Sunday, 23 March 2014

Kept you thrifting huh?

I Seized the opportunity to go thrifting again when I had a 11 finish at work, Quite close to the last time I did a big video game hunt you would think you need to leave it a bit but no days can go by and more stuff will turn in within the same week sometimes.
A good example of this is these ps1 games I was in this charity shop the day before and they had nothing and now a few ps1 games on the shelf, Not really any resale but some OK titles for collectors sled storm was way more fun then it had any right to be.

In scope and these three 360 where sticking out like a sore thumb £3 each I figured rescue captain America and terminator and batman will have the money in it surprisingly captain america £6 cash £8 Trade, Batman £3 cash £4 Trade and Terminator 90p cash £1.40 trade blizzard

Had a Second Glance at the gameboy games in cash convertors and picked up the ones that where 99p 007, Waverave, F1 racing, and £3 a piece for sonic advance and Crash xs, probably over paying for the GBA games by a £1

In cash generator and they had the 3 for £2.50 deal on, So i looked through and try to find myself a deal, Two spiderman games in tidy con Ultimate and friend or foe making the bluk of the deal.

And Resident evil Outbreak the 3rd Game £2.50 for 3 ps2 games is pretty good going ok lots of places have them at 99p each but its just as likely to see the at £1.99 each so if you can make a saving and there is some ok titles there why not.

My mates just got a new gaff above that cash generator so I popped round after thrifting, and He tried out some of PS2 games I found on his sick PC, The PS2 emulator PCSX2 makes PS2 pop, Some of the PS2 games we tried looked better then the HD re-releases on ps3 like ICO and highlight details on PS1 games you would of missed otherwise like in silent hill, If you have a high end PC playing PS2/PS1 on it is recommended!

Probably the 527th copy of crash banicoot wrath of cortex, black label and complete so can't of left that behind for 99p, £3 cash and £4 trade in CEX still till this day and while that still stands its always going to get snapped up for 99p what a game wheres the HD release of this!

NHL 06 for £1, Ok I know what your thinking that's a shitty sports title that's worth -25p have you gone mad, Calm down there is a totally awesome reason for picking up this particular version of a so-so mid 00s hockey game.

It has a old school version of NHL 94 on the disc, What up! I love me some old school mega drive style hockey and been able to slam it on on a ps2 with a duel shock 3 sweetens the deal.

I picked up Infamous second Son and dusted off the PS4, All week I have been mulling other weather to get infamous or titianfall, GTA superhero? or COD with mech's? So the story and writing of suckerpunch won out, And I ended up Get Final Fantasy X/X2 HD for ps3 the amount of money them two games have made me other the years FFX in particular, I felt like giving a little back cheers Square-enix you sorted me right out for years!

Last up, I am always looking for posters for my games room so kudos to Sarah for bringing me in this sweet game of thrones poster, most of the time I just relay on finding them inside game boxes and the likes so I would of never would of thought to go and buy something like this, Awesome.



Thursday, 6 March 2014

I don't know Thrift casual

I kick of this week going into a totally spars Hull nothing in the charity shops and cash converters so I gathered up some tat and hit CEX.

Pretty Awesome they had The Zelda Collectors Edition promo disc in, When I worked at gamestation the manager used to throw these in the Trash because it didn't scan on the tilt system I used to finish them out at the end of the shift and Sell them on but since then I haven't seen any turn up so I bagged this sucker, Think am due another go thought Ocarina of time.

50p Gets me Price of Persia Rival Swords its only got 60p cash and £1 trade in it, But 50p for a wii game? It would have to be something really shitty not to pick up for that price when the disc is tidy its worth a go.


In Cash Generator and I see God of War Chains of Olympus for 99p Bargain Any day of the week, Then At the Tilts The Guy opens It up and Its got Sonic Rivals In the box, Most of the time wrong disc means no sale, But a sonic game and a spare psp box, You got to figure at some point I mite find God of war unboxed and a loose UMD they usually price up at £1.99 so 99p for some mixed matched tat its still on the money so I picked it up anyways.
Charity shop top tip, There is nearly always a boxed of random wires for £1 each, Always worth checking If you have a lot of retro stuff that needs hooking up.
I found 2 Male to Male AV cables comes in handy for NES/Amiga and the like and a official Nintendo AV cable, £1 each, Ebay is about a £1 dearer and its always some knock off cheaply made cable so finding the official one for £1 is made of win.
South Park The Stick of Truth turned up the other day so I took the Slim PS3 from My games room Down Stairs and Made a space for it, I had to place it vertically having all the next gen stuff behind the TV, Always wanted a PS2 compatible PS3 for my games room so space mite spare me on to find one.

Didn't Think It would come to me my next door neighbours where selling there's So I give them the CEX cash Price of £51 to save the the Trip, The reason I wanted this model is the PS2 backward compatibly, I have 2 PS2s but there is always something wrong with them controller ports that don't work blue disc white disc don't work it doesn't play DVDs most ps2s with have one fault or another so this way you can play PS2 ball ache free. OK the 60gb models can yellow light and over heat on you but they will work fine if you keep them well ventilated.
So after an format and a update I am ready to try this out, So I grabbed the nearest PS2 game to hand, Just happened to be Final Fantasy X who would of guessed? And it works and give you the same options all ps3 give you on ps1 game on ps2 like full screen modes and smoothing.
You can tell you have a 60gb or 80gb ps2 compatible model because they have 4 usb slots in the front, retail at about £120 in CEX but most places tend to do them at about £80 because of there reputation to over heat and exploded.

The Wireless is a bit iffy in Them to, I had to update it wired because I kept getting a 8001000a error, But that doesn't effect what am using it for a PS2/PS1 no fuss machine, I can finally use this Logic 3 adaptor to transfer some old saves over works with PS2 and PS1 save files.

 Went to check my mates new gaff out the other day he still had the copy of hard edge I found in about 2010 Its a resi evil clone from back in the day one of the more playable ones along with hard edge there is Carrier on dreamcast that's a pretty good Resi evil clone too.

Back out thrifting again after going out and not finding anything last week I through this dry spell was going to take me in to next month, I did see Mega games 1 and alien 3 unboxed for £4 each... yeah.

Managed to go back out again on my day off and low and behold games started to turn up in the shops again woohoo! kicking of with this stash of gameboy games from cash converters. Dr mario, Holy magic century, Pokemon pinball, and centipede & millipede.

Spiderman and Monsters inc on ps1, Disney and spiderman are a save bet on resale most of the disney kids games in the ps1 era are still playable and fun so mams buy them for there kids and slap it in a ps3 for them to play.

Random Item of the thrift is this 24 year old copy of Fangoria
FANGORIA was launched in 1979  intended to focus largely on the realm of fantasy and horror. This one was 10p in a charity shop I gave the women the change I had in my pocket about 60p its for charity and I was so chuff to find this and have a read thought the amount of podcast's and shows I see ban on about what this magizine used to be and it will be cool to see what it was like in 1990.

Even more PS1 games turing in Arcade party pak 99p and Gaunlet Legends 99p both ok resale definitively worth paying 99p for the condistion was awesome they both looked like bran new disc.

I was scouting out for some ps2 to play on that 60gb ps3 and then these to Thrift bytes classics turn up Dark alliance 2 and San Andreas both really tidy con I will have a go on them both I think 99p for GTA and £1.99 for baldurs gate.

Yeah so I bit up and down, I always think one day that will be it I am going to go out and there will be no Retro worth having, And every time the Thrift proves me wrong and some good stuff turns up Just goes to show you could be sat reading this while panzer dragoon saga is sat on the shelf of you local charity shop priced up at 99p because they think its a DVD go have a look before its gone!