doing wonders for my gameboy hardware collection ever time I buy some gameboy games I end up with a different model Gameboy.

£1.50 For gran turismo PSP, They still sell this in CEX for £3 so a bargain resale is poor on this item used to be a sort after title but with GT 5 and 6 its can of an odd ball of the series without the traditional careers mode, Still a Good GT game. 

Rebel assault big box for pc for £1, About £5s worth of game but in a big box they look to cool and retro to pass up for £1 will look good on the shelf in the games room.

Power stone collection for £1.99 in cash genarator still £5 to buy in CEX, Totally worth having for the Two Dreamcast ports of these awesome fighters.

Some PS1 games in a charity shop for 99p Each Honda superbike See steve benway playing this and wanted a go, Playing a game by konami I just can't cancel that Again, And duke nukem 3D because its pretty awesome fair price.

The most 90's thing I did all day, I bought The mortal kombat soundtrack for 99p and then played it on a mega CD, Its pretty epic 17 tracks for awesomeness with bands like Fear factory and KmFdm, Sweeet!!!!

For £1.49 I found This Resident evil 2 Pad, I have mentioned this pad before, When I was talking about the Saturn pad be awesome to play resi evil with, I need got on with this pad for Resi but maybe its worth having a go years latter to see if it makes sense to use now, Ebay its about £12 to buy it now maybe a bit cheaper on the auction, Great collectable Its like the chainsaw controller for cube not the most functional but a nice bit of resident evil merchandise and a right find! I