Friday, 18 April 2014

Now that what I call Mega-Thrifty

Its a Great time to be a PS3 and 360 owner at the moment all the games are at an all time low in price and so much to catch up on, As well as the great superscription service you get on PS3 so while your PS4 is gathering dust and you can't find any batteries for you xbox one controller mite be worth turning your PS3 back on.
Stuff like PES 2014 for free, Most of the time if I watch a sports game I always buy last years for 99p when the new one is out so just to have the latest version dropped onto my hard drive is awesome value for £39.99 a year the cost of one game, Now I can get my Yorkshire orange on, Sweeet!

Of course I Still Like to have the tangible Items in my hand and for the collection, Above is a updated picture of my games room, Its starting to look like my very own Cash converters, I don't Think you ever really stop collecting, but my list of really wanted items is shortening I few more disc based early 90s consoles and I will be happy.

Tekken 5 for £1.99, CEX still sell this for £7, Cash £3 Trade £4, Its lasting appeal being that its the one with all the arcade versions of Tekken 1,2,3 on the disc so Totally worth having, for Keeps or for resale.

Bag a bargain indeed 49p for a loose mega drive cart is a steal and the fact that it happened to be the Terminator 2 arcade game, Yeah I am going to be buying that!
Star wars battlefront Renegade  Squadron and Ape Academy for £1.99 on PSP from Cash Generator for £1.99 these are an easy sell, For the longest time they had Ape academy in there for £3.99 then today the had a newer copy at £1.99, Cash generator never update the stickers with the cheaper price, Cant say I blame them, There stickers are a right bastard to get off. 
Picked up this boxed mega drive for £30, I just wanted the games that came with it and that the choice you end up making all the time on the Thrift do I really want another megadrive? Just to get the stuff that comes with it, Of course you can try and skim of the top and get them to sell you the odd game on its own but 9 times out of 10 they want to sell it as a bundle, They told me this was complete and it wasn't no hook up and the Plug wasn't even a Mega drive plug it was only 7.5volt, The Mega drive 1 takes 9V, That's dirty putting random things in the box to make it look more complete then it is, And not moving on price I was trying to get them down to £25 and there reasoning for the High price was Its got sonic with it, Fuck me the search is over a copy of Sonic 1 and 2 how did I live without my 10th copy of that.
Well Its all good, People can try and pull the wool over my eyes and try and fluff up a Less then complete console when it comes with Stella titles such as these, 
Jewel master £15(ebay) Street figter 2 SCE, £10(ebay) Mortal Kombat 2 £12-£15(ebay)Lemmings £5(ebay) Sonic 2 £4(ebay) Sonic 1 -50p(Anywhere)

This will be a decision you will have to make all the time and part of the reason I have 6 million mega drives in my house somewhere, So to get the retro bounty you have to Weight up the cost of a console bundle as whole VS the some of its parts.

There was a Reseller Just ahead of me on the Thrift Round market he was checking out this untested pile of consoles £3 each I left him to it thinking he will clean up, But he only bought the PS2's? So £9 got me a mega drive, cube and Dreamcast, The megadrive is bricked but the Dreamcast and cube both work so Total score with them only being £3 each and whats another broken megadrive on the pile its like a new pass time for me buying megadrive I don't need or want if only there was a way of breathing new life into this console I own so many of.
So My Girlfriend Was bribed £50 to amend some bad feedback on eBay by the seller, As if all I get off people on ebay is shit not £50 in my pay-pal, So she picked up this really tidy mega CD its even got the plastic extender to make it look the part with the model 1 mega drive, Even better that you can burn the CUE files to a Blank CD and they just work No modding needed, So I can Finally have a Crack at Sol feace and Shining force CD.

looking into the Mega CD found a weird coincidence, To the Left is a Picture of the Aiwa CSD-EX80 The First CD player I ever owned I got it for Christmas in 1995, I used to play music on this while playing Games with the sound Turned down.
Sort after now for spare parts for the Aiwa Mega-CD/Aiwa CSD-G1M, A Very Rare Aiwa CD player that could play megadrive games and Mega CD games that had a short run in 1994 how mad is it that the CD player of my child hood is so closely links to a Video game Rarity such as this, Never knew.

Did a few of my Local charity shops, The guy who works in one of them know I collect retro and saved me these master system game £1 what a lege! Robocop vs Termonatior, Moon walker, 92 Olympics, The condition is insane redefining the meaning of Like new.
The same guy told me he had a game boy with loads of games, A chance meeting outside a pub and £20 later I cut a deal with him and got all this lot.

Gameboy with case and magnifier, Tetris,Nintendo world cup,Spiderman 3, fortified zone, Tennis, Mario Land 2, bustamove 2, Alley way, F-15 strike Eagle, Golf, And f-zero on GBA, all the original gamyboy game came with the books, Not to shabby and the gameboy has little yellowing really nice con.
So final the got the mega-CD up and running, It really is so easy to get games for now all you need is the pal ISO, Just select the .CUE file with ImgBurn and burn x8 or lower and that's it your playing some mega-cd!

Now you can Experience the Narly FMV intro to Mortal kombat, A Remixed of gameplay and the 90s tv Ad, This verion is really good no need to enter the blood cheat abacabb like on mega drive and graphics better the the SNES version if you had this back in the 90's you was the shit!

I Found a hand full of really good Mega CD pal Iso scattered round the internet If you look hard enough you will find most of what your looking for mega CD what a wise investment along side the Dreamcast and Amiga CD32 its worth the price of the hardware to play all the software for The cost of a pack of CD-R.