Wednesday, 28 May 2014

If your gonna play the Game-Boy, you gotta learn to play it right

One day after finding them xbox games last time out thrifting, I try my luck at Wednesday market, I go on about this all the time there is a carboot/market every Sunday and Wednesdays near where I live, The weird thing about it is No ones aloud to sells Games and DVDS? The reason for this is in the mid 00s piracy was rife, So they said no more DVDs/Games, I didn't know this at first but it explains a lot most retro I have found is hidden behind stuff or in a case, So you always have to ask whats what with them and then do some cagey deal, They should change it now there isn't a market for shitty cam versions on a DVD-R with a jet ink cover, In a age of bluray no one wants that kinda thing anymore.
So the first shady deal I did was for all these PS1 games, They where in a pile under a coat behind the rest of the guys stuff, You would have to of smelt them to know they where there, I ask the guy how much and he said £2! There isn't anything mind blowing here but £2 for 9 games? Hells yeah!

Trick'n Snowboarder is worthy of note, If you tap
Triangle, Triangle, X, X, Square, Circle, Square, Circle in the title screen, When you go to free play mode you can play as Leon,Clare and a zombie cop from Resident evil 2 complete with sound effects from resi 2 when you get hurt, I remember having this game without know the cheat and getting pissed off when I heard dogs howling in the back ground, Its the same sample from resident evil just reminding you that this so-so snowboarding game could be marginally better if only you had the cheat, Still glad I finally got to see this and have a go.

Tesco finally released the hudl update Horay! So did it fix all the issues and make your buyers remorse go away? No it didn't, The good news is the screens fix so yeah well done on that one, But as for the Hdmi problem its still there and nothings changes so close but no cigar.

Still at market and I cut a deal with the video game resale guy who is always there £13 all in all for 6 gameboy games, Street fighter X revival, Double dragon Bomberman batman Joe & mac caveman ninja, Some ok stuff just happy to see a bit of retro, But there's only 5 games above in that picture so what was the 6th game I got for this £13 deal?
This is Spud's Adventure and by all accounts is the 3rd rarest gameboy game just behind its squeal Amazing Tater and Trip world, Its sells for around the £90 mark Buy it now, Its like a mix of dizzy and zelda, What a find! just in with all these other lose common carts, There was loads of games in the box I was racking through so the chances of me turning this one over and picking it out where slim, I can't believe I got my hands on this and on a deal for £13 with a bunch of other games.

 So with a £90 game to slap on ebay I was more in the mood to spend, And £8 each for these uncommon ps1 games was a fair cop, I have been looking for lost vikings 2 for years £8 is about the ebay price for the ps1 version and pandemonium 2 is about a £15 on ebay so win!
Playing a bit of the new Wolfenstein, First thing this one blows the 2009 one out the water, Impressed with the gamplay its a more painkiller quake feel, better then most of the ps4 games on offer at the moment.

Taking a wonder down newland avenue and someone had set the old blockbusters on fire, No one seemed to be in a real hurry to put it out, To be fair even when it was open and full of stock no one would of rushed to douse the blaze, Still the last time you will see a blockbuster open with people going in and out.

In cash convertors and 99p gets me this GBA double pak, GT advance 3+Moto GP, Two solid racing games for the gameboy advance. .

Revolt for PS1 in the same shop 59p I got this to play again Sucks that it didn't have the book and cover but for something I just want to slam in the ps3 and kick back with its alright.
 Beast wars Transformers, This was for resale its about £10 and this one was in great shape complete and tidy con £1.50 from banadros .

Dewy's Adventure, £1.99 in the same charity shop, I see wii games alot but its usually the same wii fit and sports crap, This looked a bit different so I picked it up its on the money £2 is what its worth.
£1.50 for San Andreas on xbox, That's about £12-£15 ebay I sold a few of these for over £20 not so long ago, But I think more people have twigged this one is sort after so there are more on ebay now then there was a few years back.